Dr. Frankovich, Humboldt County’s Health Officer, Answers Questions From the Media

“Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich talks about whether picking up takeout from a restaurant is essential for people who can cook at home, what residents should do if they feel sick and the capability to increase testing capacity.”



  • What is being done to screen and monitor flight passengers who come into our county?

  • Was one of the questions:
    Why would Estelle not wear a mask, as the others did, at todays meeting?

  • when are the door welders arriving? i like that threatening video from earlier about how they have the power to keep you in your house at gunpoint

  • Nice to see she finally got some books on her bookshelves!! Did anyone else notice? Not to trivialize but rather to lighten things up a bit…Thanks Dr. Frankovich for your service to our community

  • When they posted the information about if you were on these flights…. they were incoming flights to ACV. I expressed concern z as bout flights going out of here, no one ever contacted me back. From an epidemiology point of view the passengers flying out of here represent potential exposures and spreaders- no one replied- this is how it spreads untracked with travelers.
    I am fortunate so far to have no symptoms but what if…

  • Test Tests Tested = seeing’s the supposed invisible virus.
    We can see this enemy if we only had tests And yes it is turmups fault How people can still follow the (leader) is beyond me

    • O man. Would it kill you to stop spouting what you hear on fake news CNN and actually look into your claim. [edit] do some research. There are tests going unused currently [edit]

      • If you are going to make a claim that is against mainstream beliefs, generally you will be perceived as more credible if you provide a link to where you got that information and if you don’t insult the person you disagree with.

      • CNN is the most trusted news in the nation. if you want lies go watch Trump speak or his puppet Hannity. Fox news during the daytime even questions where these tests are because they can’t be verified to be in existence. and then there is Jared.

  • You find yourself at a leaky old guard station with things you don’t need….

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