Marijuana Enforcement Team Served Search Warrant in Garberville Yesterday

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

indoor marijuana hcso

[All photos from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

On April 30, 2020, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served one search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Garberville area. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt County Code Enforcement and Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit assisted in the service of the warrant.One parcel was investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcel did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 3,285 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also located and seized $12,640 per asset forfeiture.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:

One water pollution violation (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)
Commercial cannabis ordinance violations (up to $10,000 fine per day)
Streamside management violations
Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Liana Ryf, 37, of Garberville, was cited and released on the following charges: cannabis cultivation resulting in a violation of Section 5650/5652 of the Fish and Game Code (H&S 11358(d)(3)c), littering in a waterway (F&G 5650), possession of cannabis for sale (H&S 11359(b)) and conspiracy to commit a crime (PC 182(a)(1)).

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Wow what a gigantic operation! Way to go you non essential citizen oppressing facists. Get a life and real job instead of cutting down plants acting like youre doing a good thingml. Meanwhile millions of amerixlcans have no income while these thugs continue the war of drugs.m the more things change the more they stay the same

    • Those grow lights are from the early 90s! Holy shit! Haven’t seen those in a coons age. That pile of trash? Really cops? If that’s the case everyone in humboldt should be fined 10,000$ a day.

    • I wonder who provided the irrigation/water or wastewater service connection to this operation? Did the Garberville Sanitary District Board approve this commercial cannabis cultivation operation for a metered water connection? If they did, I guess they need to start vetting these cannabis cultivation sites for state licencing and county permits?

    • Send the Mexicans home and worry about legal American Citizens. Like mom and pop.

      • Different Strokes

        No one said thy were Mexicans douche. Most likely a rental so all of the fines become the landlord’s problem. This is not a solution.

  • It's cash season for piggys

    So she’s got a couple of pots with soil in them , better steal her property(in violation of the law- UNCONSTITUTIONAL) wonder how much cash was really there ????
    We know that law enforcement pockets 75% or so that’s why they love these raids !!!!!

  • What a WASTE, of time as well as resources!!!! But they still cannot catch the A$$hoie who shot out my Living Room Window in the Middle of the Night, in a Drive By Shooting!!!!

  • Wow they busted someone’s little clone set up that’s really going to save the environment! Those pots with soil in them could drain into the river and dam it permanently!!!

  • Ok so I count a minimum of six humans that interacted with this lady during her bust. Were they masked up and wearing PPE? Did they allow her to put on a mask during the service of a warrant or did they endanger her life with Covid to make some county revenue? Is this really essential at this time?

  • Private army for carpetbaggers and fromer megagrowers

    Jesus, they are busting little 8 light indoors now? What a waste of resources. Sheriffs office is the enemy of the people at this point.

  • What Pandemic ? Businesses closed ,people laid off and dying by tens of thousands . Citizens ordered to shelter in place. A current state of emergency for California and social distancing in effect. But let’s gather up the weed enforcement posse for raiding a closet grow ! FYI legal growers all over this beautiful area are damaging the environment far worse than that particular closet shown in

    • Not a “closet grow”, it’s a clone operation.

      • Yes it’s a big time grow if you’re associated w Trump! It’s a closet grow if it’s Biden related. Hence the sex assault that Pelosi and the dems and mee too’ers deem is okay and he’s an honorable man!

        • The republicans already have an impeachment case against Biden as soon as he is in office…..wait…. he won’t make it that far.
          Just got my signed Donald Trump President photo in the mail. I want to frame it, the wife wants to burn it in a pile of sage…..

          • triniboldticino

            I don’t vote with nazis. Period. As much as I think Biden is a giant mistake by the democruds, I don’t vote with nazis, white supermacists, white nationalists, the KKK, corporate facists or just plain racists. It’s that simple. I continue to honor my family members that died at the hands of nazis in WWII. This is what gets me about these cultists today. He could shoot someone in times square and you’d justify it.

          • Without Florida and Michigan, trumps toast!

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            What impeachment case against Biden? Details please. Trump said some of the Nazis at Charlottesville, VA were “good people.”. Listen to the audio recording: “Jews will not replace us.”. Same bunch that sponsored the full-color T-S Easter insert.

            Biden is the clear choice. No, he is not perfect , except compared to the evil moron Trump.

      • A closet clone operation. It’s literally one car garage size room.

  • seems like government is outta control! A couple 1 gallon pots full of soil is an environmental issue. Thats BS and an overstepping of gov’t. I wonder how they got a warrent?

  • Wow, busting small indoors now? Obviously the plant count was high because they sell clones on the side. Economy crashing because of covid , i guess the county REALLY wants to see what economic devastation looks like huh?

    3rd indoor bust in the last week and a half ?

    I’d also like to know what happens with these fines and if anyone really pays them. How do they talky the 20,000 dollar a day stream violation? From the time they saw it till the time they cleaned it up? She’s going to pay a hundred grand in violations ? Yeah fuckin right

    • Clone operation. One room is the clone and one room is the mothers. Looks like she was forced to bump some up to pots because they weren’t sold.

  • Seriously pathetic of the weed police. 35k of inventory really and you stole 12k. You asshats are really crack’in down. Back to your 80s plant count bullshit I see. Best warn your corporate slimelords their days are numbered. You think the billions they lost so far was a lot just wait and see what the hills have planned for you this year. Fuck Legal!

  • 🕯🌳Where’s all this money they’ve collected going? Have they gotten any cash or sold any seized property?👁👁 Do the fines they impose go to them?🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • The money is divided up between law enforcement who did the raid. Same with the hundreds of thousands of permit and fine money. You cannot trace cash. We are being singled out because we grow weed. There is a lot more pollution and environmental damage done by wine growers. But, the cash collected from fines and permits helps no one , not the poor, or working poor, only those in the offices of Humboldt, and I would guess John Ford gets more than most. Hey John, show us I am wrong. Become transparent and show where all the money is. John Ford, you are the problem, we want you out, we want you gone. Show us the money John

  • As I said before among other things as well, but my comment disappeared!!!! What waste of time & resources when thy could be chasing REAL Criminals!!!!

  • BotThatNeverSleeps

    Wow. I’m so sorry Liana this is complete bs.

  • How’s that “legalization” working out for everybody? Oh- I see the biggest and the ugliest got permits to sell on the black market! How nice for them…

  • Do the right thing

    If a tweaker steals my mail, the sheriffs won’t do anything about it even when they know who’s doing it. But when someone grows pot it could cost them millions. They may even loose their home. And it’s legal. It’s all about the money.

  • Waste of tax dollars

    6 light mom room. I don’t see how they can call clones plants if they don’t have roots. I’d like to see pictures of how fish and game left the property. I’m guessing they threw them all on the ground outside leaving a bigger environmental impact then before they showed up. This place is on town water and Pg&e. They was no environmental impact until they showed up. Every property they raid they destroy everything and leave it looking like a hurricane just came through.

    • Your right. They made the mess. No environment in surrounding area was in harm. The mess you see is from those that came to seize. Ridiculous. I understand there were 8 law enforcement viecheles. When she asked if they had a warrant. She was threatened. No warrants.

    • Old school local

      You are exactly 100% correct they are scum and leave a mess intentionally.

  • Meter Maid Material

    What’s this? The King Pin?
    Looks like the powers that be are on the path of least resistance.
    That show doesn’t look too egregious to me.
    That’s baby shit.
    First it was bust up all the mom and pop shows.
    Now it’s just pop all the moms and babies?
    Four agencies?
    Against one woman?
    That’s some Gang Shit.
    Who leads this Rabble?
    Guys with guns going after moms and babies?
    Babies. To pad their plant count.
    And taking their lunch money?
    $30,000+ fines per day?
    That isn’t just egregious, it’s
    That’s embarrassing.
    She will be going hungry now.
    And probably homeless.
    How proud they must have been.
    And so dominating, too.
    Oh, They’ve got balls
    With their tasers and guns and bullet proof vests.
    Helicopters and satellites and attorneys on retainer.
    Nightsticks and cuffs and a badge on their chests.
    This is brutality, that’s a no brainier.
    Shouldn’t they be going after some real
    They ignore the felonies and misdemeanors and go after the infractions because that is where the money is.

    I’m offended.
    Your taxes hard at work.
    Do you feel safer yet?
    I don’t.

    And in the meantime…
    I don’t think the soil train was headed there,
    And people keep disappearing.

    • meanwhile the Eastern European mafia is STILL making billions in cash,paying of the sheriffs Dept and supervisors while trafficking humans and causing huge negative environmental impacts in neighborhoods all over humboldt. The have this American capitalist thing down! Kinda jealous! Huge brass balls and 100k lawyers help I guess….

      • The Bulgarians are heavier than ever right now lol. They are laughing all the way to the bank. They honestly have probably made as much in 10 years as a group as the natives have in 20. Not a single permit has been filed for but yet they probably buy more nutrients and soil than anyone in the emerald triangle. I’m all for it, they work hard and if no one is going to blink an eye why stop now.

    • Right!!!!!!

  • Told everyone this kind of crap was going to go down years ago… B.s.

  • Stop. This is stupid! So much more serious stuff going on. Put some money into helping people. I don’t care if people grow. I don’t use the stuff and I’m sure soon enough the price will drop and they will be out of business too.

  • Would these violations be fined the same way if the garden was a veggie garden?
    All the same pots of dirt etc? If so, this could be serious. And don’t stop thinking about the Safe Homes Act, where in 2022, they are gonna come after unpermitted improvements& structures! We NEED NEW Supervisors& Planners who have more heart for all of Humco.

  • I am going to join the bandwagon in declaring this a complete joke of a bust , give that lady her money back, let her go and apologize profusely. Waste of time and resources, how did this modest clone operation even come onto their radar. Pure BS!

    • Telling you, snitched on. Blame jealous neighbors or disgruntled worker/partner,not the cops, there just doing there job.

      • Willow Creeker

        No, I doubt it’s snitched on. There have been quite a few low flying helicopters and planes the last couple days, and then a small amount of indoor busts. They are keeping people on their toes. With no county or state oversight of legal grow operations this year, the legal grows will be supplying the black market fully this season. They have carpet bombed all non permitted growers with abatements or pre abatements, and then turned a blind eye to permit patsies. What a crock.

  • Waste of time. Lot juicer fruit out there. Shameful

  • They should be ashamed of themselves for harassingly her for that operation. I hope I am selected for her jury trial if she goes that far. I would nullify this injustice. I bet all those clones are pre-ordered for “legal” farms. It would be like busting the bookkeeper or the truck driver that delivered the dirt.

  • WOW… Does Honsal sign off on these activities? I don’t smoke, I don’t grow, but I do vote. What a waste of resources. No pictures of the water pollution? If they were growing anything other than cannabis, would that be a crime as well? I have heard for years the the LEOS’ leave the place in worst shape than they found it. I have a nephew who’s an LEO in Oregon and he told me they focus on the “real shit”.

    Just think if they spent the man hours on helping the elderly, the vulnerable, those in need, what a difference they could make.


  • Awesome to see everyone in agreement; this is bullshit. Even better to see someone who understands the concept of jury nullification.

    • sohum born and raised

      Way to go. With 100 and 200 light grow’s cranking away and new one’s being built every week you bust this.
      The local fuel delivery companies cant keep up with all the new huge grows running and being built in every community in this county.
      I see a poorly kept side yard, where’s the creek?
      Tax dollar’s wasted on that? The community is watching William

    • Yes. Jury Nullification.

      The last bastion of the free republic where citizens are the final stop gap between spurious laws and the attempts of authorities to deprive the People of life, liberty and property.

  • I can’t believe no one has commented how dry some of those trays are! Get yo shit together gurl! That said, she either had way too much foot traffic selling a couple trays at a time, was posting consistently on Craigslist, or didn’t pay someone. Possibly all three. Definitely a pitiful thing to tag on the $20k violation for some soil pots in the side yard stating water pollution.

  • Someone in her circle or neighborhood called in to complain and gave the details, that’s the only way neighborhood grows get popped. If you don’t want to get busted in your neighborhood, treat your “people” and neighbors right ! Otherwise, don’t piss and moan when something like this happens to you. There is always a backstory, especially like with this woman.

  • This is seriously pathetic! I hope everyone that was apart of that tiny ass raid feels ashamed of themselves! I hope you went home and as you laid your head down to sleep you couldn’t because you felt disgusted with yourself! I hope you Contemplated what you’re really doing with your life and how you were really helping and serving your community and mankind! I hope you contemplate what you’re really doing with your life and Do you really want to be apart of this BS I hope you question what you’re doing for a living because if I were you guys I would feel like absolute dog shit inside! I would be completely ashamed! Wake up is this the best you can do?!!!! You should keep yourselves wide open for all the domestic and child abuse that is Undoubtedly occurring right now! And while your at it maybe you could take that money you just stole from this poor lady and feed some hungry families you AHoles!!!…oh right she is going to be that hungry person that’s going to be lined up waiting for food! So f**********t up! And don’t tell me oh she should go get a real job!….because wait….there isn’t any!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • And Wade Harris, who is a danger to our society is lose in the county again. I still admire the hell out of that beefcake sheriff Filipini for catching and wrestling around with him on 36. Must be frustrating for him. Anyway here’s wishing the word gets out and Wade goes to the wrong farm…..

    • HidingInPlainSight

      You got your wish on this one! Wade Harris was shot dead August 17th on Old Harris Road in Garberville!

  • Pay to Play is what I was told by a permitted farmer. The permitting process has turned into nothing more than protection money. I go to dozens of permitted farms in my work and I see far worse than this. One farmer laughed and said ” there is no oversight after you get a permit, no one has been out to inspect for over a year” as I see workers put in a 40 hood. Another place I see a buyer come over loading bags of weed into his pickup. Another said “if it weren’t for the black market we would all be out of business” Grows less than 100 feet from a river using #1000 pounds of dry fertilizer and 1000 gallons of liquid. Junked cars and garbage strewn but permitted. Gardens mysteriously permitted that never existed prior to the cutoff. Pay your fees to keep the agencies employed get engineers and experts so sign off on your grow and you can go back to business as usual. When I see small places like this taken out one by one I see that much less money circulating in our already dying economy.

  • Permit What Permit

    Sarcastic golf clap for MET. Lots of permitted farms are far worse than this. I’m seeing greenhouses pop up like mushrooms lately complete with generators and no covers on at night while they burn lights. Come grab my neighbors that do NOT have a state license, yet have a pump in a red flagged creek and lights glowing all night. This is getting ridiculous! Clean up your own house before going after others. Once that Oak tree is cut, there is no putting it back. Once that creek that feeds into a river which saw zero salmon nests on it last year is drained, there is no putting the water back until fall. This county has ruined neighborhoods and homesteads all for tax money. I can’t wait until there is no market for the small Humboldt farm.

    • That is exactly what the county wants. NO market for the small farm. It is easier to control just large farms. Why are the large farms allowed to sell on the black market and the small farms not??

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Multiple agencies for this? Who on the DEU requested this warrant and which judge signed it? This is a complete waste of time and money. Shame on you.

  • Chad Gladstone

    I’m glad I got out of Humboldt County alive. The cops there are the most corrupt I’ve ever seen in my life. I was followed by them, and stalked by them during my brief time residing there. Both the highway patrol and the county sheriff’s deputies. I honestly feared for my life, and had to leave. Walking to work each morning brought me fear and anxiety as I’ve never experienced before. The worst is when they followed me into the Eel River cafe on my day off. They would stare me down as I walked, and would make aggressive actions and movements towards me as I conducted my life and business there. They are jealous and immature and corrupt assholes. Their crimes against the people are only known by a few. Nothing is done about it. It’s a shame, Humboldt county is a beautiful place and I would love to live there. But I cannot risk it. Shame on you corrupt police. You deserve a very harsh punishment for your evil actions.

  • Leo's should start policing themselves

    They really have NOTHING better to do than bust some clones and mom’s? That’s just a waste of taxpayers money. Such a waste of time.

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