Governor Announces More Beds to Treat COVID-19 Patients Being Secured

California Governor sealPress release from the office of Governor Gavin Newsom:

[Yesterday] at the former Sleep Train Arena, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California is making progress in securing additional beds to treat COVID-19 patients and relieve pressure on the health care delivery system. The Governor announced California has already secured up to 4,613 additional beds at alternate care sites and shuttered hospitals to care for an anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients, with even more capacity being finalized.

The state has aggressively planned for a surge in hospitalizations in the coming weeks and aims to add 50,000 beds to our existing hospital capacity of nearly 75,000 beds. At least 60 percent of those additional beds, or 30,000, will come from within existing hospitals, and the state will secure the remaining beds, up to 20,000.

“California has been working closely with hospitals to aggressively expand our state’s ability to treat the coming surge in COVID-19 patients,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “As a result, California is adding tens of thousands more hospital beds, sourcing and distributing lifesaving medical supplies and ventilators, and significantly expanding our health care workforce. This is an all hands on deck effort, and I am extremely grateful to all of our partners in the medical community, the private sector and across government for helping us get this far. All of these efforts will only pay off if we continue to slow the spread of the virus. Staying home will save lives.”

The former Sleep Train Arena, now known as Natomas Arena, in Sacramento is one of several alternate care sites that will provide care for less sick patients, thus allowing hospitals to focus their resources on those with the most acute needs. The state’s alternate care sites to date include:

Eight federal medical stations operating or being set up across the state, each with a maximum of 250 beds;
The former Sleep Train Arena, which has a maximum capacity of 400 beds;
Fairview Developmental Center, with a maximum capacity of 520 beds;
Porterville Developmental Center, with a maximum capacity of 246 beds;
San Carlos Hotel, with a maximum capacity of 120 beds; and
CPMC – Pacific Campus, with a maximum capacity of 291 beds.
Alternate care sites will be staffed using a number of resources, including the newly established California Health Corps. The Health Corps is made up of health care providers, behavioral health professionals, and health care administrators who sign up to work at alternate care sites. They will add to the existing state health care workforce with underutilized and underemployed professionals, and with qualified student, retiree, and out-of-state health care providers.

In addition, the state has leased two hospitals and received a naval medical ship from the federal government as surge facilities:

Seton Medical Center in Daly City, which has a maximum capacity of 220 beds;
St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, which has a maximum capacity of 266 beds; and
USNS Mercy, which has an easily-accessible maximum capacity of up to 550 beds. (Note: USNS Mercy has a capacity of 1,000 bunk beds).



  • More beds to treat a flu?

    To treat a bug that doesn’t kill ANYONE except those that are gonna die anyway?

    Go to your hospital. Show me ONE hospital in america overflowing

    These are the same idiots that brought you 9-11


    • Technically, we’re all going to die. But no…not everyone who dies from COVID-19 was going to die this year, next year, or even 30 years from now.

      A week ago, the first patients were housed in tents. I think that counts as overflowing.

      • Coronavirus’s are real, unfortunately WE are the experiment! I don’t believe everything NBC or fox says. Do as The government says, if we behave, we all get cookies before bed, if not…… well that’s another story in the making. “They” are testing us, unfortunately the jokes on the American people.
        Thank you again kym for keeping us updated.

      • Check your meme:
        The CDC puts US flu deaths for ’17-’18 at 61,000.

        • The 2018 flu season in the US was the most deadly in 40 years, and it happened without physical distancing. No one cared about washing hands, shields were not installed in businesses.

          With physical distancing, we lost almost 2,000 people yesterday alone to Covid 19.

          It’s reckless to compare this to the flu, again, over and over and over.

          Bla bla bla….

          • Up play or downplay however you want. These are just the facts according to the CDC.
            Flu deaths in the USA over the last 10 years:

            2010/11- 37k
            ’11/12- 12k
            ’12/13- 43k
            ’13/14- 38k
            ’14/15- 51k
            ’15/16- 23k
            ’16/17- 38k
            ’17/18- 61k
            ’18/19- 34k

            • Obfuscate as much as you want.

              Did any day of any flu season see a death toll of 2,000 in a day?

              Nope, not even 1,000.

              Not even 800.

              • You’re still not using that word correctly. I only posted hard numbers with no political agenda, only clarity. Politicize the numbers however you want.

                • Ridiculous.

                  Your numbers are obfuscating.

                  How does me making that clear become “politicizing”?

                  • Not “my” numbers. They are the CDC’s. Contact them and whine about “obfuscation”.

                    • It’s your post.

                      It’s you comparing apples to oranges.

                      Not the CDC.

                      Take responsibility.

                      The CDC literally is saying this is no comparison to the flu.

                      Your posts do, though.

                    • And within 4 posts we are back to personal attacks. Which is exactly where every debate with TRB ends.

                      In fact the CDC has a whole webpage devoted to exactly that comparison

                      And summarises by saying “As the flu has been around longer, there are several effective antiviral treatments and vaccines available. Researchers and scientists are developing these for COVID-19, but treatments and vaccines are not likely to be available soon.” When various flus first hit, they caused wide spread deaths too and covid-19 is more deadly AT THIS POINT to individuals because there are no vaccines or treatments but still flu spreads more easily so it still kills a lot of people and has the ability to mutate and restart the spread all the time.

                      There is no conflict between saying it compares to the flu and raising the numbers as an argument for not over reacting- that is their opinion just as yours is your opinion. The debate is what consitutes overreacting, not whether people are stupid for not reacting as extremely as yourself. In fact, if you did have the virus- which is also not proven at this point- you are an example to tally on the side of not bankrupting the country .

              • Numbers…. blah blah blah. 160,000 people die a day,how about those numbers Brian

          • Your so competent.

            The flu season tallys are for a full season.

            There are no distancing measures to avoid it.

            We have only been playing with Covid for 2 months.

            We easily may pass 61,000 dead, and the only reason we may not, is because of extreme measures like shutting down and distancing, which you have lambasted and ignored.

            So, if you’re going to hype something you knock, you better be ready to be called out for it.

  • Thank you Kym!

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