Movie Maker Seeking Film/Photos From Cannabis Raids

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Marijuana helicopter feature

Image from a 2011 Cal EMA website. Public Domain.

Greetings, my name is Joaquin. I’ve lived in Humboldt about a decade. I made my first movie last year and am finishing the editing process now. The movie is a fictional account of how the shift to legality in the cannabis world has affected the local lifestyles and culture. It focuses on two central characters navigating the changing times.

Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene where an elder in the community shares a brief overview of the changes he has seen in the Humboldt hills since he arrived in the early 70’s til the present day (note that this character is played by a man who is reflecting his life experience, giving the scene and film added resonance). As he speaks, I would like to overlay his story with some visual images -preferably moving but stills could also work- to match the themes he talks about.

In particular, I’m seeking footage from cannabis raids, either CAMP footage or otherwise. If anyone has footage, photos, etc to share, I would love to connect! I am happy to give you more details about the film etc at that point. Cheers.

I can be contacted at [email protected]
Lex Joaquin Rincon



  • Get in touch with Civil Liberties Monitoring Project.
    Thank you for telling a true perspective instead of some BS “documentary” with the dookie bro idiot.

    I think itd be cool if you could offer a part of the film to the many stories folks have about CAMP.

  • I can tell you how weed legalization has affected the parents at my kids school. They now go on only 2 months of exotic vacations a year instead of 4 . They haven’t upgraded their growdozer or electric car[only purchased to get pgande discount to grow weed]. They also look a bit more haggered from living like normal folks and not the carefree lifestyle of before. Many have left the area and many simply cant leave . Some have gone back to school to try and get a job in another field and some are simply putting off the inevitable of actually having to get a job by going to school.

    • Government Cheese

      Yeeeppp. Some people don’t know how to adapt and change. There’s always the government cheese program. Sign up for welfare, get disability for drug use, do more drugs so you can can get SSI. Get free food and camping equipment every week in redway on Wednesday. When your drug supply gets low, steal sh!it to pawn unpunished.
      You don’t need to grow weed or contribute to society anymore people, let others pay your way and enjoy the golden state and all
      It’s amenitys……. tax free!

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Did they not see the camp footage in the earlier post?

  • Law don’t come up here alone. They always come with at least 2 vehicles.

  • Vote Sean devries for a term

    Yep the greasy politicians and the greedy corporations that schemed with the greasy politicians have stolen nor cals economy and industry. Most The people are left outta work and with little and pops are going hungry and soon to lose there homes.the mega growers all got rewarded for their greed with permits to keep trucking!!!

  • Good luck with this project!

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