Man Tased After Refusing to Follow Commands, Says EPD

Man being detained by EPD

Man being detained by EPD. [Photo and video by Mark McKenna]

About 5 p.m.,  Eureka Police responded to the report of a person in possession of a stolen bicycle near 4th and L Streets. When a Eureka Police was questioning the suspects, another individual who was highly intoxicated arrived on the scene.

That individual refused to follow commands, Sgt LaFrance of Eureka Police said. The man was eventually tasered and taken to the hospital.



  • They could simply have handcuffed him and stuck him in the back of their cop car, no? Yes.

    • I know, right?? They should have stopped what they were doing, gave him a back massage, bought him lunch, and had a round table discussion of why he was so upset. If they could understand his intoxicated and aggressive ass.


    • So, a highly intoxicated individual who is refusing to follow commands is going to allow you to simply handcuff him?

      • Probably with a half-dozen cops you could get those cuffs on him. Or, apparently, not.

        • Our tax dollars at work! It takes the entire police force to question a bike theif! AND Tase an intoxicated person! Eureka’s finest at work! I’m so proud! Ha ha NOT!!!

    • I think you all need to put yourselves in the shoes of the police for a moment. And no they can’t always just put an intoxicated person in hand cuffs. This person was combative and refusing to follow commands. He was unpredictable. If they didn’t tase him it probably would have resulted in multiple injuries to the police and this individual. If the police direct you to do something it’s not a request. It’s a command.

    • I’m surprised they didn’t shoot him.

  • HOJ in Training

    Here’s a “shocking” revelation for you…Don’t interfere with police business unless you want to crap your pants and spend some time in the crossbar motel.

    How is that sidewalk allowed to be like that? Is that code compliant?

  • What percentage of bicycles being operated by grown men in eureka are _not_ stolen?

  • Why taser these lowlifes when you’re wearing a gun and have plenty of bullets? Hehe

  • “That individual refused to follow commands, ” easy excuse to use excessive force. The police seem to believe that if they tell you to do something you must do it. This isn’t always true so the term “refused to follow commands” is sort of lame.

  • Is that a Hoya Dunk?

  • The Leo’s are doing their job. At least they show up.

    Thank you for your service.

      Many many years ago when I lived in Redding my ex husband came to my house and attacked me in front of my babies and my niece. My niece called the police for us ! I will be FOREVER GREAT FULL TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR BEING THERE WHEN WE NEED THEM THE MOST

  • Because those low life’s might be someone’s child and they might have a medical condition.

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