Supporting [Cannabis] Worker Safety in Ag Operations During COVID-19 Outbreak

cannabis and the coronavirus by kym kempInformation for all agriculture workers that farmers should be aware of from the University of California: (Please wait a minute for the PDF to load)



  • Middle finger of a plant🤣

    • Anyone know what the convoy of sheriffs have been doing out 36? Saturday and Sunday seem driving out. Multiple guys in the truck, doesn’t seem like they are practicing social distancing.

  • 6 foot distance is pure bullshit. That’s for a room with no air movement at all. “Large” repository droplets can stay suspend in the air for hours. 60 feet is closer to a science based protocol than 6 feet.

    We are not imposing science-based protocols because we place economics over lives.

  • “There is no evidence that COVID-19 has been transmitted through food or food packaging.”

    What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. What BS. Is this meant to kill the less bright of our species?

    The dried bud itself should be fine 24+ hours after exposure. The bags OTOH could take 3 to 5 days.

    Breathing on each other or the bag is a liability when transferring ownership… Sterilize the money or put it loose in a paper bag and don’t touch it for a while.

  • What about workers in the Retail end of the grow industry, NHS, HUMBOLDT HYDRO, DAZEYS, ROOT 101, what is management in these businesses doing to protect their employees?
    Are they doing anything? Growers as a whole on the black market dont give a shit about anybody but themselves. Most white market growers are gloved up and taking precautions.
    What can these businesses do to help? Basically only white market agg sales for cannabis farms is essential. Only pet food, plumbing, electrical ect is essential. Are these businesses enforcing essential sales? I bet not. I bet many aren’t even enforcing social distancing.
    Its all about money, nothing more. You a$$holes better give back to your community in a far better contribution than Viral Spread… D$%k Bags

    • You mean the community that was literally built by Cannabis?

    • This is serious folks

      There is starting to be an influx of European s coming into our community to try and get trim jobs. I saw 5 at shop smart yesterday buying a bunch of supplies as if they just arrived and they were speaking I think Italian. Then noticed people speaking Spanish (from Spain not Mexico)
      Don’t know how they got here, but NONE of them seemed the slightest bit aware or cared about physical distancing. Given this pandemic, They really should NOT be here now. Where are they going to sleep tonight? In the homeless camps?
      I know someone trimming for two different black market growers who have big work crews coming in from all over , and they are all in one room together in close quarters., no safety protocols, nothing. That’s some big irresponsible Bullshit

      • Saw the same thing last week, probably a different group. I think they were Italian, Portuguese or Brazilian.

        Not surprised at all about the big growers.

    • I know a “family farm” that hires large a mexican work force from out of the area. There not big on social distancing.not to mention there trim crews. its not just black market. mucha granja no mucha familia

  • I’m so glad you bring this up: retailers are enforcing social-distancing and some are even providing gloves AND sanitary spray at the door.

    Seriously, go check it out yourself and help support the local businesses carrying on while these troubles persist.

    How else are they contributing? Well, they’re still putting food on the table locally.
    Farmers too!

    Why hate on the ganjah-grower? The people of this great Nation want weed and AG=ESSENTIAL

  • I know I am practicing taking what ever measures I can to be safe. As a small outfit, I don’t need a lot of people. I have individual trailers for people to be able to prepare food for themselves. Nobody must get close to work. Big Ag is in Big trouble everywhere right now. Much ag requires lots workers in close distances. Our food supplies depend on it!

    Honestly, I wonder if they have done tests with Cannabis and COVID. When I was a teen, I smoked cigarettes. Yes I did.. and I got extreme chronic bronchitis because of it.. everytime I went to the Dr. he just gave me Codeine cough syrups. So a good part of my high school, I was often jacked up on Sizzar.. Man.. that was a good time.. probably too good. That was the problem. Anyhow, the moral of the story is that the only thing that saved me really was Cannabiss. It helped my bronchitis SIGNIFICANTLY! And I sincerely think it would help COVID patients as well!

  • Hilarious, any type of smoke is bad for your lungs. Smoking weed causes bronchitis. Many pot smokers will develop emphysema in old age. Willie Nelson is a prime example of the long term effects.

  • What about are local employees? They should be taking precaution in their day-to-day lives even when they’re not at work. Very disturbing to see you yesterday as I was in Costco gloved and mask, As I saw one of our local post office employees shopping without gloves without mask and wiping their face after touching items and shopping cart. I called the post office this morning and sure enough the person is behind the counter working. I appreciate the bravery of the people that can work. However they should only work if there practicing safe measures inside and outside work area. Otherwise there’s know service , just spending the virus.

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