[UPDATE 6:32 p.m.] SoHum Has First Positive Test for COVID-19

Below is an embedded video from Facebook. Not everyone will be able to see this but the essential information is in the quoted area below:

KMUD’s reporter Tanya Horlick received this message from Redwoods Rural Health Center,

RRHC’s Board would like us to be transparent with the community. We have our first positive COVID-19 test in Southern Humboldt. All RRHC team members obtained specimens through drive up testing and were wearing personal protective equipment. RRHC’s team is working with Public Health to follow-up with anyone who had direct contact with the individual who tested positive. Everyone in the community is encouraged to maintain recommended social distancing, regular hand washing and other precautions, such as wearing masks. [It’s apparent] our community isn’t insulated from this type of disease.

We are posting something on RRHC’s Facebook soon too. Not a lot of information to disclose to the public due to patient privacy. RRHC will be able to answer questions as we learn more from Public Health in the week to come.

UPDATE 6:32 p.m.: Press release from Redwoods Rural Health Center:

A Redwoods Rural Health Center (RRHC) patient tested positive for COVID-19. The test specimens were obtained by RRHC team members by drive-up testing methods and all RRHC team members were wearing personal protective equipment. RRHC’s team is working with Public Health to follow-up with the individual who tested positive. To our knowledge, this is the first positive COVID-19 case in Southern Humboldt. Everyone in the community is encouraged to maintain recommended social distancing, regular hand washing and other precautions, such as wearing masks. Our community is not insulated from this type of disease. RRHC Boardmember Shiela O’Toole reflected, “This will definitely be a wake-up call for the community and hopefully save people from contacting the virus. We wish the best to this patient and hope they will recover fully.” Public Health is expected to have more information to add to their reporting synapsis next week.

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  • Community minded

    I am so thankful for real transparency and the dedication to our community that Redwoods Rural has shown with this update. We need to hear reality, we need to know that it’s here. We need to stay well! Thank you RRHC and Kym for bringing us this news!

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  • Do we know the trace of how it happened?

    Do we know if this was from travel, knowing an infected person, or just community transmission?

  • If this person happened to have interaction with the public at an essential job, for instance a cashier, would this be disclosed or not?

    • Condolences to the infected. At this point The county might want to re-evaluate what exactly a essential businesses is .Nobody wants to see death reports of local employees . Toy stores, construction and garden shops did not remain open in wuhan China . they remain open here! I guess the Chinese were cautious, while Americans are just cavalier.


      “Do N95 respirators provide 95% protection level against airborne viruses, and how adequate are surgical masks?”

      • The Chinese still have wet markets despite being linked to both covid-19 and SARS, possibly other virus pandemics. And other than the one suspected of starting the pandemic, left them open too.

        They did not shut down everything anyway and only did a drastic quarantine when the virus was expanding by leaps and bounds. And that only in a limited area. Too late for the rest of the world.

        What is with this penchant for cherry picking of items to make the US look bad and the Chinese look good? There is plenty of blame to spread around and the Chinese government has a share of it. If the Chinese government hadn’t suppressed information maybe Chinese citizens would not have gone to China for the Lunar New Year then back to other countries, where they were working,to spread the virus around.

      • Bug on a Windshield

        I read a quote from a doctor saying that surgical masks are just to keep stuff from their own mouth and nose from falling into a patient during surgery. Sorry, I do not have the website location where I read this, I’ve (like so many of us, I’m sure) been reading from a plethora of sources. But, I kinda remember the headline as something like, “Do mask really protect against Covid-19?”

        • A surgical mask and an N95 mask are two different things. Surgical masks do exactly what you described, N95 filter the air you’re breathing.

        • It is true that surgeons wear masks to protect the patient. I used to work in the health industry.

      • Hey I have a roof leak and consider hardware stores to be essential.

  • Help each other gear up with mask and gloves!!

    Umm I just got informed that this person works at the store in redway and that he has tested positive, cuz I’ve gotten all my essential’s there lately instead of eureka, is this true does anyone know’s if it’s true and as a rightful person if you read this and your the one that tested positive and this is true please just come forward so everyone can be aware if they’ve been exposed??

    • This is a touchy situation as in other states patients who came forward received many death threats, for real. It puts more pressure on law enforcement when that happens.

      Lets honor our clinic for being transparent by not spreading rumors or the “i heard” game, no offense intended. Conjecturing helps nothing right now.

      Our medical records are private for a reason.
      Of course the virus is going to show up here, theres a lot of movement between northern and southern Humboldt. And many people who travel out of country for the winter.

      If you had interaction with that person you will be contacted,& Im sure if its someone who works in town we will be told.

      But cmon folks the reason public health is asking everyone to be so careful is we need to assume the virus is EVERY single place you go and take precautions as if you had it.
      It doesnt matter who tested positive, just act as if everywhere you go you are being exposed.

      Ive seen a lot of folks in town with no gloves or protection of any kind, shopping then eating with bare hands.
      This is no joke, they wouldnt be telling us to do these precautions if it weren’t serious.

      Lets hope this person makes a strong and speedy recovery.
      Lets be glad our county is testing a bunch seeing as our peak is estimated 3-4weeks out.
      Lets be as prepared for that as we can.

      • Well said, and thank you for your common sense and calm thinking.

      • This!!!! Well said. Thank you.

      • How can we be told if we had interaction with someone like a cashier? If you go to a gas station/liquor store/restaurant and pay cash and the cashier tests positive later then how are they going to contact everyone who made a transaction with that cashier?

      • Is it your position that medical records are kept secret to avoid death threats?
        Is it also your position that the Megan’s Law Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website should be banned to avoid death threats?
        Is it also your position– that in this Covid emergency information critical to protecting the population from criminally negligent behavior should not be made public? Please consider the economic consequences and needless deaths that are resulting, no?

        CDC should quarantine the spreader and all of the contacts. Taiwan did this and kept its schools open and has only 350 confirmed cases and 5 deaths — American is following your mushy minded example and has 301,902 cases and more than 8100 deaths and our economy is in shambles. Wait until all the cannabus growers return from vacationing all over the world.

    • I just talked to Joedy Lange who works at Redway Shop Smart. She assures me that she has talked to management and no one currently has tested positive for COVID-19.

    • I can actually think of at least four stores in Redway.

    • There is no person at the redway store that has tested positive

    • 1×1000=? As far as I’m concerned, we all have been exposed at some point in the last 4 months…. we are ALL walking Petri dishes. With out tests for the majority of the population all this is is simply theory’s, guesses, and speculations.

  • Thank you Redwoods Rural for your trasnparency, dedication and service to our community!

  • Well that sucks! Here they come! 😷

  • 40 bucks a box for .308 Zombie killers don’t seem so expensive now

  • Thank you Tricky. So well said. We should all assume it’s everywhere and just be careful and cross your fingers. We knew it was just a matter of time. Hang in there friends.

  • Yesterday I had a 20 something person show up at my house to fix something I wanted with no protective gear and no intent to socially distance !
    Asked why, the reply was ” I don’t really think about it ! ”
    Just saying ! So Hum

    • Why didn’t you make them leave!?!?!

    • What the hell did you have 20 people show up to your house in the middle of a pandemic for!?

      • Not 20 people: “a 20 something person”, meaning somebody in their 20’s. You’re welcome.

      • Pissed off Marine

        When you are fighting an enemy you aren’t trained to fight, mistakes are made. It could be your last mistake. If there was, and this is my thoughts, a competent county official that would stay on one side of the fence that could educate folks, that we could practice. Instead, we have a county ” doctor”, and a sheriff not many trust for much. They are over their head for the best drs. Scientists, and labs are working day and night to figure this pandemic out. Covid-2 and mother nature, has mutated into close to a perfect virus for the strain is trying to live. The same as all living things( to surive). The germ does everything to live mutating and clinging to living cells.
        I had a monthly trip to Costco, had to contact the meat cooler with my thighs to reach meat. I stripped my clothes on the porch, washed and changed. We need to find common sense,stay calm, and do everything we can think to protect ourselves the best we can with a level head. Stay save and sterile. Good luck and God bless

      • Pretty sure they were speaking about age

    • Wow that must have been confusing

      YOU called them?! Why didn’t you fix it yourself or do without?

  • The creation of a false epidemic.
    Well worth the time to listen to a logical voice in this sea of hysteria.


    • You are entitled to your opinion and so I’m allowing this. But, the overwhelming majority of experts believe this is a serious issue. As of this morning there are 1,170,000 confirmed cases (lots more likely unconfirmed)worldwide. There are 63,000+ confirmed COVID-19 deaths worldwide. “Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year.” https://www.health.com/condition/cold-flu-sinus/how-many-people-die-of-the-flu-every-year.

      COVID-19 deaths will be on top of that stretching our already thin medical system thinner. And, we haven’t hit peak deaths yet. And we have a vaccine that is developed every year for the flu while we don’t have one for COVID-19.

      • Thr virus is real, but that does not mean I won’t be used to achieve political ends swathed in false pretense. There is a history of politicians using crisis to push through bills for our “safety” that have nothing to do with our safety. The Patriot Act is an easy example.

        “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

        Rahm Emanuel

        • Ty rover. My thoughts exactly. Leaders and military are taking notes, lots of notes. This is just a study, not a pandemic.

        • Yes, the government will use this to consolidate its power. So use your time wisely and educate yourself.

          Examples include. Trump[edit] used covid briefing time to talk about warring with mexico over drugs americans want instead of addressing the reasons americans want drugs.

          Trump[edit] also announced he wants to be able to pick y0u up and not give you a court date or trial.

          And he’s had bill Barr in court to take away the last remnants of your healthcare just as this pandemic means almost every American will have someone they love need the hospital.

      • So your saying 600,000+ more deaths worldwide will come of this “pandemic.” So why isn’t the flu every year considered a pandemic? If the flu is so deadly why aren’t people getting vaccinated? We will all soon be forced to get vaccines from this “fear of God” diocese. If your not vaccinated with proof you will not be allowed to travel or work. You will not be allowed to participate in commerce. Tracked and branded. You won’t have the option of dying free, you will be another number, microchipped, tracked and traced. We the people will will give up freedoms when faced with fear and the .00001% chance of dying. Again, I wonder what the statistics of people dying from this “pandemic “ from suicide, poverty, alcoholism, broken homes, loss of jobs and homes and all out economic depression due to those factors. All of that is a small price to pay for more government control. Yes. 911 was an inside job, we all fell for it, hook, line and sinker. After That day 25,000 laws were put into effect to inebriate freedoms. Wonder how many more will be passed after all this is said and done? Free? I’ll let you decide….

        • Im with ya F.O.K. not that the virus is a false flag but this sure a convienient time to tighten the shackles on us.

      • Kym i still think you could garner some information from listening to jon rappaports reports..

      • Thanks for the link! There is no denying what will be will be revealed. Who can say?

        The as-yet-unnamed virus infecting our exchange-of-information systems is described by Niall Ferguson in his 3-part PBS series. Historian covers information systems throughout history to present. Those suffer from viral infections too, eerily parallel to current crisis.


    • I find better information by watching looney toons and power rangers.

      • Better info....

        I prefer the South Park episode titled “Cancelled” where we learn that Earth is really an intergalactic reality show. Highly recommend it!

        Id believe that over the qanon aryan nation propaganda any day. These are the folks whove said all school shootings were fake too. They do love their guns thats the main premise behind it.

        Hey if you believe it’s not real remember if you or your family gets a fever and cant breathe please dont utilize our medical folks cuz youre just imagining you cant breathe right? Really please dont seek medical attention and stay home so you only infect others like you. Then we’ll see how real it is.


      I have heard an overwhelming amount of information that leads to the same conclusion (narrative).

      Therefore a few questions as to the effectiveness of the heavy response that is changing the landscape of our expectations of freedom and privacy and security.

      Many freedom and liberty minded people will point to what is needed to justify the billions of dollars spent on enforcement of track and trace model for civilization.

      The talk from Mr Rappoport was good perspective from an investigative journalist with 35 years experience.

      He has been a much needed voice in the wilderness.

      Listen for yourself if you can sit still for 2 hours. I promise you might just learn something.

      • He has been a much needed voice in the wilderness.

        No, he hasn’t.

        I promise you might just learn something.

        No, you won’t.

        You would learn more by watching a spider weave a web for 2 hours.

        Rappaport on Newtown shooting:

        Newtown is presented as a television event. From the outset, the mood is funereal. It has that tinge and coloration. The audience absorbs it and wants no intrusion on it.

        This is Matrix programming.

        “Matrix programming” means, in other words, “I’m batshit crazy.”

        • Ok, if you haven’t listened, you are making erroneous statements as to his ability to transmit information to people who can think for themselves.

          It’s irresponsible for you to make statements that remove the need for people to investigate for themselves.

          I’ve done a lot of research and traveled the world enough to know that one person is just a piece of the puzzle.

          You don’t have the right to think for others, nor should you.

          And yes, “watching a spider weave a Web” isn’t for the faint of heart, and will teach you much about the power of observation and clearing the mind, of that nagging desire to always be right.

          Almost Zen.

          • Sid filter alarms are buzzing.

            I know how to tickle your tummy.

            It’s obvious your here to donate snake oil:

            The talk from Mr Rappoport was good perspective from an investigative journalist with 35 years experience.

            He has been a much needed voice in the wilderness.

            Way to throw in his timed credentials. That didn’t get the donation through though, so you backed those up with your credentials:

            I’ve done a lot of research and traveled the world enough to know 

            Ohhhhh. Ok.

            As unresearched non-travellers, how do we simpletons know that the Matrix didn’t program you to sell us a false Matrix program narrative in order to keep us programmed by the Matrix?

            • Dr Shiva


              Some very clear points made from a straight talker.

              • Shitva is an anti-vaccine liar.

                He claims he invented “email”, but he did not.


                V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai is not a member of the MIT faculty and did not invent email. In 1980 he created a small-scale electronic mail system used within University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, but this could not send messages outside the university and included no important features missing from earlier systems. The details of Ayyadurai’s program were never published, it was never commercialized, and it had no apparent influence on any further work in the field. He does not “hold the patent for email” or have a copyright on the word email, though in 1982 he did register a copyright claim covering the exact text of a program called “EMAIL.” The U.S. Government has not recognized him as the inventor of email and he did not win the Westinghouse Science Talent Search for his program. Electronic mail services were widely used in the 1960s and 1970s and were commercially available long before 1980. 

                Gee, if the basis of his personality is based upon a lie, what else do you think he’s not being honest about?

              • Well I’ve certainly heard of MIT, techdirt not so much.

                East meets West | MIT News

                Anne Trafton, News Office
                September 17, 2007

                In the 26 years since he first arrived at MIT as a freshman, V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai has earned four MIT degrees and started two multimillion dollar companies.

                This fall, he will use his most recent degree, a Ph.D. in computational systems biology, and a Fulbright Scholarship to explore one of his lifelong interests: the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine.

                Ayyadurai’s upcoming project is the latest in a series of personal ventures that have spanned fields as diverse as electronic communications, animation and molecular biology. His experience shows what is possible with an MIT education, he says.


                • I really wonder about people that only want you to know about the things THEY present to you.

                  Don’t be afraid to look around at all points of view.
                  Then trust yourself to do what’s right for yourself and others.

      • “Only through the illusion of fear will the vision of freedom be suppressed”

  • Burnt Roach (new handle)

    This virus is already in our areas. There is no doubt about that. More testing, while needed, is only going to show us how widespread this virus really is. Take note of this link if you would like to ease the level of anxiety. There really does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel.


    Many of us may have noted that people in positions of authority, at the local, state, and federal level, have tried downplaying much of the information on this virus. It has been done by politicians everywhere and journalists at the national level. It was done when people were told the masks didn’t really prevent someone from getting it. Now we’re told they do in fact help. We were told certain Covid-19 treatments didn’t work, or needed a blind or double blind study before being tried. Now we know some of them work, and in fact are being used by brave medical personnel even when they are being threatened, as in Michigan. Is it being done because of ignorance, or something darker? Who knows (not the World Health Organization; they only want to kiss China’s ass). But we can do something ourselves, and that is to educate ourselves to the point possible.

    Fear and stupidity are everywhere. Face your fear. Don’t be stupid.

    • Can’t find any information on your Michigan claim. I see the University of Michigan is working to try and develop something like so many other universities and labs. A link to a questionable drug for sale for twenty bucks. Really? There is no evidence that this drug actually helps at this time. It’s still being evaluated and most experts agree it’s no silver bullet.

  • What transparency? No mention of source. Zero transparency from anyone in the county. HSU runs plague buses up and down the state and nothing was done to stop it. Airports remain open. Sheriff makes asinine statements. People go on the air every day making little pronouncements while there is no enforcement. Zero enforcement in Eureka. Clots of homeless everywhere. Arcata police refuse to investigate multiple break-ins. Local shops don’t tell people to stay apart. I have seen older people crowding behind others, so it’s not just the young. Wealthy yachts get to tie up in the bay. Guess they’re immune. When this breaks big in Humboldt who will be surprised? Not me. Maybe Billy Honsal. God help us all.

  • All the out of town land owners are coming back for the growing season.
    Are they gonna self quarantine for 14 days?
    I sure the hell hope so.

    • No, they wont.

      Because they already haven’t listened to their homestate saying to shelter in place by coming out here.

      Most growers are still outlaws, and outlaws can’t be bothered by government requests.

      • Maybe so. But every outlaw ie. black-market unpermitted grower I know is treating this very seriously. Quarantining and then limiting supply trips, spending time around only live-in family and practicing as much distancing w/ co-workers as possible. It’s not just spread to community but even more easily spread to coworkers and the consequent inability to work the project that has them behaving properly. And nearly everybody I know in this business was way ahead of the government on this safe behavior! If they weren’t I helped hip them up to the real threat. But yes- those coming in now from elsewhere need to quarantine- and work solo! Imagine losing half your crew for a month or more in April or May…that could ruin your entire year!

      • Outlaws have a code.
        Criminals do not.
        If you dont get that then you have no right commenting on it.

  • Ya know we can criticize all we want but its pretty pointless right now.
    Do you really think you could do a better job??? Or do you enjoy just sitting and complaining?
    In 1918 the feds made it illegal to be in public without a mask, should we do that?

    If you have something useful to contribute please do.
    Don’t vote for the sheriff next time if you dont like him.
    But let’s be realistic the FAA is the only one who can shut down an airport. Citizens could go occupy the tarmac so nothing can land and the sheriff could choose to not arrest them.
    Asking officials to do things they are not allowed to do makes no sense. Work to alter the system instead, theyre trapped in it too.

    This is an unprecedented event. Everyone’s doing their best. We cant somehow create some amazing medical system here especially when its built onthe faulty foundation of a really poor health care system. When this ends we need to demand better care here.

    But for now lets try to help the systems in place function as well as possible and thank the people trying to do a lot with little resources.
    We are a resilient creative community, we can draw upon that now and write down our thoughts for meetings at a later date, for now it would do us all well to look for the good and expound on it.
    Our county per capita is testing more people than the state or feds.

    We get daily updates from people accessible in our community.

    We have incredible reporters like Kym who are there for us, whom you can email and they get right back to you. Do you know how very rare that is in todays world???? Even having live local djs on the radio is rare!

    So hey look for what works as much as what doesnt.
    That’s how we find balance.
    Please let those putting themselves in harms way know we appreciate them.

    If youre feeling freaked out by feeling out of control try to remember in life in general the only real control we have is over how we react to and act on life.

  • To calm fears & anxiety, try as much as possible to live one day at a time. Use this Time Out to learn personal skills that increase your inner strength & inner power. Breathe deeply any time you feel anxious. Eat simple, nutritious whole foods…make a ritual when you eat an apple a day. Make delicious tacos & quesadillas, frittatas on toast, hearty carrot& cabbage based salads, with added other greens, cheeses, noodles, chicken, any protein.
    Make it a picnic when the weather is nice. Spring is bursting out all over… Most of us will make it thru this thing. We will learn more than we ever have in our lives.
    Staying safe& sane is our new job. Lay back in the sun when it’s out. Be super grateful you live here and not in an epicenter. Donate whatever you can to help out.

  • The pandemic is real

    JON RAPPOPORT Is part of Info Wars, headed by Alex Jones.
    These are the people who don’t believe that Sandy Hook happened, not only didn’t happen but was faked. 26 people, mostly young children were massacred. They are not to be trusted.

    His video is a typical combination of tiny bit of truth, mixed with 99% lies, twisted to his own personal goals.

    This pandemic is very real.

    PS. The Matrix is not a documentary

  • A good neighbor and friend

    Hi I am friends with this person. His test came back yesterday as NEGATIVE FOR COVID-19!! He told me personally and he was home quarantined and was told he is off quarantine now!!!
    I really respect you as you work hard to be honest and respectful. But have you ever heard of HIPAA?? He has certain patient rights to have his information kept confidential like where he works. Once the test is a positive outcome, it is a Public Health matter and they decide what information is pertinent for the general population to be informed about regarding the public safety. Think how hard it will be as he returns and the whole community stares at him or asks personal questions. Yes, I think informing the community a person is positive is a good thing but saying his place is very intrusive for him. How would to have a family go through what he will go through tomorrow. The last thing he said to me was he couldn’t wait go back to work yesterday. Whoever the RRHC employee that gave this information out should be worried, very worried because where he works is personal information, especially in our tight small community where we all know each other. I think saying in the news when someone is found to have a positive result, is wonderful as this makes people realize we are not living in a secure bubble here. People were really trying to follow the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing in Phillipsville this weekend!!! I realize I could be gullible and maybe he was making it all up but he is a quiet good man. I believe my friend told me the truth. He is negative for the Covid-19 Virus. People be kind and respectful to him. He would do that for you if the situation was flipped over. I don’t think he is aware of this story yet. Thank you for listening.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about. No one pointed out anyone’s job. I have spoken to the person who was the first positive in SoHum and her story will come out later.

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