Fortuna Union High District Superintendent Glen Senestraro: Talking About East High

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Once a month, Glen Senestraro, Superintendent of the Fortuna Union High School District will update us on what’s going on in his district.

East High School is a WASC accredited continuation school within the Fortuna Union High School District. East High was established in 1968 and had its first graduating class in 1970. East High serves students who are 16 years or older and credit deficient. In California there are two types of continuation schools: discipline and credit recovery. We are a credit recovery school, our program is voluntary and no student is required to enroll at East High. 

East High’s mission is to provide a safe and nurturing educational experience tailored to students’ unique strengths and needs in order to develop full academic potential for college and career readiness. East High also emphasizes behavioral skills that promote community well-being through mutual respect, compassion and thoughtfulness that encourages global citizenship.

The staff at East High School consists of four (4) full time teachers, a part-time Art Teacher, a Student Support Counselor, a full time bi-lingual aide, a school secretary and a principal. The full time teachers have over ninety (90) years of teaching experience and seventy-two (72) of those years have been at East High. 

East High is more than just a credit recovery school. We promote community involvement and career ready skills for all of our students. We have a robust wood and metal shop program, which has collaborated with multiple government agencies to complete local projects. Our latest project was constructing a fence for the Headwaters Forest parking lot. We are also currently working with multiple agencies to install a disc golf course in Scotia. Our students work with Meals on Wheels each week and go to Hydesville Elementary School regularly to read to primary grade students.

East High invites community members to come and speak to our students monthly. This is our Building Bridges program, where local community members come in and talk to our students about what it takes to be successful in their chosen field or share life skills with our students, such as how to open a bank account or how to file taxes.  

Many students each year choose to attend East High School, so they can graduate early and move forward with their post-high school plan. This allows students to get a jumpstart on their classmates by attending a community college a semester early or joining the military. 

East High is a supportive environment that promotes academic and personal success for all students that need an alternative placement to attain their goals. 

The Fortuna Union High School District’s regularly scheduled board meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month. The public meetings are held in the Fortuna High School Library at 6:00 p.m. and located at 379 12th Street in Fortuna. The current board members are President Charles Ellebrecht, Vice President Seth McGrath, Clerk Carla Diaz, Anita Gage and Jeana McClendon.


Glen Senestraro, Superintendent
Fortuna Union High School



  • 🕯🌳Good morning Kelley and thank you for that information. 🖖

  • East High school at Fortuna is such a great program for students that are not motivated to achieve credits needed to graduate. The teachers work with these students to help them realize that it is possible for them to participate in the program and be successful. Our grandson transferred to East High to make up credits and return to Fortuna High school. After a short time they had a meeting with his parents regarding going back and he spoke up and said, “I want to stay at East High and never go back.” He ended up graduating with his class at Fortuna High. He graduated in June of 2019 and now is employed at a job he loves. Thank you to all at East High, you are doing a terrific job.

  • Years ago I worked as a part time counselor at East High. I was amazed and delighted. The students seemed able, in that community of dignity and respect, to relax into the comfort of self respect and to be open to learning and skill building. They had a tailored academic curriculum, art, crafts, sports, and wonderful shop set-up. The staff were of varied cultural set and ages and personalities so most students found adults they could accept mentorship from. The holiday parties were full bore and fun.

  • Hello,

    Have you commented on the articles and data stating Fortuna Highschool has the highest suspension rate in the state for Native American boys? Perhaps you have and I haven’t seen it yet.

  • A program to promote global citizenship has no place In this country .. it’s all hogwash how do you have a country that sacrificed so many in World War II like at Normandy and then say that we are all global citizens .. What you’re really doing is prostituting our educational system for the Vatican and this first ever Jesuit Pope .

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