San Francisco Says Cannabis Is ‘Essential Medicine’, Allows Dispensaries to Operate

cannabis and the coronavirus by kym kempYesterday, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities instituted an order requiring people to stay home except for essential needs as concerns over the spread of COVID-19 spread. There were long lines at dispensaries as customers and patients attempted to stock up for an extended home stay.

But today, that’s changed.

A tweet from the San Francisco Department of Public Health stated,

Cannabis is an essential medicine for many San Francisco residents. Dispensaries can continue to operate as essential businesses during this time, while practicing social distancing and other public health recommendations.

It isn’t known if the other Bay Area cities have plans to allow dispensaries to remain open. Closing Bay Area dispensaries could increase the difficulty of selling Emerald Triangle cannabis.



  • I was wondering about this. If dispensaries close the black market’s gonna ‘splode.

    • Dope! Dope! I need some dope!

      Never mind food, toilet paper, wine and beer, good wifi!

      I. Need. Some. Good. DOPE!

      Remember, as Fat Freddie and Phineas Freak always said:

      “Dope will get you through times of no money (or anything else),
      Better than money (or anything else) will get you through times of no dope!”

      Marijuana. An essential element of good health!

    • Onceyougoblack...

      Dispensary’s sell black market weed…..

  • I had been thinking, that if i do contract this thing and have a “dry” cough–while supposedly the problem would be a bunch of liquid building up in lungs to drown me–wouldn’t a good hit of expando weed be helpful? Often creates a good, productive cough.
    Do not mistake me for a health care professional! This is just the voice of my own common sense and experience.

    • I saved my son from a vicious asthma attack with one puff. He coughed up about a cup of phlegm and the attack ended.

    • LevelheadedGenXer

      I’ve only been smoking weed about 5 years now. About a year ago I had one of those cruds that circulate the area. Upper respiratory, was all. Noticed when I smoke weed I started coughing up a shit ton of blackish brown crap.

      I freaked out went to the va clinic that day. My primary tested me basicly laughed at me and told me that’s what smoking weed does to you. I guess when you smoke tobacco, the crap sticks to your lungs, that’s why you get lung cancer. Marijuana does the opposite, it is an expelerent, it kicks everything out of your lungs.

  • I wonder how all the “ non essential “ business owners feel about this decision as they see their livelihoods dissolve.

  • And in other states……Alabama ABC Board issuing emergency rule allowing restaurants/bars with alcohol license to temporarily sell alcohol to-go with curbside pickup only.

  • The corona virus is fake, the common flu kills more people.
    This virus is cover for huge deepstate takedown.
    The swamp is draining right now!

    Also, get ready to recive a free 1,000 dollar Trump Bucks.

    Humboldt weed is flying off the shelves.

    Where we go one we go all!

    – Stay Safe and Enjoy the Show.
    – Trust the President.

  • Trim whatcha got, sales are gonna skyrocket!
    That’s what a friend in the biz said. Judging by the lines for herb in the Netherlands id say theyre right 🙂
    A good joint and a funny movie can really help a bad mood

  • It’s all the same. Pharmaceutical companies are always on the lookout for new plants. This is a new plant (perspectively). These plants have properties which help our ailments, and have been used traditionally. The pharmaceuticals just synthesize the beneficial compounds, and press them into pills. Kinda like hash.

  • I now live back in San Francisco after a year and a half searching for Shambhala in Humboldt, ha ha. Cannabis medicine is useful for pain management, maintaining appetite, relaxation and rest, stress relief. For many people who live in this busy city, it *is* essential medicine. Just like it is in Humboldt. 🌲🌲🌲🌲
    *drops mic*

  • If the black market kicks into high gear, more city money will be flowing into our communities. Dirty, germy city money. And all that weed has to be transported, too, along sparsely traveled highways, thus being easier pickings for the authorities. Kinda too bad it’s not legal.

    The Dutch government learned its lesson when they closed the ‘coffeeshops’ this past week.

    In ZERO MINUTES — after announcing closures and people lined-up 2 to 3 blocks to stock-up before that evening’s closure at 6:00 pm — POTENTIAL STREET DEALING HUSTLERS IMMEDIATELY PASSED OUT THEIR “BUSINESS CARDS” TO THOSE STANDING IN LINES IN CITIES THROUGHOUT THE NETHERLANDS!!!

    Monday morning the government called an emergency meeting after City Mayors were in a panic over STREET CRIMES AND DEALING. The closures were called-off. Shops are open, but only for ‘cash-n-carry’.

    The citizens in the Netherlands have been telling this to deaf ears in the government for years.
    Lesson Learned.
    Dispensaries + Coffeeshops HELP prevent illegal dealing.

  • Screw the dispensaries. Typically overpriced dry schwag that only a tourist would let touch their lungs. Some of the worst weed in the country is sold in SanFran dispensaries. The absolute worst is sold out in Needles or maybe its Vegas. Damn that vegas weed is bad. And pricey too. Ran out on the drive home. Ended up throwing it out the window after a throat burn that lasted for hours. Yuck. Havent been ripped off like that since CAMP.

  • sellers beware ripoff on the lose, he drives a 2015 black dodge challenger with colorado plates, white male 5/8 170lbs shaved head goes by the name Mike and says he’s from San fransico, his scam is to purchase a pound a couple times saying his wife is dieing of cancer then wants to make a big purchase and pays for it with one dallor bills rolled up in a twenty and then vacuum sealed. so just be even more careful than normal the greed is growing faster than weed

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