Man Stabbed Tonight in Eureka

Ambulance at the scene of tonight's stabbing.

Ambulance at the scene of tonight’s stabbing. [Photo provided by a local]

About 5:30 tonight, a man was stabbed in the back on Broadway near Henderson in Eureka by a male who fled the scene.

According to the scanner, the victim was taken to the hospital.

An interview with Eureka Police Sgt. Eddie Wilson by North Coast News indicates the victim and the suspect apparently knew each other.



  • Government Cheese

    Evil assault knife strikes again! Wonder if it had one of those black handles? Probably serrated too….

    • Ban knives now! Where’s all the right wing knife nuts who have the audacity to think they have a right to carry a Knife? We need more laws, more government!

    • I think you’re missing the point, No pun intended

    • Ban fully automatic copypasta.

      Every time there’s a shooting, you post this shit. Every time there’s a stabbing, you post this shit. You bitch about socialism but work in a safe gov’t job. You bitch about the war and you bitch about people protesting the war. Your politics are absolute nonsense but you just won’t shut up about them.

      • Government Cheese

        Hmmmm but the left can run there mouth on EVERYTHING related to trump or politics? That’s pretty Hippocratiwcal don’t you think? So? The military is a safe socially funded job? So a firefighter is a safe socially funded job? Working on the side of the freeway with cars driving by you at 60 mph is a safe job? Yep everything trump does or anytime he opens his mouth there’s someone to be little it and undermine it. Yep holy wars are bullshit. I never said I don’t support war protesters. I don’t support whining pink hat propaganda spewing people who are protesting the president’s actions, not the war itself. You want to protest the war that has been going on LONG before trump, be my guest. Ironically, when the democrats win in November ALL protesting and uncredited media sources will stop, no matter what they do. They can abolish rights , continue wars and drag this economy into the dirt, and not 1 pink hat protester will say a word! I hope a democrat wins. Just to show that things will only get worse, much worse. Guess who owns the media? They will do no wrong once elected, all candy coated propaganda and the crowds will cheer with joy to terrorists being slaughtered in the name of democracy. Enjoy your freedom of speech….. while you still have it

        • The most popular cable news station is Fox News. Democrats don’t own the media, oligarchs do. If you consider protesting sexual assault to be borderline treasonous, maybe you should organize a counter-protest. I didn’t see you at the purely anti-war rally at the courthouse last week, but I bet you’ll find a problem with that, too [edit]
          Socialism for me, but not for thee!

        • Yep. Watch out Cheese, your probably next on the Bully till breaking then banning paradigm! Capitalism=Cheap Cheese!

          • It looks like the same sort of mental herpes that’s infected our “just the facts” news outlets has spread to the public. I’m seeing the same festering carbuncle masquerading as communication/information here as I do on just about any and every television infotainment station. How about this? You’re both holding the more correct stance, voting and supporting the more correct candida(prove they aren’t saprophytes and I’ll edit my pun), and at the end of it all, when the time and money has all been burnt away, you can pat yourselves on the back, shrug your shoulders, and know in your tiny heartspaces that it definitely was their fault. Keep exercising those pointer fingers kids! You’re doing a great job.

          • Pointing out bad faith arguments and incorrect assertions is bullying now.

            • It will be when Its realized that your arguments have holes and someone tries to out their opponents Identity.. All in the name of the greater good and “protecting” the minds of the masses. Sustainable Tyranny!. Adgenda 21!

      • J…you just bitch about everything and everyone…cupcake!

  • “the victim and the suspect apparently knew each other.”

    Mighty fine police work there, Lou.

  • Any update on the victim? I was there and called 911. I hope he is ok!!!

  • Any idea of the identity of the victim?

  • I’m glad the knife guy wasn’t a gun guy.

  • 🕯🌳My prayers to the victim but I think it had a repeater blade on it with an extra clip blade,so I think it needs to be banned. 🤯⚖🇺🇸

  • We the people by the people United we stand!!!!!

    Next they’ll be trying to outlaw kitchen utensils!!!! Wheres the theiving, extorting,freedom stealing in the name of the environment ( it’s all right to pollute if you pay them) make knives illegal evan if it’s in your kitchen!!!!

    • Government Cheese

      You can still have knives in California, they will just have to be steel line tethered to your kitchen counter like in prison.

    • California’s murder rate is lower than most states. We’re lower than Texas.

      Maybe the few gun laws we have are starting to work?

      • Ask people in Chicago Illinois how their really tough gun laws are lowering their gun violence?

      • Government Cheese

        Criminals don’t obey gun laws, only law abiding citizens obey California gun laws, which are the strictest in the nation. So I ask you this? How would those murder statistics look if only criminals had guns and the law abiding citizens were forced to turn over there firearms due to fear of someone getting murdered?

        • How would it look if every government employee who bitched about socialism had to find a private sector job? How would it look if everyone who bitched about war protesters had to sign up for the army? How would it look if we communicated entirely through snarky, hypothetical rhetorical hyperbole?

  • Sad reflections on society.

  • Sadly, Eureka has become a bumfest.

  • About 10 minutes after this there were about 10 police vehicles arresting someone at Harris and Oregon st.s. probably the same suspect..

  • I carry a knife since I was a young boy, I was taught to respect it, know should we ban kitchen knives too.

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