Wind Whipped Multiple Debris Fires in Shelter Cove

Debris fire is Shelter Cove

Wind whipped flames escaped from multiple debris fires in Shelter Cove today, according to Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for the Shelter Cove Fire Department. [Photos and video from Shelter Cove Fire Department]

About 4 p.m. Wednesday, Shelter Cove Fire Department responded to a report of an escaped debris fire in the Telegraph Road area, said Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for the department. But instead of one debris fire, they found multiple fires whipped by the wind into the nearby trees.

“I don’t even know how many there were,” Antony told us.

“If someone hadn’t reported [the flames,] it would have spread,” she explained. “It was so windy.”

Antony said someone “living illegally in a camper, cleared all those trees. Then just started fires at the end of a cul de sac.”

The fires ended up burning approximately 1/4 acre, according to Antony. Shelter Cove Fire worked on the incident for about four hours. A Cal Fire engine assisted them. “All hands on deck for several hours,” Antony said.

Then she added, “It is dry…Everyone needs to be careful…Even if they have a burn permit and even if it is a burn day, they have to use good judgement.”



  • Theses are the kind of idiots we’re stuck with after the green rush. They probably thought that they were doing right. Crap

  • Stop filming and put that shit out…really. Not just sayin

  • Earth Wind And Fire

    Wow, glad that didn’t get out of control. Thank you SCFD guys and gals! You are a cherished part of our community. And to whoever the dumbass was that started the fire “SHAME ON YOU!”

    • Out of town tweeker scum dropping trees and pushing huge amounts of dirt into drinking water creek on a lot that’s not there’s so they can try n grow some black market weed on stolen water supply while endangering a whole community with there stupidity.Smoke some more meth scumbags.

  • Better now than later I say. All the big government regulator types are saving the trees and fires for a big one when it can’t be stopped.

  • Who did this?
    Did they have a burn permit?
    The property owners names??
    Exact location please

  • Western so hum could use a full scale underburn, that’s for sure.
    Harder to get it done with it all bieng private ranchettes and rural suburbs

    So much plastic on the plantations.
    So many castles in the woods

  • Industrial Disease

    “Living illegally” is such an interesting choice of words out of context.

  • 🕯🌳Some of Wades buddies trying to hide evidence. ⚖🇺🇸👁

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