Over 14,000 Plants and Nearly 2000 Pounds of Processed Marijuana Found at Salmon Creek Grow, Says HCSO MET Team

wall of weed marijuana totes

A wall of weed contained in tuppies. [Photo from the HCSO MET team]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On May 15, 2020, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) was contacted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) regarding illegal cannabis cultivation on the 3800 block of Thomas Road, Miranda. Based on the information provided by CDFW, HCSO MET served one search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation. The CDFW assisted in the service of the warrant.

One parcel was investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcel did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 14,086 growing cannabis plants and over 1,990 pounds of processed cannabis.

Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

No arrests were made during the service of the warrant. The case will be forwarded to the DA’s Office for review.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Growing marijuana plants

Earlier Chapter: Humboldt County Special Services Served Search Warrant on Salmon Creek Property



  • Got any lasts? Hmu

    Shame. The market is so dry I’m not convinced that “processed cannabis” is what’s really in those totes. Instinct tells me it could be smalls, sticks, or just trim. Those tricky MET guys can make stuff up as they go. BUT if that’s actual pounds ready to go? ? Damn shame.

  • HOJ in Training


    A ton of processed just sitting around waiting for something like this to occur.

    Both crazy and stupid, this guy may qualify as “Dumbass of the Decade.”

    I’m gonna be laughing about this one for a long time.

  • Wonder who is going to clean all these spots up after they bust them all.

  • With liberty and justice for all

    The county isn’t gonna clean these sites there just in it to steal the sites with UNCONSTITUTIONAL illegal aggregious fines!!! There just in it for mass theft that’s our theiving politicians

  • Highly likely they left the place in worst shape than when they arrived. Almost always do. Hopefully they did not use the skid-steer or other piece of equipment and expose soils, etc just before such a huge rain event in a sensitive watershed. I believe funds from both Measure Z and Measure S were to be used for site clean-up. Funny, you have a piece of paper and it’s all good! Cultivation is a misdemeanor.

  • 🕯🌳Look its “not my potus’s” wall.🖖🌍🐸🌧

    • Trump, your president, supports the pot industry, especially the medical part. He will be your president until Jan 2025. Enjoy the economy, the lifted spirits who have jobs, and didn’t before Trump. [edit]

      • 🕯🌳You mean the economy that was started by Obama? Right? The one that “not my potus” inherited from Obama and really hasn’t done nothing but give tax breaks to the rich. 🐸🌍🖖

      • Your way off ‘stuber’ way off…

      • People see through the extended BS that the left has put us all through in the last 3 1/2 years. Tyrants! Plain n simple. The only way Busy Hands Biden has a chance Of whining is through a fixed election. Wouldn’t put it past the left though…..

        • You’re whining. Your party’s in office and you’re whining about tyrants on the left. Obama was in for 8 years and no one was indicted. 14 trump associates, aids, or donors have been sentenced. How about some accountability?

      • Um, you misspelled,OBAMA

  • If the County acquires a property due to code& environmental violations & their accompanying fines, doesn’t the county then have to assume those liabilities? Does anyone have a real answer, not a speculative answer?

    • No no one does I have been inquiring, tweakers have been coming back to a place past us that was abated, and I want to purchase it to clean it up and keep them from coming back, but no one can give me a straight answer and buying a piece of property with a couple million in fines is just asking for More problems than we already have.

      • Sounds like my neighborhood guest. “We are buying this property“. All work is done at 3 am and more trash than ever. Property is abated but being grown! Ironically they all look like they don’t have a dollar between them all.

    • I’d like to know for sure; I don’t, but I expect the government to put some sort of lien on the property and pass the buck to whomever purchases it.

      County auction of surplus property… be sure to read the fine print.

      • At a county auction sale, the county’s liens will be a minimum bid. But if there are other prior liens ,those will not be wiped out.., only the county’s will. Like a second mortgage foreclosure does not wipe out the first mortgage. A first mortgage foreclosure wipes out everything but taxes I think and possibly the fines, too. Not sure about the latter.

      • I believe the county/state will clean the part of the grow if there is chems in the waterway. Other parts of the site that pose a threat will also be cleaned. The cost usually past on with a lean against the property

  • BotThatNeverSleeps

    I hope to see those vitas on CL.

  • So is this the place that had the complaints and was supposedly in the process of permitting? or was it just raided on the same day?

  • Look into Nevada business attorney’s, they can setup a CA real estate trust that will seperate u from any personal liability associated with the property fines

    A good business law office can constantly write n call the local govt to make headway to purchase a distressed property. They will speak the language that govt responds to

  • What do you think the cops will do with 2000 cleaned pounds? Track and trace that one!!!!!!!

  • With that much processed and that many plants, it’s just another mega grow that is hopefully out of business. Likely the growers have other operations going as well, though.

  • Those are some pretty and Luscious plants what a pity! I assume another Tattletale? People must feel real proud of themselves these days calling in other people’s business! Especially because that use to be how everyone did business!

  • Far out! Price support for mom and pop. Hoop greenhouses are a bust these days.

  • So that is what those Eastern European folks have been up to.

  • Thomas Road Oldie But Moldie

    The photo (a beautiful, former hillside forest cut and terraced, in a most disrespectful way, with multiple huge greenhouses in place) shown in the first article, the day of the bust, makes me sad. Then, the amount of pot found is a testament to the mindset of people who have no other care than exploiting the land for their greedy desires. (If I am right about which property it is) I think about the original inhabitants of that land, the good neighbors, who lived ‘lightly’ there, Dick and Liz. RIP Dick. (Am guessing they would be pretty angry about what T did to that land!).
    Let us learn from these poor examples of what not to do!

  • The Legion of Eastern Europeans. Someone forgot to pay the board this year! Ahhhh ohhhhh. Those tots are a dead giveaway. 2k lbs was from the feb-March dep run. 4 a year. 8k lbs at 1.5 a pound……. eh, 12 million a year. That’s one site btw…..now let’s multiply that by about 75-90. Can someone say 1 billion…. most sent overseas. There is really no gamble here folks. Make millions of dollars and if it just so happens that your 100k a year lawyer fucks up and you go to prison, it’s federal. 10 years max in a kush federal pen eating popcorn, watching movies, playing basket ball and getting conjugal visits from you pay order 24 year old Prague “wife”. The gamble is easy. Welcome to America! Meanwhile we are all sitting on our asses, living in fear and complaining about the flu while living off of government subsidies. Bulgarians 1. Americans 0.

  • Gavitas in hooptie house. Guys are not fucking around. You have to respect the hustle.

  • Poor people just trying to earn a living…

  • So that’s why I couldn’t get any totes at Costco.

  • 14,000 plants is a large amount of water in the middle of the summer that the Eel River and tributary salmon populations really need. Multiply this one times all the hundreds of grows the same size across the watershed and the magnitude of the problem is staggering.

  • 🕯🌳It’s that Mexican Cartel remember? All others grows that get busted you people all pushing the Cartel!!! Hmmmmmm. 🖖🐸🌍

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