Mayor Susan Seaman Reminds the Community of the World Health Organization’s Requests for the Community During the Pandemic

Information from Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman:

Hi! I’m Mayor Susan Seaman. As I’ve mentioned in my previous communications, the City of Eureka is working diligently to support the health and well-being of our citizens, our community, and our economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we change our daily routines and wait for new direction, it is easy to get tempted into complacency. I wanted to take a moment to share some basic but essential tips and reminders from the World Health Organization that will help keep us all safe and provide an opportunity for this virus to pass as quickly as possible.

The World Health Organization has prioritized and asked us to remember five easy tasks.

So, what are they?

1. Make sure to keep washing your hands frequently with soap and water or a solution with at least a 60% alcohol base.
2. Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. If you use a tissue, dispose of it immediately and then wash your hands.
3. Avoid touching your face, especially your nose and mouth, to prevent the virus from entering your body.
4. If you’re out in public, practice social distancing: stay six feet or more away from others, and please don’t attend gatherings.
5. Stay home if you can. If you are a non-essential worker the best thing you can do for your friends and neighbors is to shelter in place. Especially if you are not feeling well, please stay home. If you feel unwell and your symptoms are mild, self-isolate for 14 days. If you feel like you need to see a doctor, call ahead to the emergency room. They’ll provide instructions to limit exposure to other patients and to healthcare workers.

These five simple actions can provide tremendous community benefit. Please join me in getting the word out and share the World Health Organizations “Do the Five” reminders on your social media accounts and with your family and friends.

As always, thanks for listening. Stay safe and know that we will get through this together.



  • WSJ Editorial Board: Coronavirus — WHO’s bows to Beijing have harmed the global response to the pandemic

    “Taiwanese officials warned WHO on Dec. 31 that they had seen evidence that the virus could be transmitted human-to-human. But the agency, bowing to Beijing, doesn’t have a normal relationship with Taiwan. On Jan. 14 WHO tweeted, “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” The agency took another week to reverse that misinformation.”

    • did you see the video where who (or rather the leader of who) wouldnt recognize tiwan and then acted like they couldnt hear the question then when they started to repeat the question he said no just move on to the next question and then hung up on her

    • Yeah, but Taiwan “is an island” with a small “land mass”.

      Why would you listen to Taiwanese government when you also refuse to acknowledge their success?

      • First people never said what you say they said. The point that people made was that it was impossible to do in large areas of a diverse population and government authority what was done in a small area of uniform people and authority. Like a motorbike can successfully navigate a footpath where a semi truck couldn’t even go.

        The other thing is that Taiwan has not yet succeeded. They are still fighting the battle and will be until a successful vaccine or treatment is available to all. There is always the risk of being isolated by China and losing their autonomy altogether or simply losing the battle when they are unlucky enough to have the virus spread widely before being discovered and therefore being dragged to quarantining their economy only long after the rest of the world has come back.

        Beside the illogic of that last statement is clear. One thing is not connected to the other. It’s the WHO that refused to check on the veracity of the Chinese. The choice of believing or not believing the Taiwanese was not an option to anyone here. The point is the Chinese prevented suppressed that information for their own advantage.
        Nor would believing the mean that we could do what they did even if we wanted. Sheesh…

    • This was definitely intriguing.

      • Interesting stuff. Thanks for the link.

        Someone needs to hold China’s proverbial feet to the fire on this.

        • Thanks for your feedback, I was just informed this was junk by a different commenter here, which I found interesting, to say the least.

          • The Epoch Times is affiliated with the Falun Gong, a religious type organization that is in conflict with China.

            “The Epoch Times was formed in part to speak out against the Chinese government’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Anticommunist China coverage is still featured prominently, but the publication has expanded to include a range of news, lifestyle and opinion pieces….The Epoch Times can no longer advertise on Facebook, but it can still post there…. it published a story containing unproven suggestions of voter fraud ahead of the Iowa caucuses. The story was later debunked by fact checkers, but it received tens of thousands of likes, shares and comments.”

            It has a history of reporting poorly.

            • The US government has a long history as well, does that negate current and future attempts to do the right thing?

              I suggest you could investigate the story based on a desire to hear an alternative view than from the advisers with dubious connections themselves.

              Interesting to know that all parties have an agenda here, the truth is not in any one corner.

              Indulge your inner young reporter with just your ability to decide for yourself what the truth is.

              I merely provided another side to a very intriguing story. It’s unwise to criticize without seeing and hearing for yourself.

              Keep your mind open.



            • Going to bat for communist China vs the Falun Gong, a religious group, may not be the most critical western minded approach to transparency or reporting, with the freedom we have grown accustomed to. I have a difficult time trusting anything that comes from a heavily censored and restrictive state, and it’s journalism Achilles heel to think China has anything to teach us, other than the result of a heavily managed society that’s benefitted from major outsourcing of US industry at the expense of our middle class.

              You have every right to your opinions. It might do well to run that story by someone whom you respect, but don’t agree with and let the dialogue help you with your understanding of the material presented.


            • Do you have any links to your claim of: “It has a history of reporting poorly.”? I couldn’t do the NYT piece without a subscription.

              I’m okay with this:
              “We stand against the systematic destruction of traditional culture by destructive ideologies such as communism, which continues to harm societies around the world,” according to The Epoch Times “About” page. “We are inspired in this mission by our own experience. The Epoch Times was founded in 2000 to bring honest and uncensored news to people oppressed by the lies and violence of communism. Fulfilling this mission is our passion and our greatest honor.”

              “Having witnessed events like Tiananmen Square and the persecution of the spiritual group Falun Gong, and at a great risk to themselves and their loved ones, a group of Chinese-Americans started publishing The Epoch Times in Chinese in May 2000 in New York City,” its website reads. “Some reporters in China were jailed, and some suffered severe torture. Yet despite the risks, they could see the growing need for uncensored coverage of events in China.”


              • The Epoch Times was second only to the Trump campaign in pro-Trump ad spending on Facebook with $1.5 million before it was banned in August. 

                Facebook says it removed fake accounts linked to a pro-Trump media outlet known to push conspiracy theories.


                Pathetic inc.

                  • It seems you and others prefer fake news in some perverted anti-communist ideology, that’s all.

                    It is a self-discrediting position.

                    • What fake news? I’d still like to read an example. Certainly the Epoch Time’s pro Trump position is easily counterweighted by CNN’s anti Trump position. I read CNN stories as often as I do Epoch Times… and with the same grain of salt.

                    • Overall, we rate The Epoch Times borderline Questionable and Right Biased based on editorial positions that consistently favor the right. We also rate them factually Mixed due to the publication of pseudoscience and the promotion of pro-Trump propaganda and conspiracy theories as well as failed fact checks.


                      Not even close to the same as CNN.

                      That’s your own bias.

                    • Funny stuff, TRB:

                      “Overall, we rate CNN left biased based on editorial positions that consistently favors the left, while straight news reporting falls left-center through bias by omission. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to several failed fact checks by TV hosts. However, news reporting on the website tends to be be properly sourced with minimal failed fact checks.”


                      At least Epoch Times is openly biased. CNN pretends they’re neutral.

                    • I avoid CNN and I avoid Epoch Times. Epoch Times tries to obfuscate their ownership and their allegiances. I’m sympathetic to the abuse the Falun Gong have undergone at the hands of the Chinese government but they have an agenda which they try and hide, and their factual reporting is mixed. I’ve got limited time and I chose not to waste it on reporting that can’t be trusted.

          • There are certain people who would rather cast aspersions than discuss the issues. (I’m ok with ironies) The idea that the coronavirus was engineered has been floated since early January and deserves examination when the time comes. Right now it doesn’t matter. It’s here and we need to deal with it.

            Hopefully this event will force US industry, and, more importantly, US consumers, to reexamine their willingness to purchase cheap goods from abroad rather than support locally made products.

            As for the intention of the virus: if it was intentionally released China has had a long interest in waging economic war on the west. If their economy recovers more quickly than the US they will have a leg up. I remember reading a paper leaked by a Chinese general back in the 90’s who proclaimed that WW3 wouldn’t be fought with bullets, rather it would be fought with economics.

            • This is a well articulated thought, and response to a heavily controlled narrative.

              Yes. It encourages a dialogue , instead of shutting it down.

              We need more people who can articulate at this frequency if we expect to maintain civility among friends and foes alike.



            • Do you purposefully ignore real news to defy any logic?

              Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus.


              • Are you a virologist?

              • “Experts know the new coronavirus is not a bioweapon. They disagree on whether it could have leaked from a research lab”

                “Professor Richard Ebright of Rutgers University’s Waksman Institute of Microbiology, a biosecurity expert who has been speaking out on lab safety since the early 2000s, does agree with the Nature Medicine authors’ argument that the new coronavirus wasn’t purposefully manipulated by humans, calling their arguments on this score strong. Ebright helped The Washington Post debunk a claim that the COVID-19 outbreak can somehow be tied to bioweapons activity, a conspiracy theory that’s been promoted or endorsed by the likes of US Sen. Tom Cotton, Iran’s supreme leader, and others.

                “But Ebright thinks that it is possible the COVID-19 pandemic started as an accidental release from a laboratory such as one of the two in Wuhan that are known to have been studying bat coronaviruses.”


                • Mr. Rover

                  Maybe the discussion can be less accusatory on the benevolent communists and maybe on,

                  ?Qui Bono?

                  • Medical tyranny man!

                  • $6 trillion going towards fattening certain beneficiaries certainly points the way. Government expansion like we’ve never seen since 9/11 and Fed tied corporate entities sucking up the wealth (read: blood and sweat) of the tax payer… for your saftey, of course.

                • Ebright has sided with the best evidence so far.

                  Try it.

                  • “…Ebright thinks that it is possible the COVID-19 pandemic started as an accidental release from a laboratory…”

                    I make no claims of its orgins but can not discount the potential of it release from a lab… accidental or not.

                    • “…thinks it is possible…”

                      That means absolutely very little in reality

  • Sanders quits the Presidential Race… Stock market goes up!

    He never had a chance.

  • Mayor, anybody can cut and paste. Get some real work done today.

  • The WHO also says you shouldn’t be wearing a mask because they don’t do anything, LOL. Don’t listen to the WHO. It was obvious they were corrupt since the outset of this… I am just surprised it took Trump so long to call them out.

  • 🕯🌳The British Prime Minister like “not my potus ” was saying the same thing since January as well. Both had emergency plans set to them by there own emergency (CDC) response team’s and both shelved them in January. Now look where the British Prime Minister is. 🕯🐸🖖🇺🇸

  • Typical socialist Mayor sucking up the Communists and Bill Gates

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