The Ramifications Are Unknown

Ibex Ram by Dan McCauley

Ibex Ram is the first of several new pieces created by metal sculpturer Dan McCauley to be installed in Rio Dell this year.

Dan, the metal man, has a new sculpture up in downtown Rio Dell. Since 2017, he has placed a number of his creations for a time in the lush center divides that offer art and greenery in the town.

Dan McCauly has installed several sculptures there since fall of 2017. This one pictured above went in January 31. “It’s an Ibex Ram boasting a fun personality and giving a smile to anybody wanting to get a picture next to it,” Dan explained. “[T]his is the first of this year’s new selection that’s going to be showing up in the city of Rio Dell.”

See more of Dan’s work here or here:

More on Dan McCauley:



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