Humboldt County Special Services Served Search Warrant on Salmon Creek Property

A property in the permit process in the Salmon Creek watershed was visited by a number of law enforcement yesterday.

A property in the permit process in the Salmon Creek watershed was visited by a number of law enforcement yesterday. [Photo taken after the visit by Kym Kemp]

Yesterday, a large number of law enforcement went to a property on the Samuel’s Loop Road in the Salmon Creek watershed. The property had in the past been in the Humboldt County cannabis permit process but has also been the subject of multiple complaints from neighbors. The property was reported to have been purchased last year by a new owner.

A pink ribbon was wrapped around the small bulletin board at the head of the driveway.

A pink ribbon was wrapped around the small bulletin board at the head of the driveway. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

According to an email received from Samantha Karges spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office yesterday afternoon, “Our Special Services deputies are serving a search warrant in the Miranda area.” She wasn’t able to provide more details at the time. The Sheriff’s website however says that Special Services includes “the Drug Task Force (DTF) and the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET).

Nine law enforcement vehicles including one pulling an enclosed trailer were reported to have left the area late yesterday by two different witnesses. At this point, we don’t have information on the reasons law enforcement visited the property.

UPDATE: Over 14,000 Plants and Nearly 2000 Pounds of Marijuana Found at Salmon Creek Grow, Says HCSO MET Team



  • The spot looks like shit typical Humboldt style permited farm.

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Ugly scary on nature. Growers are the lowest of the low! Should be ashamed.

    • Just wondering

      Guest, what’s your thoughts on produce farmers and vine yard farmers? From what I know they also use pesticides, enormous amounts of water and taken up vast spaces of natural land. All for money. Are you against all growers or just weed? Just curious. I agree that that this particular grow doesn’t look like it was a good for the land. However I’ve seen some permitted farms that look nicer than vineyards that have been approved by every agency, are they still low?

      • Growers aren’t farmers.

        • Yes they are farmers. They help people who have medical problems.

          • Any fool can grow weed,especially these days with all the hundreds if not thousands of hybrid strains.I am not proud of it but I illegally grew back in the day.I was a career landscaper ,nurseryman long before that and honestly a 10 year old could grow weed. Carrots ,peas,beats or even corn are easy to grow but cannabis is easier then anything accept possibly feed grass /hay.But yea I grew it for years and pot heads would always marvel at them during bud cycle especially .I don’t know of anyone that grows a variety of more challenging plants that is impressed with a cannabis grower.But twenty years ago I was so proud of growing them.When I quit smoking the crap I could see things a bit clearer.

            • Grow maybe….but to actual raise up a solid start, keep them adequately irrigated but not water logged, and clean of soil born or plant born pests, to patiently watch and wait for maturity (but not to over-ripeness) fending off molds and mildews , then to cut and dry, cure , manicure and store *correctly* takes brains and a load of INTUITION and attention. No 4 year old or 40 year old can do it on the fly . I’ve seen so many blind dum-dum’s potentially fine crops destroyed at one step or another along the way too many times! Potentially beautiful herb that in the end was brown and rank, and low end/B-grade if saleable at all. Because , actually, it’s not that easy . (Talking to all of you who make it all the way to the end, then primarily screw up the curing process , by putting it away extremely over-dry or worse, letting it mold on the line or in the bag when stored semi-wet. The end result is always garbage. )

            • That shows how ignorant you are. Anybody can grow a plant but not everyone can grow good, clean, potent cannabis.

            • This isn’t 20 years ago dude. Your 5 pounds of B grade outdoor don’t feed your kids anymore. Anyone who says running a commercial grow is easy is making a fool out of themselves. Hint. This means you

            • You grew some bunk weed. Sit down old timer. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The average cannabis grower could school your ass at growing. You think a tomato is a tomato and you could bring your unskillfully grown low grade weed to the table but it’s not like that. None of the people who think cannabis growing is easy, that it isn’t farming, yada yada know how to grow cannabis actually, nor have they spent an actual 10-12 day doing hard labor in the sun at a cannabis farm.

        • Your a dumb ass if u think growers and farmers are any different from each other. They r all destroying the land equally only difference is ones for food and ones for medicine…
          That’s like saying plastic bags are better for the environment than plastic bottles… Bull**** it’s all bad for the planet. He’ll the human species in general is bad for the planet the you don’t see anybody doing anything about that… Just my opinion

      • Yah vintners don’t breed paranoia, home invasions, trimmigrants, murders, golden pit bulls, cartels while destroying earth and environment! At the end of the day dope is dope regardless of how it’s cultured!

        • Welcome back, chump…you are a legend

        • wine is way bigger. We just see the glitzy veneer!

          Actually they can. They pretty much are a similar ag operation writ large. Ever been to Lodi, Modesto, Rohnert Park? Wine comes with equipment, chemicals, people, local communities, outsiders ( think Napa tourists!)
          Now that the Water Board is getting on the little vineyards, there’s more regulatory paranoia!
          Other actual big Ag has crime! if you lived in the Valley you’d hear more stories of walnut or wine trailers getting stolen. Raisin Murders. Read some history on the Cotton Kings, Fred Salyer, and the other guy, and the shenanagins that went down around Tulare Lake.

          • Raisin Murders. Raisin Murders. Such a profound claim it deserves its own sentence with no explanation. Raisin Murders.

            • Hahaha! I never see those California raisins singing anymore, they just vanished. I’m willing to bet they were victims of raisin murder.

        • CHUMP! MAGA…. Make Arguments Goofy Again

        • I don't even call it medicine it spot dope is dope getting high is getting high it's a drug Farmers grow food to survive food we eat to live we don't need pot but we need food.

          I agree

          • Food is a drug you morons, chemical reactions take place in your body when you eat, stop thinking, you are only hurting yourselves.

          • Decriminalize drugs

            What about the ones you going purely CBD for medical reasons to save lives and help terminally ill patients. CBD is the medicinal part, thc is the psychoactive Part of plant

  • 🕯🌳The owners are Vietnamese. 🖖🐸🌍

  • That picture encapsulates why the Triangle will continue to lose it’s grip on cannabis production as time passes. Pure economics.

    The wailing and gnashing of teeth (and avoidance of reality) will continue for years until what remains will be mostly memories.

    An entire way of life was created based on a stupid legislative oddity. The new legislative oddity is in many ways even more stupid than the last, but when inputs change, entire cultures change.

    Change is hard, but change is inevitable. Adapt or die.

    I’m fortunate to have had the flexibility and energy to find a new mountain region with the raw ingredients upon which to build a new, more cost efficient program – great water, air and sunshine. With a single scoop of ground a new journey began.

    Accepting that most of the critical inputs where not in my control allowed me to focus my talents on the things I could control. I’m sad to see my Triangle brothers and sisters suffer. Survival matters.

    • I don’t know jb I was born and raised in so hum seen this plant Around since I was six years old- 35 + years. The company’s I thought would “ capture “ the market with scale simply have burned through billion of dollars ,yes billions. Meanwhile my buddy’s win the awards 🏆,. Anybody that knows quality, wants that craft .

      • I’m old and grizzled. I know the craft and I know the Triangle industry and I have the pre-greenrush Federal inmate number that goes along with it (Cultivation. Three years. Lompoc. Mid ’80s). My roots are deep.

        I don’t disagree that con artists are taking countless investors on a ride and wasting billions of dollars of their money in the process. I don’t disagree that the heart of the talent has resided in the Triangle for decades. I don’t disagree that craft matters. You are spot on with all of those.

        Some of that talent has up and moved, and is up and moving to pastures (see what I did there) which allow the same quality and craft with lower production costs. The remaining talent is going to find less and less opportunity because of that. Economics matter in the broad sense. And yes, there will always be a few of the best growers in the world entrenched and even thriving in the Triangle. Exceptions make the rule.

        • Willow Creeker

          Jb I agree with you on your thoughts. It is my opinion that the legal growers in the area are riding out a short tail wind brought on by black market winds in the sails which will run out once bigger operations come on line. It doesn’t take a genius to grow or process, and we don’t have the ag land or the accessibility to a big money market to make us a Mecca in cannabis.

        • The Real Brian


          As always your on point.

          Let us know when your production hits retail, I’m going to ask for yours if possible and support heavily.

          This grow pictured looks like a Lego set after a 4 year olds temper tantrum.

          Keep up the good work out there.

          • Thanks for the kind words. You’ll have to come see us some day. 🙂

            Such a long and arduous process to get through CEQA (two years to the day). Then getting a green field site up and running has its own challenges – and then I lost my business partner to Covid (economically, not literally). Nothing happens if you give up so we keep digging.

            We’ll have a flower brand and a live resin (with a twist) brand, but it’s going to take some time. We won’t introduce those till we get the quality where it needs to be repeatedly. Adapting to new environments – literally and figuratively, takes time and focus.

            Thanks for the support, now … and then.

    • The times they are a changin'

      That was my thought last week when I was tagging every plant with an RFID barcode… adapt or die.
      I saw the convoy heading north in Weott at 6:15 ish. No chipper, just 1 enclosed trailer.

    • Humboldt has all the raw ingredients. Just too much regulation and enforcement. Sick spot though. If I didn’t have kids I’d be blowing up eastern Oregon also.

      • The regulation and enforcement in my County is no less than in Humboldt. In fact more. My county went far beyond Humboldt and didn’t allow any CUP issued until the land had met full CEQA compliance. No cultivation of any sort until then.

        Every grower in the State has to meet the exact same CEQA requirements to get a full annual license, and CEQA makes county requirements seem like tiddlywinks.

        Humbolt has the air and sun ingredients, but spotty and often expensive access to CEQA compliant water and land. Additionally, even if it meets CEQA, the majority of the land (terrain and access) does not lend itself to any sort of agriculture on an efficient scale other than for timber. This will drive the (slow) death of the culture.

        And yes, I consider myself fortunate that my family situation allowed for the new adventure.

      • Willow Creeker

        Faro you are wrong, humboldt has very few of the raw ingredients for competing in a level playing field. If you have flown or driven through eastern Oregon, Idaho, Washington, or many other western zones, you would see vast amounts of ag land, access to major highways, plentiful water resources (unlike much of CA) and a farming infrastructure like nothing we have here. Conservative government may sound bad now but as soon as it’s legal they’ll be the low regulation havens for the industry. We have nothing to compete.

    • The Big Liebowski

      Owens Valley…

  • BTW, that grow may have been in some sort of ‘cannabis permit process’ on some level (I call it ‘slow death), but it will NEVER make it through the CEQA process and be issued an annual licence by the State. EVER! No amount of money could get that location through CEQA. Getting active farm land through the process is hard enough.

    Over 8,000 cultivation related permits applied for in the last 29 months. Barely 700 have passed CEQA and been issued full licenses so far.

    Through its ‘Provisional’ license program, the State is tolerating several thousand non-CEQA compliant grows simply because without them there would be an even bigger imbalance between the ‘legal side’ supply and demand. This tolerance will not last forever and eventually only fully CEQA compliant locations will be allowed a license to cultivate for the legal-side market.

    Change is hard.

    • The Big Liebowski

      Learning to Take some vaccines in the buttocks?

      • The Real Brian


        The Liebowski is just one of Kyms biggest trolls.

        Pay him no attention. At least, that’s my 2 cents.

        The logical and reasonable read your comments clearly.

  • So that’s what a permitted scene looks like…
    That’s ugly.
    On what, a more than 40 degree slope?
    There’s probably way worse than that out there with permits.
    I guess it’s all about greasing the right palms.
    It’s never been about protecting the environment.
    It’s always been about redistributing the wealth.
    This is the kind of Bullshit the permit process protects.
    Sounds like somebody didn’t pay up or they would have been fine.
    Ridiculous either way.
    Not one word about any violations.

    • It doesn’t actually say this site was permitted. It says the previous owners were going through the process, and sold the property to someone else a year ago. The new owners might have done this.

      • Reads “A property in the permit process” clearly in the photo description.
        Suggests presently in an ongoing permit process currently revoked.

    • The sad part is that not very many years ago this giant clear cut was a forest… has been a such an eyesore for this community. From the clear-cutting, to the grading, to the lit up greenhouses, the fact that a scene like this is even able to be in the permit process shows the lack of environmental concern by the county. It’s a pay to play situation. It seems that any property can be permitted as long as you throw enough money at the county for “remediation”. This gross scene was constructed just in time to be considered a pre-existing grow for the 1.0 permit process. There were definitely people at that time that already were in the know about how this whole system of rewarding the people who grew the most by giving them the largest permits was gonna go down. I know for a fact that certain privileged, wealthy, well-informed black market cannabis producers at that time were being instructed by their attorneys (who happened to be some of the very people creating policy and legislation and framework for the new “legal” cannabis market) to set up large grows and huge greenhouses in time to be considered, “pre-existing”. What a racket!

  • What a shit-show! I feel bad for the neighbors, especially if this massive earth-anus is visible to the adjacent properties.

    RRR program candidate? I hope so, because otherwise the property owner typically has zero or no incentive to clean up the mess.

  • Jim T. Holdner

    Easy in my short time on this planet I have seen good and bad of all industry’s. In Sonoma county for years I witnessed “Legal Vinyards” getting away with run off that no logging company could get away with. Spraying sulfur on the vines to make sure no mold happens. This done with impunity to what harm it might do to the aquifer later on. Yes all industry’s need to come to what I call a negative footprint. Mother earth can not handle what we are doing to her. Before you more conservative readers come to bare against me know that I am on this planets side as should we all. I have seen what alcohol does and it’s far worse than Marijuana but this Green industry needs to really start policeing it’s self. THC does not need to go higher. It is know pushing into the realm of a psychotropic drug. And unless we as a society ramp back on all things. This planet this entity will take matters into her own hands. We Dont need another mars. Look what us humans did to that planet.

    • I have seen what Marijuana does and the proliferation of this drug is the last thing any civilization needs. It offers no actual benefit to anyone accept in the minds of those cognitively compromised by its effects. The chances of you having the same views 20 years from now are zero.Sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Wow
    I live amongst so many truly evil , ugly minded people . I’m glad for Kym , she gives us the 411 straight . But the more I read the comments , the more I want to isolate and Never meet Any of you . 80 % of you are horrible !
    Your judgementalism , hatred and complete ignorance of humanity is despicable ..I love this county and have been here since 83 ..But honestly if I can sell my home just to get away from all of you , I’ll do so quickly . This county is a cesspool of hatred. Not everyone ..but somehow kindness never seems to make it to the comments. Not this story- EVERY DAMN STORY . If someone dies , it’s the same thing !!! what they did wrong, or must have deserved it ! . Jesus WTF is wrong with you people???
    Grow a damn soul already . You make me embarrassed to live here . I guess its good my kids moved away after all . This isn’t the beautiful Humboldt county I raised my children in .

    • Black Rifles Matter

      You are such a bowl of sunshine 🌞

    • Thank you “Just Me” for that.

      I am horrified at the quality of comments, and the inevitable soul-lessness and cruelty of the responses to every single article. I too am feeling an urge to leave this place that I love.
      Such ugliness people! Such judgement!

      Kym … have you ever considered having separate comment sections … for example :

      OPINIONS (everyone seems to have one)

      COMMENTS (actually pertinent comments ie: “The accident reported here has now cleared
      – we drove by and saw the last car towed away”)

      I will NO LONGER READ THE COMMENTS and may just stop paying attention to RHBB. Kym does a good job but the rest of you all mostly S**k and are full of VENOM. Life is better when I don’t see any of you in print.

      • Good idea. I have no idea how to implement that though. My tech knowledge is small and my money pot to fix things is even smaller.

        • Glenn Franco Simmons

          Kym, when you allow comments like you do, you’ll never have enough money to police the comments. Sadly, it is one reason why many news publications online have entirely opted out of comments. My advice to readers: If you don’t like the comments’ tone, don’t read them. Problem solved. See how simple that was? That said, I agree with the commenter’s statement: “I am horrified at the quality of comments, and the inevitable soul-lessness and cruelty of the responses to every single article. … Such ugliness people! Such judgement!”

  • After reading all the above comments i feel like ive just been rolled in my sheets and beaten w / smelly socks filled w/ Batteries..Then saved by Jesus after finding a bible under my rack!!!!Kim knows who all the trolls are. She has all their email addresses, and all their REALLY big kid names… There are some arilly shit slinging asses out her/there… But some of the comments on THIS post were/ are the Best ive ever seen.If Kim didn’t protect her Pet trolldts there wouldn’t be 1/10 of the rude comments… Use your real names [edit]And that word CANNASBIS.. any real OG rower wouldn’t call weed that to save their lives,, CANNABIS!!!!!… what a crock of chickenshit!

    • Well said

    • Just a note…many people don’t use their real email address…Some…gasp…use that that section to tell me to perform impossible sex acts.

      I don’t know how I protect my “pet trolls” but if you’d care to elaborate, please do.

      • Were all red and boney on the inside

        Shouldn’t blatant misinformation and inflammatory garbage be deleted? Like the owners are vietnamese….. I applaud you for your work, just curious. I imagine it become shades of gray trying to moderate these comments.

        • I decided a long time ago that trying to police for facts in the comment section would mean I wouldn’t have time to write stories. So either eliminate the comment section which has a lot of value amid the ugliness or do my best to respond to blatant falsehoods. This has the advantage that other people will possibly learn also and it shines a light on error. But sometimes its all just shades of grey.

          • There is no way to limit commentors to one name, is there?

            And going to rule #4, if applied strictly, would mean only comments that “add something of value” are approved.

            I wish you could hire a moderator, clean it up for a year and discourage your worst trolls by enforcing rule 4 like it is a law.

            But I also don’t know if you see the value in that the same as I.

            Anyways. I’m currently moderated and think you still deserve kudos for your work and woes.

      • Glenn Franco Simmons

        If you allow an exchange of ideas through comments, trolling is, sadly, one outcome of such openness, Kym, as you know. Despite this, you provide a valuable community service. That is what readers should focus on and ask themselves what it would be like without this site.

  • Great posts and great points made by many above. This grow looks like many others that I have seen while driving the roads in the hills these past several years.

    Unfortunately, like many this one is an eyesore for the senses. I have heard others that voiced concerns about the wind farm project, based on aesthetics mostly, the greenhouses that are really painfully all “white plastic” are a cancer on the landscape. To me, much more aesthetically displeasing. Honestly, as you look over the land from a high ridge you see these white strips that look like maggots spread across the land. Ridiculous that the Planning Department allows these to be permitted, but further infuriating is that the local environmental groups/people who came out against the wind farm project because of the bad aesthetics, are not saying a word about these white plastic greenhouses scattered across our view sheds!!

    Finally, I agree with a couple of the earlier posts…..growers are not farmers! Agree 100% if they were they would not be placing their greenhouses on steep sidehills, eroding the landscape from roads, dumping oil, pesticides, etc into our watersheds. The list is long but these are the highlights.

    They are not growing medicine.

    • Willow Creeker

      Bill I agree, I think the hypocrisy of not wanting the windmill project in this county was astounding. I can’t get over that one. That Really shows the values of our over sensitive hyper reactive culture here. Letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  • Honestly growing pot isn’t easy, it’s hard work. Farming is farming and to the people who think pot farmers are scum [edit]

    • If you think pot growing is hard, you’re not doing something(s) right.

      Or, you’ve never worked 9-5 5 days a week.

      Either way, don’t overcomplicate the simplicity of growing weed.

      • i told my friend i work 400 hours a month and he said that is impossible

        9 to 5 5 day a week is barely a fraction of what a weed farmer works

        • BotThatNeverSleeps

          You can not compare farming weed to a 9-5. That’s laughable. Im legal, I also worked for 30yrs. I don’t know many hungry farmers, by God I saw some hungry families working 9-5.

          The education required to grow is laughable, seen some monsters a 4 yr old grew.

          Marijuana grows naturally, concrete bridges don’t.

          No offense buddy but your 400 hours is just a month of doubles, and your at home or whatever with a TV, beer, wine cooler or whatever lol. Meh I’m unimpressed

          • the joke on the farm is how we wished we had 9 to 5 jobs because it would be so much easier. the joke is nobody wants a 9 to 5 because its not enough hours.

          • vegetables and cows grow naturally also, these farmers dont work much either? Im confused.

            • BotThatNeverSleeps

              They work at a farmers pace. The joke on the farm is good luck getting paid shoulda got a 9-5.

              Organic farming on a large scale is very difficult and is very very very rare.

              Cattle ranching is a joke, the only hard part is staying above the water long enough to get out of it.

              Veggie farming is as easy. Even easier on a massive scale as technology becomes your best friend, worst enemy on a small scale.

              Humboldt is not good for growing much other than marijuana, it can be done. However, no one comes to Humboldt to grow corn or oranges or anything really other than marijuana. It’s not what farmers and investor’s would reference as feasible.

              There is zero argument to be had really, growing marijuana is easy as hell and incomparable in any aspect to a 9-5.

              To be honest if you spend 9-5 growing marijuana your doing something seriously wrong. Need to check yourself, maybe talk to a few farms and a CPA get a better plan.

              My farm is laughing our asses off at the comparison, we’re legal, industrialized and 100% of us are former 9-5. Who the hell hires people without a resume?? A gdam fool.

        • original market farmer

          yes 400 hours a week is about what a succesful pot farmer puts in….NOT including legal paperwork. If you add in all the paperwork and lawyer time to maintain all that legal farm crap as well….
          you basically have no life. and your children are neglected or deprived of parental time.

          • Willow Creeker

            Or you need to stop being so stingy and hire more help. Anyone can work way too hard and kill themselves at any job, or hire a few employees. The profit margins are ridiculous high in the weed world, so loosen up. If you think it’s tough, try farming vegetables.

  • *** Food for THOUGHT**** If you don’t like reading bad comments , Don’t read them.. you can tell in the first sentence if its useful or not. Kym, please help me.. protect me from all the mean words that I HAVE TO READ!!

  • And this is why John Ford isn’t such a bad guy to have around. Hope they clean it up. So sad. I knew that property when there was only one old homestead

    • It was beautiful. I loved the old barn.

    • Why?
      Because he allowed it in the first place?
      Damage is done.
      He ain’t gonna clean it up. Maybe if he had to clean that up he would think twice about even considering permitting a fiasco like that.
      There is no remediating it.

      • Permit What Permit

        Crazy amount of properties will never be able to be remediated. How do you replace an entire Oak forest? The county doesn’t seem to care about the Oak trees and at the same time there is grant money to help land owners save the Oak trees.

  • You got to remember Humboldt was formed on Vegetable Farms fishing logging and pop farming to[edit]

  • original market farmer

    The people in this thread complaining about weed have the option of moving to idaho or texas …maybe georgia..or they can S**U! Humboldts economy is weed based. DUH! And these people complaining about a farmer making some terraces….are pure hypocrites. They all consume monocroppped food and slaughtered animals and drive their carbon spewing vehicles and complain about a farmer living off the land making a living for their friends and family. Sure farming should be done responsibly but picking on the little guys like this compared to ACTUAL big ag who have gag orders to stop people discussing the cruelty to animals and they just pay off politicians to dump waste in rivers etc….or just pay the fine IF they get caught. If you dont like weed just leave because your never going to be happy in Humboldt county. Pot farmers run this place. if you dont believe me look at the ads on this site or the billboards along 101! LOL
    sorry to burst your moronic bubble of blissful ignorance.

  • BotThatNeverSleeps

    There is only 168 hours in a week. I feel bad for all you 400 hour a month or “week” farmers.

    A 9-5 is 2080 hours a year or 173.33 hours a month.

    Your trying to tell me you work 226.6 more hours a month than a 9-5er. Lol

    You work 2700 hours more per year than those in the rat race of 9-5 lol..

    Complete BS

  • I was tired of working 40 hours a week, so I opened my own business and now work 70 hours a week.

    Such a deal.

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