Humboldt State Holding Presidential Investiture Ceremony for Tom Jackson, Jr.

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The community is invited to the Presidential Investiture ceremony for Tom Jackson, Jr. The event takes place on Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 2 p.m. in the Van Duzer Theatre. Guest seating and processional line-up begin at 1:30 p.m.

What Is An Investiture?

Defined as the “act or ceremony of conferring the authority and symbols of a high office,” an investiture is an academic ceremony in which a new leader is “vested” with the official powers of office. Held during a president’s first year in office or at the conclusion of the first year, an investiture provides an opportunity to welcome a new chapter in a university’s history and celebrate as a community.

The installation of a new president is a ceremony of dignity with many academic traditions and protocols. It includes an academic procession of delegates from other colleges and universities as well as the institution’s own faculty. Marchers wear the colorful academic regalia of their own institution. Interspersed with musical selections, the event includes greetings from members of the university community.

During President Jackson’s investiture, as with prior ceremonies for CSU presidents, the Presidential Medallion will be conferred. The Presidential Medallion is a symbol of President Jackson’s responsibilities to the University.



  • Listener/supporter

    Please restore the once excellent KHSU

  • Gee. Maybe they will interview him on KHSU so we can get to know him! …..Oh yeah. They cut out ALL local origination programming that served the community. Tom could restore it, but he’s just a tool for outside interests and won’t.
    Please. Prove me wrong Tom Jackson! Show us you truly care about the community! ….Won’t hold my breath.

    • Radio is not the only source of such information. People still read. At least for now. But even if they give up reading altogether, they have already made the choice to use the internet to pick when they want to listen rather than having a radio broadcast tell them when they must listen.

      • Listener/supporter

        Yeah right. We can read the SubStandard😆😆😆

      • Radio is a highly functional, accessible media as a person can multitask while listening. Even drive, cook, lay in bed! And…. it’s doesn’t burn data! Not attached fees to the listener. (Only on the honor system, as a person can afford, and what they chose to give.
        This local resource is irreplaceable!

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