Paintings by Steven Taylor, Music by Wynsome Winds at Arts! Arcata February 14th

This is a press release from Stokes, Hamer, Kirk & Eads, LLP:

This is a local event happening as part of the February 14, 2020 Arts! Arcata event.

When:      Friday, February 14, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where:    Stokes, Hamer, Kirk & Eads, LLP — 381 Bayside Road, Arcata, CA 95521

                    Near Union & 7th Streets (7th Street becomes Bayside Road heading toward Sunnybrae)

                    This is a wonderful venue for art with plenty of parking, surrounded by the forest!

Artist:       Paintings by Steven Taylor

Music:      Wynsome Winds (Classical and Jazz Flute)

More:       Food, drink and fun!   All donations for wine benefit the American Cancer Society,

                    Relay for Life Team #32

Contact:   Chris Hamer for information (707) 822-1771

Artist Statement

       The realization that oil painting would transform my life was not something I gave any thought to just a few years ago.

        As can only happen by looking back over many years, a realization emerged through those foggy memories that…… I have always been an artist.

        This observation became clear in a comment share with me by an admired artist and friend; “artists make art for other artists”. The meaning was lost on me until I began to see how this plays out. Artists notice art, they enter a room and see the displayed art or the lack of it. Artists will view their environment as a composition, picking out points of interest in a scene, they will see art all around them while others are completely uninterested or unaware.

         Retiring from a career in carpentry and furniture making gave me time to develop a new interest. Having painted 40 years ago didn’t seem to have any benefit when I reconstructed a broken French easel and began to experiment with the accompanying oil colors. Shockingly embarrassing at first I muddled through to begin to find ways to improve.

         The connection with the scenic outdoor here in the Pacific Northwest is thoroughly amazing and has became a passion. This has helped me confront the frustration of seeing a beautiful setting while struggling  to construct the interpretation of what is captivating in the scene.

         You-tube tutorials  gave way to workshops and the embarrassment gave way to self imposed challenges. Still dealing with frustrations I work to find a personal expression of the incredible environment I find myself in.

         The local art scene here in Humboldt County on the northern California coast is replete with talented artists of all disciplines. I have been fortunate to participate in workshops with notable painters; Kathy O’leary, Jim McVicker, Ryan Jensen, Stock Schlueter and Brian Blood. Additionally I am able to work along side remarkable Plein Air artists who paint together regularly which is a wonderful shared opportunity and a source of much encouragement.

        I now see compositions everywhere. While driving I pull colors from an imaginary pallet mixing hues, setting values. Warms and cools, lights and darks. I pull over to give the view a chance to impact my memory. My phone is filled with reference shots and I’m no longer concerned with failure….there is no failure, only studies in the development of a discipline in the craft of oil painting.   

Steven Taylor


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