College of the Redwoods ‘Blackout Poets’ to Host a Reading Dec. 1

College of the Redwoods Feature

[Photo from College of the Redwoods’ website]

This is a press release from the College of the Redwoods:

College of the Redwoods will present The Blackout Poets (creative writing students from English 32, the poetry class) reading their original poetry from this semester.  The reading will take place on Friday, Dec. 6, at 7:00 p.m. at the Morris Graves Museum (636 F St., Eureka) in the rotunda.


The reading is free and the public is welcome to attend and hear what students are rhyming, rapping, and reading.  The reading of original work will last about an hour.


The readers include Caitlyn Barry, Acacia Beard, Gabriella Caylor, Kai Cheng, John Davis, Claudia Feuerman, Ashlyn Goodin, Jesse Gordon, Michelle Hess, Jeremiah Johnston, Deborah Kearns, Melanie Lane, Nicholas Lewis-Brown, Sydney McDonald, Holly Messegee, Riley Nelson, Amalia Oliver, Alex Thompson,

For more information, contact Professor David Holper at 476-4370 or email [email protected]



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  • Blackout Poets? Is that like Bukowski style stuff where the reading includes cases of
    Beer and Fifth’s of Bourbon on stage during the readings and nobody remembers a single word they said the next morning?

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