Cooperative Extension Offering Online Programs for 4-H, Master Gardening, & Raising Chickens

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Screenshot of the Humboldt-Del Norte UC Cooperative Extension program

This is a press release from the UC Cooperative Extention:

Cooperative Extension is both a County of Humboldt and Del Norte Department that is in partnership with the University of California. In Eureka and Crescent City there is a local staff of scientists and educators who create, develop, and extend knowledge on agricultural and natural resource management, youth development, nutrition and community health, and more. The Cooperative Extension network has a wide variety of online resources to assist families with activities to do at home. Explore the links below to find practical and credible information, plus things to do.

The Humboldt/Del Norte Cooperative Extension website (  has a great collection of resources on growing food() in a garden() along with preserving food() via canner, food drier, or fermentation. In addition to these resources, there are certified volunteers who can help answer your questions via email.

Have you noticed that there is a national and local interest in raising backyard chickens? Chickens are wonderful source of entertainment and food. If you need some guidance on chicken care, health, and coop designs visit the University of California site on raising chickens(.)

Are you looking for activities and curricula to help your children? The UC youth development program known as 4-H has been converting their educational programs for free online use. These well-tested and helpful resources () can support any family with finding enriching activities to do at home and in your back yard.

During this time, the Cooperative Extension team is working differently, but we are still here to help Californian’s improve their lives and businesses. Our educational programs are being retooled for online delivery including our core programming with 4-H, Master Gardeners, Master Food Preservers, and workshops such that support critical industries and California’s fire challenges. Additionally, Cooperative Extension has an extensive collection of resource books available for purchase at For more information, please give us a call at (707) 445-7351.


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Milt Phegley
Milt Phegley
1 year ago

In first reference to CE website, the URL is not correct. It should be with no period between ce and humboldt. The URLs in the rest of the story are correct. Keep up the good work!!

Kym Kemp
Kym Kemp (@kymk)
1 year ago
Reply to  Milt Phegley

Sorry it took so long to get this fixed but it is now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Land of the free,with liberty and justice for all
Land of the free,with liberty and justice for all
1 year ago

But if our kids are in 4-h and we try to have a vegetable garden in Humboldt county we could get abated and robbed for hundreds of thousands by our wonderful county government. I’m scared to grow vegetables on my land after all the abatement stories on here especially the latest one. My kid cant participate because of who’s running Humboldt county. Sad and disgusting but true!!!!!

1 year ago

Then you missed the thousands merrily growing garden for years.