Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich Talks About Why Humboldt County Seems to Have a High Rate of Positive Tests in a New Feature: The Covid Minute

“In this morning’s The COVID Minute, Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich discusses the differences in testing rates across the state and why it seems Humboldt has a high rate of positive cases compared to other counties.”



  • The missing information here is that in all counties, the number of people tested is driven by the number of people showing symptoms. Counties that have tested more per capita, have had more people per capita presenting symptoms.

    The majority of counties did not have a single case of a person presenting symptoms until about the 27th.

    If you think Humboldt is testing a greater number of people per capita because we are more proactive or have better access to test kits, you have a tough argument to support.

    • I would like to know if any of these positive test were people who went to Cannicup in Spain? I know that People from the local cannabis community went to Spain, only to find out it was cancelled due to Covid-19. I believe they flew in from Canada and SFO.

      • They were all growers from westhaven.

      • I guess Canada would count as a country “not flagged as high risk” to fly in from, even if the trip originated in Spain. By my count six of the travel-related cases were in the time frame for returning from Spannabis trips, which would be just shy of 1/3 of the travel-related cases. And five of those six didn’t self-quarantine and started an outbreak.

    • Mendo county was sent incomplete test kits. They had more of a shortage than we did until recently. I think it’s better now.

      That said, I think we’ve had more international travel here. We probably do have more cases.

  • What’s wrong with that so called doctor? Per capita?
    How about simple math: 848 tests given 37 positive.
    I dont care if 5000 or 5 people live here/there.
    Fact: 848 tests, 37 positive
    These numbers suck quit trying to justify your screen time. If we don’t have the resources to test more than 45 people a day, this is going to drag on.

  • The rate appears to be high because they are only testing sick people! Some people with symptoms will be found to have COVID-19 – Simple!

    If they tested everyone, the rate would be much lower, plus, there is a significant backlog of tests which are not completed.

    Same for the mortality rate: If they had accurate data, the mortality rate would be lower.

    I for one am tired of the medical drivel from county authorities!

    People are not staying home, and, nobody anywhere is cooperating. Face masks? Where the fuck should I get a face mask? I can’t even buy TP! The government has mismanaged this crisis from minute one! Welcome to the next great recession!

    I’m hiding at home. My wife is at work, down at the school that isn’t closed, and she is over 65. They are forcing her to come in and contact parents. Why? Because county officials can’t do a decent job of complying with state edicts!

    Unenforceable garbage from the government will not stop this virus, but the warmer weather probably will…

    Get some sunlight, as sunlight kills fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms. Virus is not alive, but, it can be inactivated by sunlight. Don’t forget to take off your clothing!

    Thanks Dr Frankovich, now, please, STFU.

    • lotta wordsworth

      I have forty face masks. Did you need one? I didn’t buy.any of them. I made them.

      Why is your school Open? Like that’s the vector. Seems like you should address your school board.

      Stop yelling at Dr frankovich. She’s incompetent, but not the source of your problems.

  • Also.. It has been provem that folks with the flu vaccine will test positive for corona.m fuckin sheeple!!! Wake the fuck up!

  • Corona dabs bro! Zero [email protected] given to the people that are sick and traveled out of country to suck on a dab rig right when the virus was ramping. Don’t give a shit if at the time it was “low risk country”. Plenty of people stayed home at that time. Plenty of people saw what was about to happen. Plenty of people were on social media discussing the risks and the possibility of getting stuck in another country. Plenty of people also used their brain and started preparing for this and limiting their time in public, way before we were told to. I’m so sorry for those innocent people being effected by the few arrogant, selfish heady dab bros and sisters.

    • lotta wordsworth

      All your judgements and all your anger and you are at risk just the same. It is here in your town. So now what?

  • Thank you Dr. Teresa Frankovich. Finally the the correct terminology of per 100,000 is being used instead of meaningless raw numbers. Unfortunately, the general public’s low comprehension of statistics creates reactionary diatribe.

  • Not enough people taking this seriously. Why are places like the arcata bulb farm, and giant trim operation on West end Rd, gintoli, arcata, open and working in giant petri dishes? Close down for all our life’s..
    !!! Greedy Idiots!

  • drop the musicak please….it is distracting and annoying.

  • Interestingly both Trump and Estelle will probably get a virus bump on the way to re-election attempts…

    • Estelle can’t lose. Trump, probably, can’t either.

      It has nothing to do with any virus, and everything to do with the lack of decent opposing candidates.

      • Over half of recent voters did not vote for Estelle. You are like many math challenged folks, eh?

  • I was at Trader Joe’s a few days ago in Redding and the cashier that rang me up coughed 10-12 times during the transaction. He looked feverish too (flush and sweaty) He handled all my groceries and he also talked a lot to me, projecting his infectious virus particals towards me. These high risk, front line people need to wear a God Damn face mask because they are infecting others ! No disrespect meant toward cashiers.

  • I just want to thank all the NURES and DOCTORS that are at North Country Clinic for always being and sounding positive when the community calls for a question or phone app. I talked to a women today getting me set up for my app. And she was a burst of sunshine.Thank you North Country in Arcata..You are in our thoughts.

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