Safely Out of the Way?

Damaged safe

Safe with the bottom removed dumped off Briceland Road in a rock quarry. [Photo provided by a local resident]

Is this yours?

A local resident alerted us to a large metal safe located in a rock quarry on Briceland Road known as McKee’s Gravel Pit or the Prairie Pit.

He told us that the safe was “dumped” either on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. He alleged, “There is actually a trail of sheet rock that goes from there to the [perpetrator’s] driveway.”

He reported the safe dumping to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

It is possible that the safe was simply discarded illegally by its owner but the photographer of this one believes it was likely stolen and then broken into.

He told us, “You think a safe is safe and the walls are of thick metal but they cut the bottom out. The bottom is like sheet metal.”

This is not the only case of a safe being discarded in the wildland we’ve heard of in the last few months. These photos were sent to us last November of a small safe located on Lord Ellis off Hwy 299 a little bit.

If the owner of the large metal safe was able to identify it, that might assist law enforcement in their attempts to find thieves in our area. Please consider calling the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.



  • Come on people … that is unsafe disposal.

  • What’s the perps address?

  • I had a safe that the sheriff broke into with a sledge hammer even though the comination WAS WRITTEN ON THE TOP OF THE SAFE.
    So they got nothing, but ruined my safe. No charges were ever filed. I was out of the county for 6 months before & 2 months after this event

    • Really cool story Doggo. Way to swing the story your way. You have had lots of really cool experiences. Can we hear more?

  • Call Harry Houdini. He could open anything.

  • weighty issue here

    • In the area there are a bunch of others, both men and women, who aren’t much or any better than W.H. He’s despicable, but he’s far from unique.

  • That’s a bummer. Wonder what that thing was loaded with? Cash, guns, gold, Rolex, coins, hard drugs, pills, more guns! more cash! Wonder what they got away with. Must have been tough moving that thing no? Only in SoHum is this a bi yearly event. The old saw to the safe and then dumb in the quarry? Why not just cut the thing open onsite? If you have time to move it you got time to cut. You need a Val Kilmer in “Heat” type partner. Someone proficient in welding and larger saws. Could be death by homeowner, jail, or pretty easy money. I imagine the recon would be the most difficult part. Well, my wild days are done nowadays, I leave it up to the kids, they are better at it then we were!

  • What if he forgot the combo to his own safe and figured taking the bottom off would give him access to all his C4,the 6 fully auto rifles and armor piercing/tracer ammo,5 lbs of meth and the trippy mushrooms?
    Sound like an option in this discussion?

  • Not mine but i will pick up and dispose of it properly if it needs to be done

  • I stole that safe

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