Parent Group Meeting in Redway on February 20

Information Flyer from Multiplicity Therapeutic Services:

flyer for parenting group



  • NoGovernmentPlease

    Not a fan of free stuff, but I’m behind this.

  • warning to parents with chronic illness: watch out for all toxic inputs, do not ingest mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, or polysorbate 80. There is no safe amount for consumption. Vaccinations include all of these ingredients and more such as foreign DNA, from aborted fetus, monkey kidneys, even egg and peanut oil. Independent test show glyphosate in all of them. These things are not safety tested with the scientific method i.e. with an inert placebo, the studies are too short to detect latent illness. The World Health Organization talks about post market surveillance which means you are the guinea pig. Doctors have days of vaccine science in medical school and are actually very ignorant on the topic. The 72 shots they have mandated to our children in order to attend school have never been tested for safety singly or as a combined load. Big Pharma is not liable, the doctors and nurses are not liable, you are the one who will be held responsible if you or a loved one is injured.

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