Sheriff Honsal Answers Questions

“Sheriff William Honsal talks about citation statistics, jail operations, National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week and jobs at the HCSO.”



  • Well .0001% of the population has died because of covid 19. 27% of the population is now jobless. If your in debt you will not receive your stimulus check. All compounded rent, utilities and taxes are due in July. How does that compute? I for see a 40% population of homeless, broke, angry citizens with a hole dug so deep that they won’t be able to crawl out of it. Wonder how many people will die than due to homelessness, alcoholism , drug addiction, suicide, starvation,domestic violence and all out poverty? You think your afraid now…… just wait another 6 months.

    • 🕯🌳Must get pretty dark out there on that double wide on the lake? 👁🕯🕯🖖🐸

      • Reality is dark sometimes….. sometimes we need to except that.
        .Being afraid and sheltering from the truth will inevitably lead us all to darkness if we are not careful. Peace willi.

  • Sheriff, can you read California case law?

    In re Arata:
    “It would seem unnecessary to state that the delegation of such complete authority over one of the most fundamental of our constitutional rights–THE RIGHT OF PERSONAL LIBERTY–must of necessity carry with it the obligation to exercise such UNUSUAL POWERS ONLY when, under the facts as brought within the knowledge of the health authorities, “reasonable ground exists to support the belief” that the person so held is infected.”

  • Does “Social Distancing” lead to more elderly deaths in the long term by preventing herd immunity?

  • With liberty and justice for all

    Excellent job holding up to the oath you took to uphold the constitution of the United states so help you god !!!!
    From where I’m sitting looks like you’ve repeatedly done everything but that in your term. Lying,extorting, theiving camera happy politicians are getting thick in good old dumboldt ,where the lemmings lap it up as they run eagerly to throw themselves off the cliff !!!!!!

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