Garberville CHP Remembers Officer Thomas R Adams Killed in the Line of Duty

Thomas R Adams

Thomas R Adams

Information from the Garberville CHP Facebook page:

This Saturday, February 15th marks the 9th anniversary of Officer Thomas Adams’ line of duty death. On February 15, 2011 Officer Adams was on duty and was involved in a collision on U.S. 101 just south of the town of Piercy. As a result of the collision, Officer Adams succumbed to his injuries. Officer Adams was 24 years old and had just over two years of service with the CHP. Officer Adams is survived by his father Bruce and his mother Karen; who was also a part of the CHP family, serving as a dispatcher at the Humboldt Communication Center.

Thomas R Adams memorial

CHP memorial

These events rock the law enforcement community and the communities they serve. This memorial was erected at the Garberville CHP office to honor the local CHP officers who have died in the line of duty. A plaque was placed on the memorial in recognition of Thomas, his family and the ultimate sacrifice they made. The portion of U.S. 101 south of Piercy has been designated as the Thomas Adams Memorial Highway and a sign has been maintained there for the past eight years. Officer Adams’ name will live forever on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Officer Adams. You will not be forgotten.

Thomas R Adams Memorial sign

Thomas R Adams Memorial sign



  • Government Cheese

    The thin blue line…..RIP

  • gone too soon, RIP

  • His loss, like that of any bright young person is tragic.
    What is left a mystery is how the accident happened. From the general details and weather, it sounds like he was hot-rodding his CHP car in the rain and lost control. When it occurred, I recall the CHP spokesperson saying there would be an investigation, then………. Never heard what that report showed. Maybe I missed it. If so, and someone knows, fill me/ us in.
    If the accident was as it sounded to be, it causes some criticism of the Highway Patrol’s ability to have those highway tribute signs posted, because, in this case, it may not have been the100% laudable ‘killed in the line of duty’ situation as the tribute implies.
    How about roadside signs for the people killed by police? For our veterans killed by uncaring politicians? There are plenty of people who deserve recognition. And I’m not saying Thomas doesn’t, in some way. It’s just the inequity of the situation.

    • Thin Blue Line Family

      Jesus Christ Radio head !!! It really does not matter does it ? It’s called a accident [edit] … we will never really know why he made that U turn …
      He was killed in the line of duty !!! He was on patrol in uniform, issued car! What more do you want ?
      I got one 🤚 love seeing the road signs with the fallen officers name on it ! That lets me know he was kind enough and trained well in his path he had chosen!!!!
      So here we go with going to the good old blame game …
      The world 🌎 lost a officer that’s day , the Thin Blue Line mourned the death of the fellow officers 👮‍♀️
      May his parents find peace ☮️
      Rip Thomas Adams Gone buy not forgotten

    • It’s not the inequality and you know it. You do this in every article on every thread , the nit picking is endless and unrelenting. It’s so tiring. Are you like this in real life or is this just regular old garden variety trolling to rile people up because you actually think it’s funny to do so?

  • He gave me a ticket for making a u-turn over a double yellow a few days before his accident. I heard he did the same thing in piercy, but wasn’t as lucky as I. I remember the day of his accident very well, raining like crazy that day. He was hit so hard, one of his wheels made its way down onto 271.

    When he pulled me over I thought he was going to grill me, but he was extremely polite and courteous. “Why did you do it? “he asked. I told him no one was on the road and I thought I’d get away with it. He snickered and me wrote a $500 ticket.

    I hope his family has found peace. I thought he was a stand up guy, the few minutes I spent with him that day. RIP

  • Thomas was a beautiful soul. He and I worked side by side for a period of time, allowing us to become aquatinted and become friends. I can only say…he is missed by myself and certainly this world. Rest In Peace

  • This cop gave me a ticket a few days earlier in front of the Redway CHP for not wearing a seat belt. I was wearing a seat belt. When he told me he was giving me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt and I looked down at my seatbelt and then looked at him and said but I’m wearing a seat belt. He said I wasn’t wearing it. It scared the shit out of me. I started crying because I was so offended by his complete lack of judgement and blatent lie. I had just pulled out of Chriss’s flowers and had put my seatbelt on in my parked car before I pulled out. I didn’t know if he was insane or just a complete asshole. It really shook me up. I couldn’t believe what he was doing. I guess he had problems with not seeing a seatbelt when it was there and then a few days later did not see the center line when it was there. He wasn’t doing a Uy. He just wasn’t paying attention. And didn’t he have a head on with another vehicle and almost killed them too? Rookie. RIP.

    • That’s crazy to think of what he did to you
      It’s not fair how so many law men use there power to prove there right when it’s clear that they are wrong. Why couldn’t he just say pardon me I thought I didn’t see you wearing your seat belt.
      It’s very sad that he died at such a young age. But then it’s sad if he was a cop who couldn’t admit when he was wrong and could of caused a lot of innocent folks stress on how there driving record was tarnished all because of a officers own stupid pride. Hopefully other young officers will learn from his mistakes and his death will have reason

  • Adams was repeatedly texting his GF over and over in the rain speeding down the hill. He also caused an injury accident a year prior doing the same thing “texting on his personal phone while on duty”. Get the MAIT report. Saying he was “killed in the line of duty“ Is a bit much. He died at work while violating the law and he shouldn’t have been rewarded by getting a section of highway named after him. He cost the state millions of dollars and hurt many people in his family and mine all because he couldn’t stop texting while driving. He didn’t deserve to die but he caused the accident because he was speeding and texting his GF on his personal phone. Get the MAIT report to read his text messages that couldn’t wait until he was parked. Sorry for the truth. People need to know 9 yrs later.

    • How do you get the MAIT report? Is there a link?
      I read this…”The CHP’s Redding-based Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team, or MAIT, which specializes in accident reconstruction and speed and position calculations, also was expected to arrive and conduct a separate investigation…” in the Press Democrat article that states that Adams appeared to be at fault in this accident:

      • Probably contact the MAIT team directly. I got it because I was the driver of the vehicle Mr Thomas hit.

        • Wow. I’m glad you’re alive! Thank you for posting your first-hand knowledge of this event.
          It must be galling to see things such as this tribute to Adams on the “Officer Down” memorial page:
          “[Adams] was driving north on Highway 101, just south of Piercy in Mendocino County, when his patrol car was struck head-on by a southbound vehicle. Officer Adams died from the injuries sustained in the collision.” Of course that was an early report, but they KNOW that the official conclusion was that he caused the wreck… but they don’t change it and don’t allow any defamation or critical comment on the page.
          I feel strongly that accurate information a.k.a. “truth” should be of the highest value, but instead is becoming an ever more rare commodity.

        • You mean you were the driver of the car that hit him!?!?!

  • Im sorry but i have no respect for this man.. I feel bad for his family cuz it would suck to loose a child but he really went out of his way to harass my wife and then me.. My wife was pulled over near our house bybthis man three times in one week.. The first time he said it was because she was speeding at 68 in a 65 and gave her a warning.. In the process she couldnt find her registration card and he said quote “you have 2 minutes to find it or inmaybhave to arrest you.” After 2 minutes he wrote her the ticket. When she arrived home we found it in her glove box and did the fix it ticket. The 2nd time he pulled her over he asked her where she was going and coming from but gave no reason to why he pulled her over during the course ofbhis questioning.. About 200ft from our driveway.. He then asked for her insuranxe information and said quote “ok im only giving you 20 seconds to find your information this time..” Meanwhile she was 7mos visibly pregnant and she said his attitude was really intense.. The third time she took her phone out when he pulled her over the next day and walked around the car for about 2 minutes with his flashlight on.. It was dusk and she was not feeling great and he said she was agaom going 69 in a 65 and is a hazard to other drivers.. I wish i still had the recording.. He then said “if it were up to me that baby in there wouldnt stay with you it would come home with me. Id turn off thag camera if you want this to go smoothly.” She did because she was scared of this armed goon. She arrived home in tears with a 300 dollar ticket and visibly shaking.. Talk about a piece of shit.. The next day i went to the chp with the video and the captain there said he would “say something.” I emailed him the video clip and two days later i was pulled over near my home by this boy child cop and given a 200 dollar ticket for driving “58 in a 55.” Later that same day i saw him make a uturn ohe 101 and go about 95 between piercy and richardson grove and then pull anothee uturn, follow me til i got off the highway and down the 271 until i got to my driveway. He sat outside my driveway for 40 minutes. Wtf. I decided not to complain anymore because clearly the brotherhood of blue will just fuck with yoh if you di. B.s.s

  • Every time i see that sign i am saddened by the prevalence of BS that’s not only tolerated, but created, by the institutions meant to ensure peace and justice. I’m frankly surprised not to see bullet holes through those signs.
    I am in no way prejudiced against law enforcement personnel, as i believe in a society held together by impartial law, and law means nothing if not enforced. It takes a lot of bravery to put oneself on the line to do that job.
    But this dude actually caused an accident by driving over a very real line. He happened to die. We never did hear what happened to the innocents in the other vehicle. Yet people are celebrating him… again, why?
    He died “in the line of duty”… which is to say, driving his vehicle like a maniac in unsafe conditions, again for no publicly stated good reason (e.g., if closing in on a drunk driver who was already doing more harm than he himself was likely to do). No, for all we know he had a meeting at the donut shop planned… cliche, yes, but there’s never been a more classic scenario for this excuse.
    Of course, it’s sad to his family and friends to have lost him. But creating this ridiculous show of celebration and honor seems to me a pathetic way to try to compensate for the loss. “The less said the better” would make much more sense in this case.
    Drives irresponsibly, in a way that should in no way be an example for the public, dies as a natural consequence, is celebrated as a hero.
    Wrong. Wrong for anyone, but especially for someone whose very job was to uphold responsibility and to ensure accountability.

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