Humboldt’s Children’s Author Festival Wins State Award of Merit

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 Members of the 2019 Humboldt County Author Festival Committee sporting  award winning smiles in their Dive Into Reading festival t shirts. CATE honored the Festival with a statewide Award of Merit [photo submitted]

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Author Festival Committee:

CATE (California Association of Teachers of English) has announced that the Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival is the recipient of their annual Award of Merit. The Award of Merit recognizes outstanding contributions toward the improvement of teaching English Language Arts by individuals or organizations who are not currently engaged in the teaching profession.

 The local Redwood Council of CATE nominated the Festival for the award for its many years of dedication to the youth of Humboldt County. In her nomination letter, CATE member Joan Williams stated that “the Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival is special because it is not about individuals; it is about a community and what it can accomplish.” The CATE board of directors voted at their December board meeting to present the Award of Merit to the Festival.

Co-Chairs of the Festival, Becky Giacomini & Linda Lorvig, will accept the award in February at the Annual CATE Convention in Los Angeles. Redwood Council will host a local reception to honor the award recipients later in the spring.

The Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival began in 1975 to bring well-known published authors to Humboldt County and arrange visits to schools to talk with students about their love of reading and the craft of writing, and to reinforce the idea that people create books, and that children and students can also write and illustrate books.Though the original goal was to host a one-time festival, its popularity with children, parents, teachers, librarians, and the general public was such that the festival became a biennial event. The next Festival will be held in October 2021, and the committee has already started planning.

The 2019 three day Festival hosted 25 authors from across the country that visited 60 local schools interacting with over 13,000 students. The Author Book Sale & Signing on Saturday,  held at the Eureka Main Library, was an opportunity for the community to meet the authors and have books signed. All three days are coordinated and staffed by over 100 dedicated volunteers with author transportation, meals, and housing all  funded by generous community donations. For more about CATE and the Humboldt County Author Festival, visit and



  • No doubt these authors are nearly all liberals and therefore these events promote brainwashing of young people into buying the leftwing social agenda. Homosexuality, single parenting, mass immigration, sexual identity politics, etc. etc. fills the reading materials of postmodern education. Such mind control produces the likes of Greta Thunberg and the vile Adam Schiff.

  • This is a great program. My son goes all out every year on his story that he writes for this event and the authors who come up to our school are always very inspiring to him. I have seen the inspiration traveling from the him to the author also. He is just a little boy but he wants to be an author among other things someday and this has opened some doors for him. The positive feedback and encouragement these authors offer our local youth writers is priceless. Whether my boys stories go left-wing or right-wing they are always a pleasure to read.

    • Kudos to your son! Tell him to keep on working at his writing.

    • Humboldt County Line

      My kids love this program yearly at their school and we go to the follow up festival at the library. It really helps expose kids to new book series and gives them more options for reading. It’s also adorable for your kid to meet an author they’re a fan of.

  • Childrens politics

    Everyone’s got an opinion

    • Government Cheese

      the parents probably burn flags and coax there children that is not your president and to kneel at the National anthem while eating government cheese sandwiches. Children don’t know hate, they are taught it. I leave ALL my political ideas and beliefs at the door when it comes to my children. I do teach them to respect the flag and country. That should be a given of any citizen of this free country. My wife will vote democrat. I’m fine with that. My kids might be gay, I’m fine with that. Hopefully they will all Pursue the American Dream and be successful through education, risk taking, hard work and not be reliant on others for there own survival.
      That’s what should be taught to our children.

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