[UPDATE Sunday: Over 100 Gallons!] Oil Spilled and Trash Dumped Near the Alderpoint Bridge

Trash including spilled oil east of the Alderpoint Bridge.

Trash including spilled oil east of the Alderpoint Bridge. [Crop of a photo provided by a reader]

About 4:30 p.m. a Southern Humboldt resident found that between 15 and 18 five gallon buckets full of used motor oil had been left on the side of Alderpoint Road near the Alderpoint Bridge along with other trash. Some of the buckets had spilled their contents and the oil was puddling beside the road.

“I drove up on them about 4:30 [in the afternoon],” a reader, who prefers to remain anonymous told us. “There was a heavy rain downpour.” Once he realized what he was seeing in the turnout, he called 911.

The oil and trash had been dumped sometime today, the reader told us. “It happened after 6:30 this morning,” he said. The mess hadn’t been there when he went by earlier.

“It looks like [the person responsible] backed up and threw [some of] them,” he said. A few of the containers broke open and those were spilling oil into the turnout. Others had been placed upright along with some trash.

“There were 50 or 60 gallons of oil [in the buckets],” Denton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works told us.

According to a Hazardous Materials Spill Report filed by the CHP, about three gallons of used motor oil spilled. The report stated that the oil was “discovered pooled in the soil on the side of the roadway, [The fire department] is handling the containment, County Roads is performing clean up.”

Carrick made arrangements for a crew to finish cleaning up tomorrow.

The surrounding area is a notorious site for dumping. “And another car got burned there a few days ago,” the man who found the oil told us. But this trash and oil won’t make it’s way into the nearby river because one person took the time to call for help, the Alderpoint Fire Department gave up a Saturday at home to get rained on alongside the road, and the County Roads made arrangements for a cleanup crew to finish the job tomorrow.

Thanks for all the folks who work to make the world a better place.

UPDATE Sunday: Denton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works told us that he had spoken this morning to the cleanup crew–they expect to have to clear away over 100 gallons of oil. They also commended the Alderpoint Fire Department doing what Carrick called “a kickass” job stopping the spread. “Without their response,” Carrick said, “this would have been much worse.”



  • As long as the state permits foreign nationalists to reside here and have a legal grow, this will continue without check. If the regulators are not happy about this, maybe it’s time for them to move elsewhere.

    • This is obviously from an illegal indoor operation. Diesel generators get their oil changed often. Scumbag shit dumping oil like this!

      • This country was built on kerosene and diesel…this country is being ruined by the internet.and you local farmer are not a local farmer.you should no this…

    • Zero proof there. Humboldt is well known for having folks dump shit on the side of the roads. A day doesn’t go by when I dont see a fridge, mattress, garbage, or a stripped car on the side of a road or on a riverbed. Nice try.

      • What are you defending

        Proofs in the pudding. It’s from the Tweekers that stole all the generators and supplies from all the abated /abandoned lands.

      • True sadly. LOTS of sad little people around here do this shit. They make the trash, but wont pay to have it taken care of. Sick.

    • More than likely a white derelict. Born and raised in the area and zero accountability for their actions. Probably one of Zach Harris’s buddies!

    • To the tweeker out of towner POS that lives on beach road (raptor)in shelter cove. Thanks. You were caught red handed dumping multiple truck loads of your indoor trash on the side of the road on Friday. Scum.

      • BotThatNeverSleeps

        Hell yeah! That spot is notorious.. I’ll admit I used to send my kids there to grab pots that people just threw down the hill. Sad.

  • Another grower making a dump run!!

    • All growers are the same. Typical grower behavior, they’re as bad as trump supporters.

      • Not typical grower behavior at all. This is typical piece of shit behavior, much like your own. Oil can be recycled for free at the dump, up to 20 gallons at a time. Hardly have to dump it on the side of the road. They even take the filters. Get your head out of your ass. You’re not local, you’re just an idiot!

        • Hey maybe you should get a job or an education and actually contribute something to society, just sayin.

          • Thatdudethatputsudiotsbackinplace

            If he is a grower that’s legal then he’s basically paying for everything you’re county is doing at this point dude. Get a life and/or do some research. Humboldt is a brokeAss county without legal grows.

  • Kudos to the anonymous person who reported this. Unfortunately with the criminal mindset of certain people, this happens all the time. While driving professionally I observe dump sites and abandoned vehicles frequently. When I called them in the vehicles are usually tagged quickly, but the trash and vehicles usually take several months for cleanup. The problem with this is once a vehicle and/or trash dump happens, more trash shows up almost daily until it gets dealt with. Seems like it a specific spot is frequently used as an illegal dump site game cameras or similar devices would be well worth it.

    Hopefully they solve this one and
    charge some 10k fines like when they bust growers with environmental hazards.

  • 🤬
    $#%*[email protected]¿§¡

    And thank you to all that helped with that mess of the (ir)responsible person, including the passerby, Alderpoint Fire dept, and County Roads.

  • Such a beautiful area with such shitty people in it.

  • Was Fish and Game and State Water Board present and investigating? No, it wasn’t a pot bust so they don’t care, frigging joke. Thank you all involved, citizen, Chp, VFD, County roads. Everyone but the Environmental Cops, they can’t fine a pullout $500,000 so why bother.

  • I have to add to this. Our Sheriff and DA won’t stop violent Home Invasions, burglaries, tweaker rampages against citizens, they have basically abdicated all responsibility for these crimes, many Sheriffs have been heard saying “take care of it yourselves’. Yet the put together 15 plus truck convoys 5 days a week for weed. Our County is in a State of abject failure. Honsal, this lies at your feet. I actually like you, but the next few years will be a result of you and Maggie absolutely failing to send the message that people are protected by you. You know the different tweaker groups of mayhem. Spend one month busting them to the ground like you do all year on weed.

  • It only costs $1.25 to dispose of 5 gallons of oil at the Redway transfer station.

    • Pissed off Marine

      There are 2 people in that area that do care about anything ! Everyone else just turn their head. What has happened to people ? Let them waller in their shit like swine. More power to them . No damn respect for anything or anybody! County enforcement don’t care about that place or the kids that live there. Kids are truly the innocent victims. If it make money for cops, they are there ! If it takes their precious tax money , fare for yourselves. Reality in your face.

      • Real Valor, not barstool lies

        I bet you are one of those bar stool vets! Never served a day in your life. Prob get all your info from Saving Ryan’s Privates or another adult flick your into. You should be ashamed of the BS you spew, everyone knows your not a vet. Two words for ya: Stolen Valor. You are the poster child. I actually did serve along with my Father and Grandfather. Save the lies ok for the bars when they reopen, you will have tons of time to make stuff up. Until them, keep storming those beaches until the Gov. tells you otherwise. We know you like to play Army man! Seriously, stop giving us all a bad name.

      • Tim and Igor (Honeydew Valley Growers Alliance)

        My buddy Igor and I did that. We do it all the time and people reuse the fluids. We do not dump anything into rivers. No different then college kids and their free piles. If you don’t like it you don’t have to take it home with you. To throw it out is so greedy! Leave it for someone who will use it. The,folks in SoHum def appreciate the free oil and it has much life left. Keep up your bitching and WE will dump it in the Eel. We have a deal? Your welcome and be a little more appreciative next time. No fish were harmed, probably due to your “containment” efforts. You guys are frontline hero’s! Glad you had your masks on, we don’t want you to catch the government propaganda known as COVID 19!

    • No, it’s free now. The only problem is since the quarantine they haven’t had that part open, only excepting trash.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Good to know. They make it very hard and expensive to get rid of any quantity of oil at the fortuna dump. Thank you.

      • I think Autozone will pay you 10 cents a quart to bring in used oil.
        Big thanks to those who give a damn and helped!

    • Dump will not take oil right now. cops should try to get some finger prints.

      • local observer

        or at least get the product code and lot number off the blue buckets and find out who Valley Pacific sold them to. growers making a mess using a generator are why the HCDEH and DFW have such a hard on.

    • So to save $25 and a trip to Redway this hazardous material is dumped close to the river. Unforgivable indifference. Whoever did this probable doesn’t even bother to even
      wipe their own ass.

  • With liberty and justice for all

    Guest you are so rite about the environmental(lies&extortion specialists) police not even being interested because it’s on a county rite a way and theres no land to steal with trumped up lies and illegal UNCONSTITUTIONAL aggregious fines!!!!!!!!

  • Guest, I agree with you on the Sheriff and DA except one thing. I have known Honsal a long time. I guess I’m no longer willing to say I like the guy. It’s hard to continue to like a guy who has it out for one group of people, but in word and action refuses to care or do anything for anyone else. Billy is a publicity freak and pot busts bring a lot of publicity, especially with the huge convoys. Domestics, home invasions, and other crimes do not.

    I still hate weed and everything about it, but equal treatment under the law as other crimes is important. Otherwise it’s another form of discrimination.

    • What do you want?

      Wait what are you commenting on ALF? this was oil from an diesel powered indoor weed grow. Figure out what you want Honsal, or whoever to do, and get back to us. Should he bust the dumpers of that stuff, or not?

  • Just the beginning

    This is going to happen alot more in Humboldt county due to all dumps not taking oil during this covid 19 pandemic. With the county trying to fine tens of thousands of dollars for having used oil on property when they get raided.

  • That’s fucked up, disgusting.

  • Rancho dump run?

  • Charlene Smith

    Thank you for the story and for the fact that you thanked the person credited with doing the right thing and calling it in. So many times driving up or down Alderpoint I see too much ‘trash’ thrown here and there. It displays such disregard for the land and the people who sincerely love the area. I see where people have cleaned out the trash, from inside their car, onto the roadside by the clinic in Redway. They have a vehicle but no trash at home or what? Who should we notify when/if we see something of a less critical nature, ie. no chemicals?

  • I’m sure the buckets have prints and someone already is on record.

  • local observer

    tweakers suck.

  • Nail in the coffin

    The redway dumps have not taken oil since the beginning of this coronavirus. Therefore all these properties with indoors have nowhere to dispose of there used oil. I’m surprised it took this long for something like this to happen.

  • Game cam near that dump area?

    • With all the tweakers that come down it would Probably be full in an hour, and what are they going to do? Lock them up? Hahah ya right, it’s Mostly the scum that comes out of rancho and spreads their bull shit from Harris to Blocksburg, for the most part anyways. Everywhere has their own pockets of these assholes though.

      • Get off Rancho…..You obviously don’t live in Rancho so you don’t know the people here. When you make a negative generalization about a group of people or an area you’re really just embarrassing yourself. Try focusing on the positive
        I also am wondering why the high and mighty Fish and Game weren’t involved in this. It definitely appears that they are very selective on enforcing environmental violations

        • Yes I do, I live right next to it now, I lived up there for years, I know many good people there too, that doesn’t change anything I said, tired of looking at the trash in every pullout from there to ap and the top of the hill, it comes directly from that road.

        • Mushroom Cloud over Rancho

          I have no idea where all that oil came from, but I can say that I’m 99.999% sure Rancho is where all the butane cans that ended up in Carter Creek came from that got cleaned up a few years back.
          Same mentality.
          Never could understand why anyone would have picked up all those cans and then just through them over the bank into a creek.

          I still remember the huge mushroom cloud over Rancho after the butane scene exploded and burned.
          And the pictures of of the aftermath that l believe we’re on RHBB.
          Same cans.
          Sorry, no links.

      • Ya know there are alot of good people in Rancho. I wish all you finger pointers would put out gamecams so you could stop putting all the blame on Rancho. Granted the cars left at the AP rd. is not cool I dont think Rancho is to blame for all these roadside dumps. Put out gamecams nothing says it better then a photo.

  • C’mon people! Its free to dump your used oil at all recycling places. This is complete bullshit. You deserve lots of bad karma. Assholes!!

  • Kym, I notice that I’m now on your moderation list and my previous post about Gov Newsom quickly moving to install mail in ballot general election voting in November while reopening schools early in July was deleted from a different thread. Hmmm. Sensible reasoning would deduct one day in person voting is FAR safer than daily in class education. I think Gavin is doing aunt Nancy a solid!

  • although this person is a complete piece of $**t, none of the local dumps/recycling centers are accepting used oil because of this covid thing. Theres no where for good people to drop it off so they’re just holding onto it, unlike this POS

  • It seems telling that Fish ANd Game was not present to help out with this situation. Perhaps there needs to be a phone number to contact F&G directly when there is something like this to deal with. Since they have their fingers in all the permitting process and the bust of non-permitted grow busts they need to step up their game beyond requiring certain conditions be met to get a permit to protect the environment to actually doing so themselves also.
    Perhaps repeated calls when folks see such infractions might help get some collabortive action from F&G to work with the Local entities stepping up to protect the water sheds directly when needed.
    I wonder when these non-permitted grows get fined for F&G infractions how much of that $$ (when actually collected) is ear-mrked for Fish and Game?

  • By the way, charging CRV deposit while prohibiting redemption is wrong.

    • Agreed.
      CRV should be banned until the state creates some easy way for citizens to recover their redemption value.
      As it stands, people throw out redemption containers by the hundreds at rural transfer stations because it is inconvenient and impractical to recycle, basically, and the dump in my town doesn’t even pay for recycling.
      They’ll take your redemption containers of course, and then bale them abs drive them out in bulk to the closest recycling center some 80 miles away.
      Most people aren’t going to haul a car load of bottles to town on their day off, that’s just how it is, so the crv program is a huge consumer rip off, just like the grocery store bag charge.

  • Such a ignorant statement. Most likely local Indian killing tweakers.

  • Thank goodness River is many things to many people. I wonder if anyone looked for fingerprints

  • I for one am curious what emergency measures the fire department took to slow the spread?

    Could be good public knowledge..

    • Kitty litter type absorbent and oil absorbent pads and booms, most likely. Flat shovel and brooms to pick up the absorbent into drums. If it is caught soon enough, that is all that is needed. If not, then a large amount of soil must be excavated and sent to a landfill. If it goes into a creek or river in a remote location, there is not much that can be done.

  • That was my good friend Igor who left that, I was with him also. What you stupid people,don’t know is that oil can be reused. It’s no different then the students at HSU leaving a free pile and we will keep it up for as long as we can. Usually people are very grateful for us giving them free oil and other fluids. You,just,co,e here to judge us cause we make more money then you will ever have!

  • That is the most F’d up thing I have seen in a long time. I drive by a dumping ground on my way home, usually limited to refrigerators, grow room detritus, cars and, trash, never seen such a toxic sludge tossed out before.

  • It was a local who lives in ap. He was seen doing it he drives a gray tundara with a matching camper shell the window is broke out of it. the guy has money too so why he did this is beyond anyone beside he is a p.o.s. Thats all I was allowed to know. Im sure if the cops drove around they would find the truck very easily. not the first time from what im told that he has done this.

    • the whole fing town no it was [edit] he only one with a big genny in town and was told not to do it but did because he is an asswad

  • The person responsible was seen doing it. They drive a gray tundra with matching camper shell. The window is busted on it.

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