Today, March 25: Results on COVID-19 Testing From the County of Humboldt

Humboldt County Public Health Lab Report March 25Press release from Humboldt County’s COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Daily COVID-19 case report for March 25
Total number of positive cases: 10
Total number of active cases: 9
Total number of cleared cases: 1 

Total number of people tested by Public Health Laboratory: 154 

Total number of people tested by all other sources: 136
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California Department of Public Health and commercial labs)

The Public Health Laboratory currently has a capacity of approximately 525 tests and can process about 30 samples a day with an approximate turnaround time of 48 hours.

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  • Jee Rheinschmidt

    Why don’t you POST THE NUMBER OF VERY SICK , COUGHING PEOPLE, who were turned away from Hospitals,and their own Dr. offices? Then sent to parking lots to be tested , even over 70 yr old seniors, sick since middle of Feb…turned down and not tested…?
    How many sick people.actual symptoms, were turned away, denied test, just sent home…? That might be
    an honest,truthful even if the were horribly sick at home but in their way to better, but can’t stop coughing.. a test just to see who got it but might be they could warn their family to really quarantine…this would be a HONEST set if numbers…

    • No one has had tests until recently until not and even now they’re limited. Are you r******d? Humboldt doesn’t have enough medical aid as is. Take a chill pill [edit]

  • This is the questionaire at mad river hosp today. Near the lab. Notice the part about: were you on any of these flights?

    • Thank you for supplying this questionnaire to us! I have been shocked and frustrated at the complete lack of forthcoming accurate information from the media and public health agencies. I understand HIPA and privacy but this is a contagious disease that has millions of people “sheltering-in-place’ and we deserve better information!! Okay- there is a reason that the protocol for getting a test is so strict. We do not have many tests! And there is a reason for that but it is a bad one- CDC refusing help and allowing the WHO to distribute raw testing material to other countries until the supply was exhausted. And here we are in hell…An inadequate supply of tests leads to strict protocol in allowing them which leads to an inability to track spread and protect our community. The numbers posted daily bear little relevance to what is actually happening on the streets….
      The questionnaire above has some answers circled “No”. That’s why you do not get a test. You need to be very ill with all the required symptoms or have very clear and direct contact with a proven infected person. (Or be rich or an NBA player but that is another disgusting side issue!) On the positive side- most who exhibit only one or two of the symptoms are not infected. We are all anxious to know and that is normal… Assume you are infected and practice safe behavior. The hospitals don’t want to see anybody until they are ready to be ventilated. There is no medicine for this. Please do not catch it or spread it!!

  • Stay home shop locally. Avoid big box stores and Eureka

  • It’s already on record that the flu vaccine for this season was in fact not very effective, and it was often a high fever illness with a resulting cough for a long while afterwards. Covid 19 has an incubation period range, with a fairly clear ‘average’ time to symptom emergence. All that information was well known by late January/early February.
    Counting back to symptoms, and having that information available when phoning a doctor, might be helpful in saving an unnecessary trip either as a potential carrier, or taking the risk to be infected. It’s alarming how many people already don’t take precautions when clearly ill for anything, therefore whether seasonal flu or Covid-19, going out and about is ill advised. Having said that, and knowing every single piece of information now – clearly and simply explained by experts – look at how many people are out and about with their kids crowding stores, not using the wipes provided, and driving in and out of areas with no restrictions. Maybe, once this is over, seemingly unpopular basic principles such as using hot water and soap to wash hands, following and enforcing basic fever/vomiting/rash/sore throat practices will become part of the lexicon of life. As a little kid we were stood in line in our Victorian era constructed school to wash our hands under supervision before we ate. That wait seemed interminable, but it was the right thing whether I liked it or not. There was always hot water and soap – not something my children experienced in local schools regardless of complaints.

  • Glad too no we won’t have too worry about trimigants bringing in the desease. All growers here are responsible and won’t be exploiting them. You’re dope can’t be sold anyway with the shelter in place order from the right wing govenor. Don’t bring the corvid 29 virus into the boonies.

  • morning shopper

    Safeway in fortuna has 0600 to 0900 for elderly and at risk hours Tues & Thurs. I went in at 0630. Not many customers. Lines were short with little waiting… maybe 1 minute. They gave free paper or plastic bags and the self check out line was closed. They cannot touch your self-provided grocery bags, but you can bag your own using your bags. Social distancing was in place. In and out quickly. Most of the activity was employees stocking shelves. Bleach and cleanser… none. TPaper…none. Tortillas… none. Dry beans… almost none. Fresh produce 100% Dairy and meat looked 100%. Frozen foods looked full. Eggs fully stocked. Bread 60%. Organic bread isle looked pretty much 80%. Everyone is trying the best they can. Carts are outside. There was a sanitizer wipe dispenser when I went in. It was gone when I exited.

    Bring your own sanitizer. I bring a spritzer of vodka. Wear yard shoes to the store, not to be worn in the house. Removed my trousers and jacket… into the washing machine. Groceries stored in a second room/refer for a couple of days… paranoid and hoping germs die in a couple of days before transferring the groceries to the house.

    Wet soapy rag in a plastic bag in the car for hand cleaning before driving home.

    In summary… wear garden gloves in the store, and consider jeans/shoes/jacket outerwear as “contaminated”, not to be worn into your personal living zone. Walk around on the lawn to “decontaminate” the yard shoes after exiting the car. Have a disposable surface or washable car mat for your feet/shoes when driving. Just my personal program and suggestion.

    I also have some Sporicidin solution used for mold mitigation. CDC shows this and similar products as being good for decor of Noroviris. Not an expert here… just an opinion.

  • oh what a weird place to seek comfort TRB… it must be a weird feeling to be part of the problem and not understand that you are.

  • Johns Hopkins Covid website includes – among a wealth of information – a “Recovered” category. Haven’t seen that much anywhere else:

    Link to resources (at the top of the page):

  • Testing is more widely available now, for diagnostic testing, if you are sick. You need a order from your doctor. In most cases a flu test will be done first. The mass surveillance testing, like South Korea and China are doing is just not possible yet, but save your anger for the federal government. Their dithering, especially by the FDA, guided by our Great Leader’s magical thinking, of which, none of his sycophants dared contradict. The healthcare workers are bravely standing ground while staring into the abyss and their own mortality. Please be less quick to condemn, unless, of course, you are standing in line to take their place.

  • Since March 26 didn’t deserve an update on the 10 (?) infected citizens, I will say the following: No comment means things are worse with more people infected.
    We the little minions shouldn’t be alarmed by the DHHS God Frankenstein’s silence!
    This is the pattern they will follow-life is good with fluffy clouds in the sky-don’t worry-we’ll take good care of you-trust us!!
    Has anyone contacted the TRAVEL AGENCY used by these selfish international travelers to see if more of the richy richy are returning from anywhere out of our country??
    The rest of the world is now the shit hole of infection so why did a greedy travel agency book these trips ,and not have the clients get stopped at the air terminal gate?
    We really need to shut down the entire air lines industry down for 14 days minimum. You’ll isolate the infections in other states and countries. Its NOT cost effective to fly nearly empty planes. Ground’m and save on operation and maintenance. Its logical and cost saving. The Gov is going to give you bailout billions
    THERE ARE NOW MORE THAN 10 INFECTIONS IN HUMBOLDT-JUST BY FRANKOSTEINS NO COMMENT POLICY FOR TODAY. She’s our enemy number 1. She’s our weakest link. Why is she in charge?????

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