On Wednesday, Arcata Police Tasered and Subdued Agitated Man (Video)

On April 15, about 4 p.m., an agitated man began drawing attention in the Arcata Plaza. “I watched the whole thing go down,” wrote Jimi Axis, an Arcata resident.

According to Axis, the man although he started acting out at the Plaza went up to the free clinic and then down to the hardware store.

“I was following him going around the block watching waiting for him to smash a window of a business or someone’s car or something,” Axis wrote. “And when [I] saw him at the hardware store…he had created a huge Scene…He was on the ROOF of a Mercedes [B]enz and there was 4 people yelling and starting to chase him. He then ran away down to the co-op.”

Law enforcement had been requested and for awhile, it seemed as if things might calm down as the man laid on the ground for a short time.

Axis was filming from his car as the man became aggressive. “He…got up and started charging and scaring the hardware store guy and (I locked my doors),” Axis wrote. “He then ran down to K street.”

Axis drove around the block and, he said, when he returned the agitated man was in “a verbal conflict” with Arcata Police Chief Brian Ahearn.

At this point, Axis filmed the scene above.

Arcata Police Chief Brian Ahearn said he was happy that his officers were able to subdue the man.

“There was a tremendous potential for injury,” he told us. “We were able to get [the agitated man] into custody so that he was no longer be able to hurt anyone or damage any property…I’m really proud of my officers for working together as a team and to ensure there was no longer a threat to the community.”

Ahearn said that the suspect “had to be taken to the hospital have the taser probes taken out.” In addition, the Chief said the man also “had a rash on his face.”

The Chief said, “It appears as if [the suspect] were on a hallucinogen or a controlled substance.” The suspect, Curtis Collins, age 31, was charged with assault on police officer, battery on a police officer, and vandalism.



  • I’ll bet that he had “rash on his face” after that.

    Drugs are bad…Mkay.

  • As for me, I’m glad APD removed him from the streets. Hopefully he actually goes to jail after being released from the hospital. Hopefully with the above testimony the APD won’t get sued by any civil rights attorney. He was, after all just wandering around mostly on public property like streets and sidewalks expressing his first ammendment rights. Only an occasional trespass on private property.

  • 🕯🌳If he was butt ass naked he was breaking the law. That’s at the very least indecent exposure. 🤯👁👁🕯🛐

  • Arcata. The new Eureka. P.S. Next time, please take your key out of the ignition. Thanks for the video!

    • Eureka has been a lot nicer than Arcata for decades. Get rid of Broadway of course, which is I suppose what many non-eureka residents see and constitute as eureka, and you have a pretty darn nice place. The homes there are certainly the fanciest in the county by a long shot, up to code and professionally constructed, a stark contrast to much the rest of the county. Yes, other towns do have some fancy homes too, just nowhere near as many. Arcata hit bottom though I think when it went to great lengths to rid of its wealthiest occupants through taxation of utility. The indoor growers moved a couple miles down the road, and the higher rents growers were paying could not be duplicated by the heroin addicts with whom replaced them

    • Bug on a Windshield


  • Who is he and does he live in Arcata? Hopefully he survives what ever poisoned him. It could happen to anyone
    if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • That’s a poisoned mind, wether from mental illness or drugs, who knows.

      • Some of them came into the world that way.

        I’m betting he is mentally ill. There was an outstanding PBS World program on this weekend. The National Institute for Mental Health made a convincing argument that most serious mental illnesses are common, serious brain disorders that affect a person’s thinking, motivation, emotion, and social interactions and are genetic and in many cases heredity. We can thank Ronald Reagan for the homeless mentally ill people on the streets. He closed all of the mental hospitals because they were costing too much. When you adjust for the public, police, the hospital and then back to jail I’m betting it’s ten times as expensive.

        • You’ve had 45 years since Reagan was governor. Fix it!

        • If “Mental Illness” is a “serious brain disorder” then a simple lab test would be a determinate.

          But there’s not.

          “Mental Illness” comes from trauma.

          The trauma changes the way we interact in our daily lives.

  • That’s what happens when you shelter-in-place in Arcata. At best the place is nuttier than squirrel shit on a normal day. Oh, that dinging noise was the guy’s anal rings falling out of his shorts while the cops wrestled with him.

  • Sweet zombie video. Thanks for that made my day. Things are starting to return to normal around here!

    • I was out biking in Arcata and ran right in to this happening…and yes, it made me feel like I was home again

    • Original old school local

      Hes ALSO an AMAZING musician (Jimi Axis) he plays guitar with bands on the plaza and around town with all kinds of local acts mainly with Madi Simmons. Axis has the sweetest guitar riffs and tone. Hes on another level as a creative musician.
      Also has alot of stuff on YouTube under “Mrjimiaxis”. He played on an album that was on a warner brothers label in the 90’s with Kendra Smith.
      Kendra smith used to play with Syd Barret from Lou Reed, and the velvet underground in La in the 1980’s.

  • Please Check One

    Oh dear, somebody forgot to take their happy pills. Or, more likely, they took the wrong pill. My question is, are they gonna let this individual back out on the streets because of the coronavirus, even if he can’t pass 51/50? I would definitely call him a danger to himself and others. Very sad. And worrisome.

  • I heard him say “Everything is so beautiful, so purple, so bright.”

    Dude’s tripping balls!

  • I liove how 2 of the charges are only because the cops got involved and instead of being peaceful just decided he was in need of violence. Good job. I guess

  • Nothing like getting tazed by the [edit] to ruin your “beautiful “ acid trip. 😂

  • That’s just any random Tuesday In Arcata, what weird is that ear of corn on the dashboard!

    • thatguyinarcata

      What do.you mean? There’s few things more normal in arcata than random vegetation on your dashboard. Weirdest thing about the whole video was.that there wasn’t also a smudge stick and some crystals next to the corn

      • And that could’ve been extremely useful in calming down this situation. That’s why i always conceal carry sweetgrass, amethyst and a rose water / lavender oil spray at all times in public.

        • Please Check One

          You wanna be careful with that sweetgrass, Erik, I know for a fact that it’s illegal without a Rx in most counties east of the Coastal Range. And I’m pretty sure the amethyst requires a permit. Colorado is way ahead of us on this, as usual. They have open carry.

          • Ohhhh hope to shout, outta your mouth and into gods ear. Thats why I’m a lifetime member of the National Bodhisattva Association, which just got ionic foot baths decriminalized in New Jersey. I’ve been thinking about moving out of kommifornia to Colorado for some time, but my services are needed here behind enemy lines. I’m staying here to fight the good fight, for instance Dick Marcos (D) Alameda just introduced a bill requiring Californians to register all Aromatherapy candles and vaporizers by 2021. You know Newsom’s gonna sign it. Please donate to the nBa.

    • What do you mean? You don’t drive around with an ear of corn on your dashboard? We have corn, zucchini, and an artichoke on ours. Thought it was the norm.

  • Arcata used to be beautiful. Arcata is completely disgusting now. Disgusting has officially been normalized in A-town. Poop on the sidewalks, bum fights, zombies yelling at our children even kicking them (remember that one?) drunk in public vagrants accosting us when were just trying to shop downtown, random violence, smash and grabs, corner junkies, home break ins….on and on and on!
    All started with Bob Ornelas and the over the top touchy feelies.
    Yeah dumpster diving is so cool. Hey man, come to Arcata we have all these groovy free services for non productive members of society. Look at me I’m on tv promoting dumpster diving. So cool was bob.hahaha
    Eventually they all came.
    Dang then we had Susan……..for way to long. Now ya got winky Dink who can’t see past his overgrown yard, has no idea what he’s doing, what’s going on or who his neighbors are.
    Oh man Arcata what are you gonna do now? Tuck your head cause it’s outa the touchy feelies hands now and there is nothing they can do about it.
    Where’s Bobby Lucas when ya need him? Time for an operation clean sweep.

    • You just described every city in California

    • Original old school local

      Lmao @ Bobby lucas comment… He was sort of a jerk……to say the least.
      No we just need anti -violence patrol like at a festival that use non violent tactics to try to calm down violent drugged out people on the rare occasion that one loses his mind like this…which is very rare.
      Do you know what would have calmed him down instantly…..
      A hippy chic with a joint and a 40 ounce tallcan…and he would have sat down and put his hands out for the handcuffs…lol

    • Bobby “Hightower” Lucas, (remember the Police Academy movies?), was a dick. Haven’t heard that name in years!

      • Humboldt County Line

        I gotta stand up for Bobby Lucas. Through my own actions I put myself into contact with Officer Lucas a fair number of times. He was always fair with me and with the benefit of hindsight some 25 years later all of the advice he gave me was fairly on point.

  • Wonderful world

    And someone sits in their car and videotapes the whole scene. Why?

  • Angel dust?

  • “I was following him going around the block watching…”
    I personally would be upset and agitated, too, if some random dude followed me around town filming me with their phone.

    • Original old school local

      (Lady) I totally understand where your coming from. But here is the reality.
      No one started filming him until he had 4 people chasing him for jumping on top of a Mercedes and all 4 of those people were calling the cops on him.
      And then when he started to have a fist fight in the streets of Arcata with the chief of police is when the actual filming began(by the hardware store employee and the guy with dreads) because first attempts at capturing this persons insanity failed because the phone was dead.

      • Please Check One

        You wanna be careful with that sweetgrass, Erik, I know for a fact that it’s illegal without a Rx in most counties east of the Coastal Range. And I’m pretty sure the amethyst requires a permit. Colorado is way ahead of us on this, as usual. They have open carry.

      • Please Check One

        If this is the trailer, I can’t wait for the series! Will it be available on Prime?

  • EPD would have smashed that dude into dust from the rip, APD was dragging their feet getting hands on with him. There’s a time to talk and a time to knock someone into the dirt. Maybe that’s why Eureka is looking slightly less like a shithole these days.

  • Let me guess, site and released. Smh.

  • Good job citizen reporter,
    nice the cops showed up.

    Sad situation.

    Cops did well, once they were there,
    considering they are almost not allowed to do their job, they do their best.

    Was wondering what happened to the unfortunate drug addicts.

  • so purple, so bright

    Just don’t let him out anywhere near a rectory at 3 AM

  • Let me see if I understand what you are saying. When someone gets out of line they should be dealt with by beating them half to death? You have no clue about who this person is. He might not do hard drugs and he could have been ghost dosed with LSD. It would certainly explain why he was acting the way he was. I know the man in the video he is a friend of mine. He is a wonder person with a giving heart and goes out of his way to help other. Most of the people leaving comments should be beaten for the things they are saying.

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