County Officials Applaud Governor’s Decision to Keep North Coast Beaches Open

Sheriff Honsal media availability

Screenshot of Sheriff Honsal from the April 16 Media Availability video]

Press release from the County of Humboldt:

Sheriff William Honsal expressed appreciation for Governor Newsom’s decision to keep beaches in Humboldt County open and limit closures to parts of Southern California.

Sheriff Honsal said, “I’m grateful the governor didn’t move forward with a plan that would have unnecessarily and arbitrarily restricted access to our coastline,” adding he supports the need to balance public health and safety with the rights of individuals protected under the state and federal constitutions. “Closing beaches in areas where people weren’t following social distancing is a more appropriate response than a statewide closure,” Honsal said.

A state-mandated beach closure order was being considered by the governor as a response to crowds gathering last weekend on two Southern California beaches. Sheriff Honsal and Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich both reached out to state officials to express their opposition to the proposed order. The governor announced at a noon press conference that the closure order would apply only to areas around Orange County.

Dr. Frankovich said, “This really is the right move for Humboldt County. The Governor himself pointed out our success at practicing social distancing measures locally. We can continue to build on that success without sacrificing access to our beaches.”

Officials emphasized that the county’s existing Shelter-in-Place Order would remain in full effect, and any crowding of parking areas, beach areas or trails would not be tolerated. Sheriff Honsal said, “We will enforce the local order to keep people safe and encourage social distancing, but Humboldt County’s residents shouldn’t pay the price for the irresponsible behavior of people 700 miles away from here.”

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  • Great! Go to the beach! It’s safe.

    Also end the lockdown of the healthy:

    Nearly 0% chance of dying if healthy and under 50 years old.

    Shelter the at risk! Free the healthy!

  • “The Sheriff is the CLEO, or CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, of his/her county. As an elected official he/she is the ultimate protector of the people providing a check and balance locally, for any state or federal agency that may infringe the constitutional rights of the people.

    “We believe that these honorable men and women are ready and willing to serve to the best of their ability and want to identify those who have strong constitutional values. The sheriff is a citizen first, elected by citizens (the people) and answers ONLY TO THE PEOPLE.

    “Vet Your Sheriff is designed to identify those Sheriffs and or Candidates who have strong constitutional stances within their respective roles of law enforcement.”

  • Opening an of our beaches at this time is a real stupid move, and I think it will do nothing but create more virus cases. If you have a dead wish, then party on COVID-19ers’.

    • From Vox News (a decidedly pro Covid 19 shut down supporter)
      “A team of three medical doctors and biologists from Harvard wrote in the Washington Post that “outdoors, the virus quickly disperses in the air,” so the risk of becoming infected by someone running or walking past you is likely very low.
      Chinese researchers studied the air in public outdoor spaces in Wuhan and found “undetectable or very low” levels of virus outside.
      Another Chinese study looking at 318 outbreaks featuring three or more Covid-19 cases adding up to 1,245 total confirmed cases across more than 100 cities found just one instance of outdoor transmission.”

      Even if you want to simply believe it all, please stop panicking. Stress is bad for your health and mine. Here’s another resource provided by a RHBB reader, Saving Your Health, One Mask at a Time by Peter Tipett MD, PhD:

    • I don’t recall that our local beaches were ever closed. Supposedly, the parking lots of state park beaches were closed but I don’t believe that it was heavily enforced around here.

    • Martin, if you feel that getting everything back to normal is going to kill people and put your health at risk. Shit happens. Stay home and keep breathing into that mask,( which you are breathing your own carbon dioxide). Do you know that by staying inside your home for a long time will weaken your immune system?

  • Man, Honsal got Newsom to cave as fast as Bernie does.

    • yeah Im sure it was pressure from our sheriff that stopped the governor from closing beaches that he was probably not going to close in the first place.

  • If Newsom sends the state police, just report a sexual assault on the beach of a young intern by an old white democrat. That will make him recall the enforcement order.

  • Excellent. Good decision. Thank you.

  • Remind me….how many people get washed out to sea and die from sneaker waves every year around here?

  • Sheriff Honsal said, “We will enforce the local order to keep people safe and encourage social distancing, but Humboldt County’s residents shouldn’t pay the price for the irresponsible behavior of people 700 miles away from here.”
    Uhh 🤔solike people just went to the beach ,calling them out as irresponsible is odd -kinda punk actually . They were simply enjoying the freedom you espoused about protecting earlier mr Honsel.

    • That is an excellent point. Saying he won’t infringe on (some) constitutional rights is a great thing but that by definition states that people down south don’t have the same constitutional rights because they live in a more populated area…. interesting.

  • Cmon 2020 elections cmon justice

    Constitutional sheriff, hilarious!!!! What a load of re election bull crap.fallow the constitution on all amendments then sheriff honsel. You’re political song and pony show might work on the retarded lemmings (good portion of the population) but the more intelligent of us see through you act,after all we’ve been watching you and the supervisors the last couple years!!!!!!

  • Yay! Get out there where appropriate if you can!

  • Smart people know the difference between a song and a dog. I used to have problems with that stuff, but once I quit drinking I can now go to the zoo and actually name the animals.

  • The chances of dying from covid go down everyday. As the asymptomatic numbers rise daily, the death rate decreases. Comparable to the first season of the swine flu

    • In the last three days, 7000 people that we know of have died of COVID-19 in the US. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US but on average, in three days, 5518 people die of it. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.

      • Can’t see the forest for the trees?

      • Right now if someone dies who has heart disease and is infected with Covid 19 what is the “cause of death” on the death certificate? How about any other combinations?

        • The odds are that it isn’t listed as COVID-19. The experts are saying that the numbers are undercounted not overcounted.

          The most convincing numbers are those that show the numbers of those reported dead of any cause and compare them to historical averages. In almost all cases, deaths are far above historical averages even though the world is in lockdown.

          • What Do ‘Missing Deaths’ Imply About the Impact of COVID-19?
            A New York Times analysis has little bearing on the infection fatality rate or the number of life-years typically lost to the disease



            • Ullr,
              I’m confused about what you are saying. I didn’t cite the NYT. I don’t think anyone has enough info to come up with the fatality rate. And, are you saying that most of those who died of COVID’s lives are of little value comparatively?

              Diane’s stated that the flu and COVID-19 were similar. I showed numbers showing they weren’t.

              You seemed to imply with your response that COVID-19 was overcounted. I presented graphs, etc. showing they weren’t. (No doubt there will be some miscounting for either political or other reasons the other way but at this point, the data points to undercounting massively)

              But with this last comment, I’m not sure how it relates to over and under counting and a comparison to flu deaths. Could you clarify?

              Meanwhile, I don’t recall any seasonal flu doing this: “[D]ozens of bodies were discovered decomposing in rental trucks outside a Brooklyn funeral home…The incident highlighted a serious and continuing problem: What to do with thousands of dead bodies in New York City, which weeks ago emerged as the center of the pandemic in the U.S. As of Wednesday afternoon, officials reported 12,287 confirmed coronavirus deaths in the five boroughs, with another 5,302 fatalities classified as probable deaths from the virus.”

              • The cspan video I linked to is short. Dr. Fauci and another doctor explicitly say that deaths are over counted because they are counting almost every death with a positive covid test as a covid death.

                The body overflow is because NY is getting the equivalent of a bad flu season compressed into 2 months rather than 8. And, for whatever reason, NYC is an outlier among cities grappling with this event.

                The Reason link I offered puts the NYT analysis, if correct, in perspective against the larger picture.

                “As of April 22, 2020, the average daily death toll due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S. was nearly 770 since the occurrance of the first case on February 15th. Based on data from 2019, almost eight thousand people die every day in the United States from all causes. During the 2018-2019 (October to April) influenza season, around 161 people died daily on average from influenza. Taking the latest numbers into account, it seems that at this moment almost one out of three deaths in the United States every day have involved COVID-19. ”

                Based on the stats provided here:

                The average overall daily death toll for all deaths is about 3500 compared to 8000 is 2019.

        • Ullr rover- you seem to always think you are smarter than all the policy makers out there. Maybe you should run for office? I Think it wise to let the medical professionals make the decisions in a situation like this. They say, we need to keep up the social distance. It is working, that is why we are seeing improvements. Let’s follow the examples of other countries who have faced this in the weeks and months before it was bad here. China didn’t ease up on restrictions until weeks after zero new infections. We are jumping the gun in some states. We need to be smart- listen to the professionals not the wing nut conspiracy theorists. This thing is real. If you don’t know people in major cities where this is really happening, you have no idea.

      • They have reported that the numbers are wrong. Every state gets money for every positive case and deaths of the virus. The more deaths the more money. Many doctors have stated that they were told any deaths should be reported as covid-19 deaths. There are more recovered from the virus then deaths. Many of the deaths that were reported the patient had already been diagnosed with a fatal disease. I notice the deaths from cancer, heart attacks, aids, car accidents, altimerze,(I know I spelled it wrong), pneumonia, or strokes have gone way down. Why is this? Humm, seems kinda coincidental.

        • Fortunian, Where are you finding that deaths from cancer, etc. are down? I did a quick Google search and didn’t find it but maybe I used the wrong search terms.

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