Public Meeting: Land Use & Design in the McKinleyville Town Center

Humboldt County Seal 2017 featureThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Long Range Planning Division:

Wednesday February 26, 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Azalea Hall , 1520 City Center Road, McKinleyville

Let’s discuss the community’s vision for the McKinleyville Town Center! The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) is hosting another public meeting devoted to the Town Center planning process. Land use and design will be the primary topics up for discussion. What do you want to see in the Town Center area? What’s your vision for the “look and feel” of development? How should the Town Center ordinance address these two important topics? Join us to contribute your ideas.

To kick off the meeting, County staff will present background information and key decision points. Following public comment, the McKMAC will deliberate and make recommendations for the Town Center Ordinance.
A detailed meeting agenda will be posted on the McKMAC web page in the coming weeks.

Visit the Town Center Master Plan web page for more information on the project, including presentations and memos from previous meetings. If you can’t make it to the meeting, click here to contribute your ideas via our online survey.

Please contact John Miller, Senior Planner with the County of Humboldt, if you have any questions:

John Miller

(707) 268-9402

[email protected] hope to see you there!



  • how can it be a town center if it is owned by PICO? to me this entire development is geared towards filling ongoing vacancies in PICO’s existing commercial buildings within the center. I say let PICO do whatever they want with their property but they fund this development 100% with no tax breaks or any other form of public money help. and unless they take down the insult of a wood pole and demolish the existing buildings, the design of the new buildings are moot. this entire project is joke, especially when you know what is going on.

    • haters gonna hate. whats the problem with the worlds tallest totem pole?

      • it will be an awesome addition to whatever PICO builds I am sure. a town made up of white people is known for the worlds largest vertically mounted wooden pole. it think most of the carvings are Hawaiian. so maybe it is a Tiki pole.

  • first off that statement is racist and idiot baiting. next here this is for you again

    • do you know what PICO is and that they own the entire undeveloped area in the photo you have posted. They are the sole beneficiary of this project and they erected the wooden pole. those are all facts and the demographics of McK is public information.

  • When is McKinleyville going to become a city?

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