CHP Officers Save Suicidal Subject Near Confusion Hill This Morning

CHPPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On February 15, 2020, at approximately 0235 hours, in the CHP Garberville Area, a Garberville unit encountered a pedestrian sitting on the bridge railing of the elevated bridge over the Eel River, on US-101 just north of Confusion Hill. The officers contacted the subject who was extremely intoxicated and determined he was preparing to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge railing. The officers were able to calm the subject and talk him down from the railing. The subject was acting erratic and became uncooperative, moving toward the bridge railing again. The officers acted quickly, taking the subject to the ground and placing him in custody. The subject was transported to Ukiah Valley Medical Center where he was turned over to Mendocino County Mental Health for an evaluation. No injuries were sustained by the subject or involved officers. Incident command was established and maintained by the CHP. Suicidal subject report by CHP



  • The officers who saved this mans life deserve a metal or something,
    hopefully the man makes a full recovery.

  • Love is all around you

    Thank you CHP officers and whoever made the call.

    In that area I always think of a childhood friend. No one was there to save him.

  • Good on you c h p.

  • This was just after we drove away from my husband’s car accident near there. Probably the same officers. They deserve so many blessings and awards. I’m glad they were there at the right time. They do such dirty work with so little praise.
    … Makes me wonder about the dark figure in the road my husband swerved to avoid too.
    🙏 Many prayers needed for this person.

  • Their medals were made of silver and bronze—ours were made of lead. They wore their medals on their chests—-we wore ours in our chests instead.

  • Was it a local guy?

  • Get ready everybody. Caltrans will demand $1,000,000 to install a safety barrier to stop idiots from jumping off that bridge. Whoopee for the idiots-now the taxpayers have to pay for their negative behavior, AND Caltrans has to cover their ass for designing the bridge WITHOUT barriers. Was there money for barriers in the initial project?????Oh the suspense of stupid!

  • This CHP officer should receive commendation for this heroic act. Thank you CHP.

  • Looks like Valentine’s day did not treat him very good poor guy must found something out dam Valentine’s day anyway good for nothen

  • A big thank you to the CHP officers that saved this mans life. I sincerely hope you get award for your actions. I also pray that the man who was going to jump will receive some much need help with his problem(s).

  • If these heroic officers are not decorated by their department, then the citizenry should do so.

  • A Nurse recently said to me “All lives are worth saving…” I answered “That’s what separates you & I, but Bless those who feel as you do and THANK YOU for saving my ass!” From the sounds of these comments y’all haven’t been face to face with hard times, whether they be from health, heart or thy head, which we all know has all let us down from time to time. Honestly that’s a good thing, perhaps it’s rather a time for appreciation rather than hating…

  • Great job c h p everyone show some love

  • This was a very close friend of mine who has been dealing with alot of pressure and mental illness . Hes a good person who has helped me in my darkest times and talked me out of suicide. He was blacked out drunk and doesnt even recall the incident at all. He has friends and family who care about him and rely on him and now he is sober he is thinking clearly. I thank the CHP who got him to safety.True heroes .

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