Humboldt Export Kortney Olson Joins Prez Hopeful Tulsi Gabbard For Interview

As noted in the new episode of Humboldt Last Week, physically fit Humboldt County export Kortney Olson recently joined presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard on the Democrat’s new program.

“I am in absolute awe of (her),” Olson tweeted. “Not enough characters to express her freshness…”

Olson is a bodybuilder known for crushing watermelons with her thighs as well as the founder of GRRRL Clothing. She has often spoken at length about overcoming addiction.

Gabbard is an armed services veteran as well as a congresswoman from Hawaii who is currently still vying to oust Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in an attempt to defeat President Trump in November’s presidential election. It is currently unclear how long she will remain in the race.

The description for their episode together: “(They) talk criminal justice reform, breaking through stereotypes, entrepreneurship, and taking a leap of faith.”

This story begins at 4:05 in the new episode of Humboldt Last Week streaming below.

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Episode 165 description: The director of Netflix’s “Murder Mountain” told us he thinks there should be a sequel, COVID-19 prep in the redwoods, Sunset Magazine love for Eureka, the Eel River Valley’s first legal cannabis dispensary is open, a former local did an interview with a presidential hopeful, a Trinidad casino-hotel meeting March 17, teen drinking dangers, Food For People find new temporary digs, Linda Faye Carson reports some stories, and much more.

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  • She would have been the most capable and the most ethical.

    She should have run Indy.

    • Sanders and Yang should have run Independent (or green as well) DNC is for corporate friendly conservatives in blue.

    And apparently also #notyourgym

    And she’s also not a Democrat…just sayin’. Read up before you speak up and stick to crushing melons

  • and just why is Mommy being given the Ron Paul treatment?

    because she is also a combat medic who has seen the price of needless foreign wars of adventure, and speaks truth.

    the Military Industrial Complex cannot allow that.

  • ” …who is currently still vying to oust Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in an attempt to defeat President Trump in November’s presidential election. It is currently unclear how long she will remain in the race.”

    Tulsi Gabbard is not really running for President. She is a DINO who is favored by Putin. Tulsi is staying in the race for the publicity/social media presence before starting her actual dream job—as a Fox News “personality” well-practiced at sniping at Democrats.

    • oh boy, again with the spurious russophobia…

      • Yeah, funny how a few million dollars/rubles changing hands BY THE DAUGHTER OF TRUMP HIMSELF and her hubby make people suspicious huh? Or having Russia help him ‘win’ OUR election? Or taking MILLIONS in cash from foreign governments/powers for his real estate holdings?
        And thats just for starters!
        Let me guess; To you its all fake news and all made up by Hillary in her pedo-pizza parlor, right? All those millions of dollars are really fake, and the phone calls were all about a couple buds hanging out?

        • Wow, the Pelosi parrots are out in force today! Substitute Epstein’s “Lolita Island,” where Billy was a regular guest, for “pedo pizza parlor,” and you’d be closer to the mark. Hillary’s smear of Tulsi as a “Russian asset” planning a third-party run obviously is fake news, just like her smear of Jill Stein. But I honestly wish she would run on a third ticket because it would provide the most in-your-face protest vote ever. I don’t give a flying fuck about getting Biden elected over Trump.

          The total amount spent by the Russian “Internet Research Agency” spent on American click-bait ads was about $100,000 before and after the election, and a big chunk of that was non-political. It was just another cheesy click-bait advertising agency, only run by Russians. But you’ll no doubt keep flogging the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory regardless of facts.

          • Oh boy, your thread-bare worn out dusty dinosaur feeble repeated attempts to deny Trumps overwhelming connection to Russia is pretty hilarious. You even got some Epstein digs in but did you forget all of the photos of TRUMP and Epstein together? You’re slipping. Maybe you should have concentrated on Obamas birth certificate. At this point it seems that everyone knows about Russia’s role except Trumpers.

            • Humboldt Native

              I have seen one or two, more with Bill and Hillary along with creepy Epstein. I like Tulsi. I have a Russian former sister-in-law. Does that make my brother and nephew “Russian assets”?

            • Read the Mueller report, then have a good cry.

    • Riiight, if Hillary says Gabbard is a Russian agent then it must be so. Kind of like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify her vote for the invasion.

      • Buuuuttttt bbuuuuutttt
        Wadabout Wadabout Wadabout
        Anything Trump does is A-ok because

        • She did in fact accuse Gabbard of being a Russian agent. Now she has to own that nonsense, whether you like it or not.

        • Will the fog ever lift? It’s never been that Trump is perfect. It’s that his haters are at least equally bad and frequently worse. The haters keep drawing their weapons but shooting themselves in their own foot first.

    • Michael Paul Goldenberg

      Nice factoid from Hillary Central. And complete bilge.

  • Hope Tulsi runs as an indy. It’ll ensure a Trump victory. Karma for not having started grooming her very early on.

  • She advocated for conversion therapy and was against gay marriage and fought it with her father who supports conversion therapy she is a wacko

    • So we should write off anyone who came from a conservative religious background and once opposed gay marriage? Way to build a coalition. I suppose you’d also be willing to write off the Black and Hispanic voters who voted for Proposition 8 by large margins, largely because of their conservative religious traditions. And that was while they overwhelmingly supported Obama.

      You need a reminder, Bill Clinton signed the “Defense of Marriage Act” and Obama refused to come out in support of it during his 2008 campaign.

  • Ah, yes.poop Francis is currently praying the pandemic away circa1522. The “ thoughts and prayers” crowd is STILL trying to pray the gay away while pushing lgbtqia kids toward suicide. Let’s not forget about the fetuses either!But you, with no job, no affordable healthcare thanks to a moronic pandemic response, GOOD LUCK! And let’s bring on 4 more years of our fellow ‘Mericans taking their white hoods off while we’re at it.”Tulsi’s a Democrat”. Fools will believe anything! And what happened to the republican candidates running against trump?republican primaries? I’m waiting…

    • [edit] democ[edit] wanted to keep their slaves on the plantation (JUST LIKE TODAY!). Republicans FREED the slaves. But of course, you are so uninformed, you don’t even know that. [edit]

  • Typical : “Progressive” [edit] censorship. Try you may, but the fact is : DEMOCRATS FOUGHT TO KEEP THEIR SLAVES. That is a FACT and if you censor that??? That means you are ignorant & A FASCIST PIECE OF SH*T! And if so…. to hell with you. TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028 and so on. You will NEVER win.

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