Eureka Police Department Gives Life Saving Award to Officer Mark Meftah

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Officer Mark Meftah is awarded the Life Saving Award for actions taken while assigned to the Eureka Police Department’s Patrol Division for the period of July 2018. The Life Saving Award is given for the direct saving of a human life by applied knowledge of life saving or rescue techniques in a situation which does not threaten the life of the employee.


Mark Meftah [Crop of a photo from EPD’s Facebook page]

On July 13 th 2018, Officer Mark Meftah, while assigned to the Eureka Police Department’s Patrol Division, was notified of a medical emergency regarding an elderly male adult who was unresponsive at a nearby home. Officer Meftah responded to the scene to assist emergency medical personnel.Upon his arrival, Officer Meftah located the elderly male and determined the subject was unresponsive and without a pulse. Officer Meftah began performing rescue breathing and subsequent chest compressions. EMS personnel were short staffed and requested Officer Meftah continue his rescue breathing and chest compressions while transporting the subject by ambulance to St Joseph hospital.Officer Meftah continued to administer CPR during the subject’s transport. Upon arrival at St. Joseph Hospital, medical staff were able to regain a pulse and stabilize the subject. Officer Meftah was credited with saving the victim’s life.

Officer Meftah’s applied knowledge of life-saving techniques under stressful conditions is a testament to his outstanding professionalism as a first responder which brings credit upon himself, the Eureka Police Department and the City of Eureka.

Awarded… January 17th, 2020



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