[UPDATE] Get Some Free Compost for your Garden from the City of Fortuna Monday

Press release from the City of Fortuna:

public engagementThe City of Fortuna will once again be hosting a promotional give-away for Exceptional Quality (EQ) Class A compost for beneficial reuse as a soil amendment to your property or place of residence beginning on Monday, December 16th and continuing until Friday, December 20th. 

Loading hours will be from 9am to 3:30pm each day at our facility located at 180 Dinsmore Drive. As per the City’s Biosolids Management Plan, the public will be limited to 21⁄2 cubic yards (roughly one full-size pickup truck load) of material per address per year. Small pickup trucks should hold 11⁄2 cubic yards. Everyone will be required to sign a “Hold Harmless” release of liability, when picking up the compost. Drivers must have proper tarps for covering compost while transporting from the facility. Tarps are NOT provided by the City. No pickups with canopies will be loaded by City staff. 

Please use the corporation yard entrance (2nd gate past the bridge) when picking up the compost. Vehicles entering the corporation yard can proceed directly to the loading area by following the signs. If you have any questions, you may call (707) 725-1426.




  • ” Exceptionally Quality Compost” is thoroughly treated sewerage sludge that the EOA has designated safe enough not to need restrictions in use. A master stroke of wording anyway.

    • How is it different than any other manure you’d use in your garden? I know they call it compost, but 💩 is 💩 is 💩. Just because it comes from humans doesn’t make it different than when it comes from any other animal – and yes, humans are animals. It’s just in your mind that it’s different.

      • another guest in the wall

        take a look at your supermarket shelves. dead food, then realize everything else that humans ingest /process that isn’t raw /alI’ve or fresh.

        signing a release should be telling.

        if you want to use your own compost, don’t eat chemical laden food.

        garbage in , garbage out.

        this should be a cause for alarm, and pushback.

        • Aye, and the pharmaceuticals!

          • Its not just pharmaceuticals. Nonylphenol is also found in high concentrations in sewage sludge. NP is a highly toxic endocrine disrupter. Sewage sludge should never be used for anything other than ornamentals, and even then I wouldnt use it.

    • Thanks, but I got enough estrogen running around my house already.

  • Remember all the pharmaceuticals that get flushed? A Lot of them don’t break down, I don’t think I would want to grow any root crops in this stuff. It should be great for shrubs and such just not food crops.It might make your pot taste like shit .

  • hopefully no one breaks one of these permit conditions while using the free shit. this is from Fortuna’s permit

    h. The application of EQ biosolids derived compost material to agricultural lands will meet the following setbacks from staging and application areas:

    1. Five (5) feet from property lines (requirement may be waived when property lines are adjacent to other application sites);
    2. Two hundred (200) feet from domestic water supply wells;
    3. One hundred (100) feet from non-domestic water supply wells;
    4. Fifty (50) feet from occupied onsite residences;
    5. Twenty (20) feet from the centerline of public roads where fields are fenced and fifty (50) feet from the centerline of public roads where fields are not fenced;

    Order No. R1-2011-0032 -8- Conditional Waiver City of Fortuna Biosolids

    6. One hundred (100) feet from surface waters, including wetlands, creeks, ponds, lakes, underground aqueducts, and marshes.;
    7. Thirty three (33) feet from primary agricultural drainage ways;
    8. One hundred (100) feet from occupied non-agricultural buildings and offsite residences;
    9. Four hundred (400) feet from a domestic water supply reservoir;
    10. Two hundred (200) feet from a primary tributary to a domestic water supply;
    11. Two thousand, five hundred (2,500) feet from any domestic surface water supply intake.

  • another guest in the wall

    I think there is a case for eliminating junk and processed food, and the rampant use of pharmaceutical drugs. …

  • Think of all the by-products from human beings metabolizing meth that are still in that stuff. Meth is just straight up battery acid, rat poison, and a bunch of other toxic substances.
    Vegan hippy poop makes good compost but meth addict poop, no thanks.

    • another guest in the wall

      Yes, if we could source the highest quality shit then I’d be happy to use, but this is the bandaid on a gun shot wound. …

      Biosludge is another quiet weapon for silent wars.


      follow the money

    • Jesus Christ, guys. This stuff is tested more thoroughly for heavy metals, bacterial contaminants and other chemicals than commercial soils. It’s safe to use. I’ve been using it for years and I have my garden soil tested. It’s fantastic stuff. It’s as good as anything you can buy, it’s an alternative to burning our waste and its free.

      • Sorry, not sorry..not buying it even if it’s free, Especially if it’s free. That shit is sum serious sus! I might use it for Ornamentals, but maybe not.. 100ft from a residence? Sus..It’s not OMRI…

        • Maybe you should try testing it before you dismiss it.

          • No thanks Biosolid use on lettuce and spinach is a large part of what causes eEcoli and salmonella poisoning across the nation… possibly it could be used on lawns, but it’s still sus!

            • Bullshit. This stuff is tested for bacteria. It’s cooked at 170 degrees for weeks. What you should be worried about is farmers using fresh, uncomposted manure as fertilizer, as is common practice.

              • Lowman, Amy, et al. “Land Application of Sewage Sludge: Community Health and Environmental Justice.” Environmental health perspectives 121.5 (2013): 537-542.
                In-depth interviews with people living near sewage sludge land-application sites. Interviewees describe health and other quality of life problems, as well as lack of support from public officials. “The most commonly reported symptoms were eye, nose, and throat irritations and gastro-intestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea). Other symptoms reported by more than one respondent include cough, difficulty breathing, sinus congestion or drainage, and skin infections or sores.”

                Czajkowski, Kevin P., et al. “Application of GIS in Evaluating the Potential Impacts of Land Application of Biosolids on Human Health.” A chapter in Geospatial Technologies in Environmental Management. Springer Netherlands, 2010. 165-186.
                Using a geographic information system (GIS) and an epidemiological health survey, researchers found statistically higher reports of ill-health symptoms and diseases near “biosolids permitted fields“.

                Harrison, Ellen Z., et al. “Organic Chemicals in Sewage Sludges.” Science of the Total Environment 367.2 (2006): 481-497.
                Summarizes the peer-review literature and government reports on organic chemicals in sewage sludge. While “tens of thousands of organic chemicals are currently in use… sludge concentration data could only be found for 516 organic chemicals.” Identifies the many areas where more research is needed on levels, fate, and toxicity of chemicals to “humans and non-human receptors”. Without this information accurate risk assessment is impossible and sewage sludge application cannot be considered safe.

                Ghosh, Jaydeep. “Bioaerosols Generated from Biosolids Applied Farm Fields in Wood County, Ohio.” Dissertation. Bowling Green State University, 2005.
                Ghosh’s research found that bacterial levels increased after sludge application, then decreased “to control level 13 days after application, except for Staphylococcus aureus, which was highest 13 days after application.” He surmised the increase “might be responsible for reported health problems in nearby residents during the post-application period.”

                Lewis, David L., and David K. Gattie. “Pathogen Risks From Applying Sewage Sludge to Land.” Environmental Science & Technology 36.13 (2002): 286A-293A.
                Lewis and Gattie review the list of known pathogens reported in land applied sewage sludge. They assess the disease risk from these pathogens and point out this risk will be greatly exacerbated by chemical toxins also present in sludge. For example, chemical irritants can predispose skin to infection. Such chemical-pathogen interactions must be taken into account in order to develop science-based policies that adequately protect the public. Lewis and Gattie’s insightful analysis is still valid today.

                McBride, M. B. “Toxic Metals in Sewage Sludge-Amended Soils: Has Promotion of Beneficial Use Discounted the Risks?.” Advances in Environmental Research 8.1 (2003): 5-19.
                Excellent scientific analysis of heavy metals in sludge and their uptake by crop plants. Uptake of metals varies widely between different types of metals and plants. McBride reveals that “several critical generalizing assumptions about the behavior of sludge-borne metals in soil-crop systems, built into the US EPA risk assessment for metals, have tended to underestimate risks and are shown not to be well justified by published research.” McBride advocates a more science-based precautionary approach to toxic metal additions to soils.
                Zhang, Yongli, et al. “Wastewater Treatment Contributes to Selective Increase of Antibiotic Resistance Among Acinetobacter spp. ” Science of the Total Environment 407.12 (2009): 3702-3706.
                Wastewater treatment plants and sewage sludge concentrate both antibiotics and pathogens from numerous sources (e.g. industry, hospitals, homes). “The activated sludge process probably provides a favorable environment with high microbial biomass and selective pressure for horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic resistant genes…” See also: Czekalski, Nadine, et al. “Increased Levels of Multiresistant Bacteria and Resistance Genes After Wastewater Treatment and Their Dissemination into Lake Geneva, Switzerland.” Frontiers In Microbiology 3 (2012). The link between pathogen resistance to antimicrobials and sewage sludge is also noted in Marshall, Bonnie M., and Stuart B. Levy. “Food Animals and Antimicrobials: Impacts on Human Health.” Clinical Microbiology Reviews 24.4 (2011): 718-733.

                Harrison, Ellen Z., and Summer Rayne Oakes. “Features: Investigation of Alleged Health Incidents Associated with Land Application of Sewage Sludges” New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy 12.4 (2003): 387-408.
                Documents numerous reports of health incidents from people around the country who live near sewage sludge application sites. Also documents compliance with sludge regulation at application sites. Reported health incidents ranged from “headaches and respiratory problems to death.” The researchers found that “Compliance with the regulations does not ensure protection of public health.” They suggest that “surface-applied Class B sludges present the greatest risk and should be eliminated.” They also advise reconsideration of land application of Class A sludges. Class A sludges have undergone additional treatment intended to reduce pathogen levels compared to Class B sludges. Class A sludges are tested for 2 pathogens and 10 metals and can be applied to land without restriction.

                Harrison, Ellen Z., and Murray McBride. “Case for Caution Revisited: Health and Environmental Impacts of Application of Sewage Sludges to Agricultural Land.” Cornell Waste Management Institute, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, Rice Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, URL: http://cwmi. css. cornell. edu/case. (2009).
                Published by the Cornell Waste Management Institute, this invaluable report summarizes key issues in biosolid safety and lists relevant scientific papers. These raise concerns about the agricultural application of sewage sludge and its effects on livestock, human health and the environment. New research documents hazards due to pathogens, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, antibiotics (including microban), flame retardants and other persistent organic pollutants. Given the known hazards and risks of land application, the researchers argue current sludge regulation does not protect the public. They discuss some alternatives to land application.

                Stauber, John and Sheldon Rampton. Chapter Eight: “The Sludge Hits the Fan” in Toxic Sludge Is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies And The Public Relations Industry. Common Courage Press (2002)
                Municipal wastewater treatment plants treat industrial as well as municipal waste water. The resulting sewage sludge is thus a complex mix of chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, acids, heavy metals, radioactive material (e.g. from medical use), and human disease pathogens. Journalists Stauber and Rampton investigate the legalization of farmland application of toxic sludge (i.e. as biosolids) and its marketing to consumers as safe organic compost. They uncover a murky story of collusion between local and federal government, EPA, and the commercial sludge industry, including allegations of links with organized crime.


              • It’s maybe tested along the way for only 10 of the hundreds of possible contaminates. Both bacterial, viral and metals. A good, balanced review – https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acs.est.5b01931

      • Ain’t it crazy just how scared stupid everyone is?

        • Cuz heavy metals, anti biotics, meth, and pharmaceuticals are exactly what most are aiming for in an homegrown Organic Garden. What’s crazy is how stupidly accepting people can be.. especially people who think they are God’s gift to the Internet.. playing smart.. but not being clever…

          • another guest in the wall

            One person gets murdered, we need to turn over every stone for the truth , investigate every last detail,

            but biosludge… not so much? !

            Nothing to see here, just sign the waiver and read the disclaimers.

            There are plenty of ways injure, maim, and kill, most of the intelligent psychopaths do it with some sort of …

            *plausible deniability*

            Some people truly will never learn how much we’ve been poisoned in the past, present, and future with the slow dose of toxins.

            Some people have a hard time connecting them dots.

            Cancer and disease is becomimg the new normal, and we have become…

            Comfortably Numb.

            RIP LOU

            • Brighteon is either Russian propaganda to make America dumb again or the work of mentally unstables….

              Hard to tell these days.

              It’s a Vicious cycle.

              • another guest in the wall

                you can absolutely have my free share, Brian, you can’t keep your insults to yourself, can you?

                what say you of the waiver and disclaimer?

                and the science?

                I’d trust someone who has an independent lab and actually doing some research to figure it out.

                all you can do is Blame people for questioning authority, and we all know how prone to mistakes the are.

                like everyone with the best intentions

        • another guest in the wall

          scared stupid about negligence on the part of government officials at all levels, Bryan, where does it end?

          you can spend hours on the Lawson case, and speak your truth about the grave implications of humans getting it wrong, yet you seem to think it only applies to the local community?

          you could be more of an asset, to people asking questions with all that free time you have and stop insulting people for legitimate concerns.

      • another guest in the wall

        Nothing is free in life Jack!

        you get what you pay for.

        • Maybe you should try testing it yourself before you dismiss it.

          • another guest in the wall

            that’s not how it works in this world, they did tests on humans before, with and without consent, and as far as I know, this experiment would be immune from prosecution because they’ve learned how to compartmentalize the human mind.

            it’s called fracturing.

            if I want to use biosludge, it will be my own.

            I think people need to be aware of the science that says people are destroying the planet, so why not help the planet be rid of those who are dumb enough to believe that these programs are not doing all the applicable testing to deal with the massive amount of pollution people call food that come out their backside.

            it’s all you, dig in…

            ***remember how long it took for the research on cigarettes and lung cancer to break free from the scientists and big tobacco… there’s a long list of collusion, and simply put, I’d rather not put that shit on my property.

            the trouble is when biosludge can be certified as organic…***

            • Do you really have so much wrapped up in being afraid of this compost that you refuse to have it tested? There are dozens of private soil testing companies in Humboldt, if you’re only afraid of tHe GoVeRnMeNt. Are you this paranoid about Fox Farm? Wes Green?

              • another guest in the wall

                I’m just aware of the information out there about biosludge.

                I’m an organic food person, and I’d rather just stick with organic food from organic farmers.

                I’d be happy to use my own personal sludge compost, but , as we can probably agree, there’s too much we don’t know, and I don’t have access to a lab nor the local scientists I can trust.

                remember who’s running this county??

                definitely conflicts of interest all the way up.

                why don’t you look into the testing procedures for yourself, therea. I’m not picking up anything that’s not certifiedorganic .

                • Actually the best form of composter is probably one you don’t have to use the compost from and don’t have to empty on a regular basis. It’s highly efficient and can be keyed into indoor plumbing with water. You can use the compost if you want, Or not. And when and if you do, its worm castings. It’s a vermicomposting flush toilet system. Way less maintenance, and easy to build and operate. And the best part, it has nothing to do with gov. Sponsored questionable biotoilets… JFYI


              • there is one analytical lab in Humboldt that is certified to test this shit- NCL. testing for heavy metals is meaningless when it comes to modern shit. there are drugs many people take on a daily basis that require pharmacy techs to wear gloves when handling. most of which have very little long term data.

                • another guest in the wall

                  that’s no accident that if they don’t test for it, then as far as the city is concerned, it’s Class A (bull)shit compost.

                  I’d laugh, but this is going on major production food crops and nothing more dangerous than to trust the government with your health.

                  thanks for pointing out the writing on the waiver wall.

                • What drug are you worried about, that will survive weeks at the bottom of a 170 degree compost pile?

                  • How about flame retardants.. So great!

                    • Which ones? Like I already said, these are things that can be tested for. Why are you worried about flame retardants in this compost and not Fox Farm or Wes Green, who have fewer testing requirements?

                    • ‘PBDEs were detected in every sample analyzed, and ΣPBDE concentrations ranged from 1750 to 6358 ng/g dry weight. Additionally, the PBDE replacement chemicals TBB and TBPH were detected at concentrations ranging from 120 to 3749 ng/g dry weight and from 206 to 1631 ng/g dry weight, respectively. Triclosan concentrations ranged from 490 to 13,866 ng/g dry weight. The detection of these contaminants of emerging concern in biosolids suggests that these chemicals have the potential to migrate out of consumer products and enter the outdoor environment.’

                      ► We report on levels of flame retardants and triclosan in biosolids collected from two states, one on each coast of the U.S. ► We examine changes in concentrations over a limited time period in one wastewater treatment facility. ► PBDEs, several alternate flame retardants, and triclosan were detected in biosolids at elevated concentrations. ► We also report the first measurements of flame retardant and triclosan levels in a sludge Standard Reference Material. ► Our combined data suggest that these chemicals are migrating from consumer products to the outdoor environment.


                      And testing is expensive.. I thought this stuff was supposed to be free? Yikes.. looks like for all the components that have to be tested for, this crap is looking expensive.. If it’s so great, why isn’t allowed in Organic Ag.. oh wait, probably because they did test it and found a bunch of toxic stuff in it.. bad juju.. Maybe there is use for it.. it just won’t be on my property.. The Arcata Marsh is super awesome .. but, this stuff should not be used If your going for that Organic Veggie Vibe..

      • Butt wait.. let me get this straight… soo, the county won’t let you have a clean perfectly functioning out house, or composting toilet.. on large parcels. Proven over years and years safe and effective, and water efficient… BUTT no pun intended.. ok maybe a little cheeky but… the county wants to push largely unproven biosolids on to people to spread on their vegetables all over highly populated areas! Am I the only one seeing the straight irony here? Or is this shit highly hypocritical and fascisly ironic?

  • 🕯🌳Come on its Christmas time everyone likes a little free shit this time of year.🖖🎅☃️

  • Salmonella salad! No thanks!

  • Glow In The Dark Humdum

    Lou Gertenrich wasn’t a fan of biosolids, even had a disease named after him, caught through biosolids exposure….

    That was biosolids then, imagine now with rampant government cover-up pretty mainstream?

    Lou took a hit, way before roundup ready crops and pharmaceutical being mainstream….

    Imagine today’s cover-up?

    To think they complain about septic tanks!

    • RIP LOU

      – you above, as yet another name.

      One commentor is using multiple names on this thread, and others. This commentor has already been banned under 5 names at least.

      When new names are supporting each others most ridiculous comments against all logic, people should be considering that this website is being trolled bigtime.

      It’s a shame that it’s happening.

      This person wants to confuse you enough to be too scared to accept free compost. This is mental instability on display.

      • Internet Mom, someone is posting information I don’t agree with Again! They won’t take my free polluted shit.. Logic only exists if it agrees with me! Why can’t we have more censorship! Wahhh fucking wahhh! So lame what you were allowed to do to Central TRB. So lame!

        • I’ll agree to disagree.

          Let’s not fight about it though.

        • The only person that did something to Central was Central. She made her choice and I got tired of it. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I also want to point out that multiple people ask to have her removed from the comment sections she was destroying a place I worked hard to build up and she was rude about it. I was over it

          • Kym, thanx for all you do in many other ways, but your perspective and my perspective differs on this widely. In my perspective you allowed TRB to dish out a number of personal attacks on her.. continuing to accuse somebody of someone they are not.. An attempt to publicly humiliate them, or doxx them is a personal attack.. Then when she finally dished out dished out a “personal attack”.. she got banned for eternity. She was totally set up… And Kym, I feel like you allowed TRB to break your rules of civility to ban her. That’s not cool either.

            Some people asked you to ban her, some people appreciated her and felt they benefited from her perspective, and also voiced that… I understand she took a lot of your time and energy. Maybe she was annoying sometimes.. I get that.. And I saw that she was rude sometimes… But I would be mad too if someone continued to personally attack me without recourse which you allowed TRB to do. How many very long and exhausting posts has TRB posted? Probably close to Central’s.. TRB also breaks the rules.. he’s not ban, and I am not calling for his ban.. I just think his acts were lame.

            Maybe you could have asked her to limit posting or not spam the blog..I did see her try actually. I get that you have a lot on your plate, and such.. and I could see she overposted sometimes. Maybe we could have all asked her to post less.. But sometimes her post were right on point, and sometimes I did see her try to be very nice to you and deliver praise. I just think that your being a little harsh to ban her forever. Especially since you allowed TRB to break the “rules” to get her to crack. Maybe there are posts we didn’t see, and you did.. IDK But sometimes what you perceive as a personal attack, isn’t exactly clear. Some of my post have been deleted, that I didn’t think were personal attacks, you did.. I am ok with that.. just a little hazy on that sometimes..

            Anyway. Yes this is Drama. If I could ignore it I would.. but that was a lame act for TRB. I am not Against Doxxing certain individuals, when they are hella Evil, I just don’t think Central deserved to be bullied then banned like that.. It was a lame act, all around. I disagree with both of you.. on this course of action… Maybe if you value Anonymous posting Kym.. doxxing should be against your rules maybe. It is a personal attack, on some level..

            BTW, Central seemed rather open as she did invite everyone to her constitutional forums in Fortuna or what ever..

            I see you work hard on your blog, I appreciate that this is your work. Thanks for your participation in Free and open speech like you do, and allowing the exchange of information on the levels you do.. I know it’s not easy sometimes…

            I also have to ask.. did you ban Shak too?

            • I didn’t doxx anything.

              The fact that I was able to figure out Rosa Koire was posting as Central and misinforming readers in a scheme with Dane Wigington was done solely with their comments. They got sloppy.

              Remember it was Dane who impersonated my name.

              Remember it was Dane who posted a veiled threat to me using my photos.

              Remember it was Dane who is using (still) over 12 names to support his ridiculous comments.

              Remember “Sid” ( Dane) admitted to at least 75% of my charges against his name alias scheme. He was/is so sloppy it can’t be hidden by his 12 aliases.

              Don’t twist this into me being crazy and angry. Because all I did was call out the crazy.

              Sorry your a part and supporter of the disinformation clan.

              I’ve reigned in my rule-breaking under one name, unlike Dane.

              You still break rules too. The difference is I dont whine about it. You are.

              • you were so very wrong…

                and you keep thinking you are correct.

                most people don’t care one way or another, but for those who know, know you are wrong.

                What’s interesting is you obviously know the discussion I’m referencing.

                But I didn’t provide a link.

                You must have been there.

                Oh yeah, I already stated that.

                And you obviously were following my posts on the Zoellner thread.

                I called that out there too.

              • Not this again TRB.. geez. So, it’s not cool to pose as another commentor.. But, I think your taking it to far, and Central didn’t do that.. so why come down on her for it.. Like truly..

                Or Maybe you should have some sort of picture to your name TRB so it doesn’t happen again.. Or maybe it will happen less.. That’s one reason I kept my picture..

                . but um.. your comments do seem somewhat crazy and angry halfbaked some Times TRB.. I am Angry about something’s too.. I just try and not throw my crazy on half the web like a spoiled manchild like some commentors do… and try to ban commentors that don’t deserve it.. why be such a drama king?

                I am not seeing the threat your assuming. I think your hyper paranoid.

                I don’t believe that you only post under one name, and I don’t really care, if people follow the guidelines, it shouldn’t matter..

                Disinformation? You are accusing people of being someone they are probably not, without proof.. that’s hyper misinformation.

              • But yet TRB, here you are wining hard about another commentor you disagree with, solely because they don’t think like you do.. not suprised..

            • I broke my arm I don’t have time for this crap. I need to write articles not moderate the comment section. You guys keep away from each other or I will delete and ban you all. Talk ideas not personalities.

              look, I’m hurting. I’m not getting good sleep. And I’ve already lost patience with this whole thing. I don’t have time to parse this out stay away from each other or I will ban and delete you I’m not going back to spending hours on my comment section when I don’t have time to even write articles that need to be written.

          • You finally got rid of Central? Awesome! I might start spending more time here again! I was really getting tired of the constant InfoWars copypasta.

            • Ha.. Hardly a substitution..

              Are you going to tell us about cool things like the Mondragon Corporation.. No.

              Are you going to be the Tea party conservative type who also sticks up for forest defenders.. Probably not..

              Are you going to tell us all sorts of cool stuff about the constitution, and inalienable rights.. doubt it..

              Are you going to try and push toxic government sponsored sewage sludge.. Yes..

              Cause, that’s what’s needed more Linear Thought, that ignores complexity on issues and only looks at one side of all equations…
              Absolutely Basic..

      • another guest in the wall



        this person has only ever wanted people to not blindly accept the future that others want you to accept. you think people should care more about one murder victim than the unknowing ingestion of pollutants by millions. it’s clear that you may want to believe that everyone should disregard a few people who ask important questions, about the health concerns of something we know very little about…long term studies.

        we know you care about your issues, but don’t interject your very fallible belief system into a very important conversation because you don’t approve. there are many people who are concerned about getting it right, and not injuring a generation of immune systems because we don’t have any way to deal with the growing levels of toxins and pollutants in the environment.

        thank goodness for Kyms free speech philosophy.

  • http://sewagesludgeactionnetwork.com/files/Sewage_Sludge_EPA_2009_Toxic_Report.pdf

    This long overdue EPA survey of toxic chemical compounds detected in biosolids confirms that sewage treatment plants do not remove most hazardous chemicals; in fact, treatment often creates new pollutants and superbugs that end up in land applied sludges. The survey tested for only 145 chemicals from 74 sewage treatment plants across the nation and found hormone disrupting chemicals, pharmaceuticals, PAHs, fluoride, and chloroanaline in virtually every biosolids sample. Some samples contained unregulated and inadequately regulated metals at extraordinary high levels. Many of the detected chemicals are toxic, persistent, magnify in the food chain and can damage developing organisms in parts per trillion. This survey as well as the more recent EPA Inspector General’s data indicating the virtual failure of the nation’s industrial pretreatment program– should finally put to rest the myth that current US regulations governing the land application of sewage sludge protect agriculture, human health, and the environment.

    • Too bad you spent money on a book by David Lewis, another documented fraud in your list of links.


      For most of his career, Lewis, now 63, was an environmental microbiologist at the EPA’s lab in Athens, Georgia. In addition to his paid employment, he became active on the side as an expert witness, leading at one point to a complaint to the EPA from a private company that he’d turned his employment with the government agency “into a vehicle to support his private, paid expert witness work”. It may be recalled that one of my revelations about Wakefield was that he’d secretly received huge sums of undisclosed legal money to make a pre-agreed case against MMR, beginning years before his infamous 1998 Lancet paper was published. There was no connection between the pair’s cases, but it’s not hard to see that Lewis, and others whose minds have turned to fantastic conspiracies, might want to exploit one to fuel the other.

      Lewis’s principal expertise is in the potential contamination of agricultural land by harmful sewage sludge. It appears that he was being paid by lawyers to make a case against a firm called Synagro [Synagro report and summary on Lewis] – a company I’ve never before heard of, or had any dealings with. Complaints against Lewis included his alleged misuse of EPA credentials to further what was represented to be his private agenda. At some point, Lewis had himself declared a “whistleblower”. Despite its heroic-sounding quality, this is generally a technical legal issue in the US, often invoked in employment disputes. In fact, it appears that his “whistleblowing” was to make complaint against an employee of lower grade in a different section of the EPA, who took a contrary view over Lewis’s sewage sludge claims. Lewis then alleged that EPA had vicarious liability for this other employee’s conduct. Lewis signed a settlement agreement to leave the EPA, but when the date of its maturity arrived, he complained again. Lewis was represented in his dispute by Stephen Kohn, and generated increasingly long documents.

    • its the chemicals that we are not aware of, historically that are always the problems. at some point we learn about them and all of a sudden its a big issue. the chemical combination part is the grey area, no one could possibly study every random combination. locally, dioxins created by burning various wastes in the conical burners at the mills are our main cancer causing concern. this shit sounds like it has the potential for who knows what. I don’t know enough about hormone altering chemicals but when it comes down to grow dirt, a couple bags of grow dirt at any store sounds better. especially after reading their water board permit waiver.

      • another guest in the wall

        I appreciate the people who were raised with discernment.

        thanks for sharing your perspective.

        this is about the future of our children’s lives.

  • EPA OIG Report. This report underscores the inadequacy of EPA’s pretreatment program, as hundreds of hazardous chemicals discharged by industry into sewage treatment plants end up in treated wastewater and sludge 2014.


    Only major industrial users need to pretreat their hazardous waste before piping it into sewage treatment plants. Instead of requiring these users to reduce or eliminate their hazardous discharges in the first place, OIG is merely recommending some monitoring, tracking, and suggesting that each major user submit the required annual report. Meanwhile, not only priority pollutants, but a vast array of newly identified chemicals of concern will continue to be discharged into sewers and cause biosolids to become even more contaminated.

  • Nanomaterials in Biosolids Inhibit Nodulation, Shift Microbial Community Composition, and Result in Increased Metal Uptake Relative to Bulk/Dissolved Metals. Environ. Sci. Technol. 49 (14) pp 8751-8758. (2015)


    This is groundbreaking research of the adverse effects on plants grown on soils treated with engineered metal-containing nanomaterials (ENM). Unlike previous nanoparticle plant investigations, this research was done under environmentally realistic field scenarios. Biosolids from treated ENM-containing sewage indicated greater metal availability and adverse effects on nitrogen-fixing legumes, relative to biosolids from treated sewage that contained no ENMs. “Results suggest that soil accumulation of ENMs could potentially affect critical ecosystem services, agricultural productivity, and ultimately human well being.”

  • another guest in the wall



    Organic chemicals discharged in urban wastewater from industrial and domestic sources, or those entering through atmospheric deposition onto paved areas via surface run-off, are predominantly lipophilic in nature and therefore become concentrated in sewage sludge, with potential implications for the agricultural use of sludge as a soil improver. Biodegradation occurs to varying degrees during wastewater and sludge treatment processes. However, residues will probably still be present in the resulting sludge and can vary from trace values of several micrograms per kilogram up to approximately 1 per cent in the dry solids for certain bulk chemicals, such as linear alkylbenzene sulphonate, which is widely used as a surfactant in detergent formulations. However, the review of the scientific literature on the potential environmental and health impacts of organic contaminants (OCs) in sludge indicates that the presence of a compound in sludge, or of seemingly large amounts of certain compounds used in bulk volumes domestically and by industry, does not necessarily constitute a hazard when the material is recycled to farmland. Furthermore, the chemical quality of sludge is continually improving and concentrations of potentially harmful and persistent organic compounds have declined to background values. Thus, recycling sewage sludge on farmland is not constrained by concentrations of OCs found in contemporary sewage sludges. A number of issues, while unlikely to be significant for agricultural utilization, require further investigation and include: (i) the impacts of chlorinated paraffins on the food chain and human health, (ii) the risk assessment of the plasticizer di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, a bulk chemical present in large amounts in sludge, (iii) the microbiological risk assessment of antibiotic-resistant micro-organisms in sewage sludge and sludge-amended agricultural soil, and (iv) the potential significance of personal-care products (e.g. triclosan), pharmaceuticals and endocrine-disrupting compounds in sludge on soil quality and human health.””

    • If you are going to post a reference, why post the full text of the reference as well? This wall-of-text debate technique is called “gish-gallop.”
      Anyway, if you think this compost is toxic, there’s an easy way to find out: GET IT TESTED.

      I have; It’s not.

      • another guest in the wall

        it’s not a debate. that was the abstract of the article, with a paywall.

        purpose is to inform where others go blindly into the night.

        what were you testing for?

        that’s the purpose of this thread, to help everyone know that if you don’t know what you are looking for, you cant do anything about it.

        like I said, you can have all you want, I prefer to do the Organic trip.

        maybe we just were raised with a different set of values.


      • another guest in the wall

        “Debate techniques”…

        that’s why we know what you stand for…

        …maybe you just have to have children to understand.

  • Podcast- https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/articles/poop-train

    In New York City, where residents create approximately 1200 tons of sewage every day, this is not an issue to poo-poo—and for 20 years, the answer was a train loaded with our refuse that left the city and traveled 1600 miles out west, where farmers made the best of a stinky situation.

    Writeup – https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/66140/new-york-citys-poop-train

    • It’s definitely an issue, that doesn’t mean we should start heaping it on our food supply! Biosolids are not just human crap, it’s also often comprised of toxic waste from industries who are also allowed to put so much waste in the drain! In Japan they are using it to generate Electricity, and to make concrete.. Maybe that’s a more efficient use for it? Growing Sod maybe? Food supply.. sketchy.. There has even been evidence from the EPA that they tried to cover up how toxic it it actually is!

      • another guest in the wall

        I think that this might help us focus on closing the loop. why on earth do we produce and ingest so much bad food?

        not to mention the fact that everything else that ends up being mixed in with the sewage, that really shouldn’t be converted back to the food chain

        • I’m ok with putting shit on my crops… as long as I know a bit about the source. In the end everything is of the earth and everything back to the mud.

          • another guest in the wall

            from what I’ve read, there’s much to be desired with sewage from unknown sources. I mean people who ingest the worst stuff, and are on birth control and pharmaceuticals…some things can’t be undone. I’m not very trusting of the corruption and lack of transparency, by design in these programs.

            I’m not going to filter more toxins than I have to.

          • And Ullr, not all shit is created equal, especially when it comes to biosolids..
            Lots of unknowns..

            But to each thier own.. I just hope folks understand what may be lurking in the depths of thier gov. Sanctioned compost pile…

            • another guest in the wall

              I think this is simply another layer of the onion.

              Dr Pete Peterson once remarked in an interview that maybe 15% of people can see the behind the veil.

              Bob Dylan famously wrote that we aren’t living under a democracy, we live under (the threat of) violence.

              As DaVinci remarked, once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth 🤔 looking skyward.

              G Edward Griffin had a lecture on the Rings of power, how the real powerful people stay largely hidden behind carefully constructed tax exempt foundations, and trusts, with the pyramid top down control structure. They’ve been refining the process over years and the only thing we truly have the power to say…..

              Is ” Hell NO.”

              @ll the other times, we are dodging bullets like in the matrix.

              ** Fight the power **

              • The absurdity of turning a free compost thread into a Matrix bullet-dodging discussion is not a skill.

                • another guest in the wall

                  I do believe someone called people who have concerns, “stupid! “, and there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, it’s people who insult and ridicule the truth seekers who are the real danger to transparent and an honest discussion.

                  plenty of good information provided by the community and people who want the class A biosolids can use them at home.

                  TRB did the same thing on the Lawson threads. So it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

                  you nailed it Small Fry.

                • Biosolids are also highly promoted in Adgenda 21.

                  Biosolids are a clever way for industries to be able to dispose of Hazardous waste in inexpensive ways. Deeming it eco friendly…

                  Which then end up in the ecosystem and in our food supply. It’s not just industrial waste, it also includes often Biohazardous waste from hospitals. Ironically enough Agenda 21, which, in the 21st chapter, also deals specifically with the final disposal of sanitation residues. Sustainably putting industrial waste in the food supply..

                  I think the absurdity is that SOME people just don’t know their shit.. and want to insist that it’s harmess Compost.. instead of understanding that the gov and industry is actually pawing off toxic waste…

                  • another guest in the wall

                    bring it Small Fry

                  • sf,

                    I’m not trying to force you to use compost or biosolids.

                    But I would like it if you more interested in objectivity – and less in fear-based-opinions.


                    Misconceptions over high levels of heavy metals, other pollutants and potentially harmful pathogens create concerns about the potential adverse impact of land application.

                    Most people lack the technical knowledge needed to understand how nutrients move through soil, the technical issues surrounding potential risks, and the general practice of applying biosolids. It is true that potential exists for toxic materials in biosolids, which are highly variable in quality. Consequently, the EPA developed risk-based standards for controlling the use and disposal of biosolids.


                    A perceived risk is that the biosolids may contain chemicals that are directly toxic in small concentrations or doses. Most pollutants can be considered toxic or harmful at certain concentrations or doses, such high concentrations have rarely been found in biosolids. Common foods or products, such as salt or aspirin, are safe at normal levels but are also toxic at certain high doses. The same concept is true for biosolids (Tables 2 and 3).

  • another guest in the wall

    stop insulting people who want more than your seal of approval.

    there’s a real concern, that is important to discuss, but you don’t need to add insults

    • Perfect example how a certain commentor can run insults.. and nobody else can.

      How was my comment even a personal attack? It wasn’t even close. TRB doesn’t have shit on anyone! That’s a statement not a personal attack.. Accusing someone of somebody they are not IS A personal attack and not a skill either.

      This personal attack thing is just a clever way of running biases! And a clause to kick commentors that are not permited enough or liberal or corporate Democrat enough off this site.. and silence them when they don’t agree with the statice quo!

      Lame.. absolutely Lame and Bias AF!

      • Look, I have limited patience. I’m in pain and tired with trying to get out news with a broken arm and not lose my business that I’ve built for 12 years. So my sympathies with you not liking my decision on deleting a comment and then insulting me –knowing that I’ll leave it up—are non existent right now.

  • Ohh Snapp! I am super sorry to hear about your arm Kym.. That sucks! And I am sorry you feel insulted. I don’t like what happened to Central… and I get super frustrated with TRB’s POV often.. but I can lay down the proverbial hatchet for a while… I respect what RHBB is and want to see It succeed.. my bad for being a thorn in your side at this time.. it sounds like you are going through a lot.. My condolences…And regardless..blessings and healing to you and yours…

    Here is some info about helping bones heal if you need it..



    https://www.algaecal.com/<<&lt; This stuff I highly recommend..

    Just some stuff I have learned take it or leave it.. I take apple cider vinegar to help with absorption of the Calcium

    And also, ground, dried baked, eggshells are actually the closest form of Calcium to ours. It’s an excellent supplement for healing bones..
    JFYI.. Hope you Feel better soon..!

    • Oh, and I almost forgot just in case you don’t know, it’s a good idea to take Calcium at night and not with a multi vitamin for best absorption…

      • Thank you…just when I get frustrated people remind me how kind they can be. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

        • another guest in the wall

          thank you Kym for all that you do, sending you and your family healing energy and compassion this cold and rainy season.

          Winter Solstice is almost here and I hope to watch the sunset and hope for a regeneration and renewal of the hope and inspiration that keeps us moving forward in the darkest hours.

          love and light✌

        • Awhh. YW.. Digital **(hugs)** back to ya! Merry Christmas to you and Happy Solctice! Double down on the thanks for your hard work and dedication! Lots of Healing Vibes your way! Stength and courage to take on the obstacles u are undertaking in your way right now! Peace be with you!

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