Grenades and Weapons Found at Home of Woman Acting Erratically

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Information from Rio Dell Police:

On November 1, 2019, Officers Landry and Mitchell checked on a woman who was acting in an erratic manner.  They located a rifle and a pistol on the woman’s front porch, both of which were unloaded.   An evaluation was conducted and it was determined that the woman should be detained for a mental health evaluation at Sempervirens.

The two weapons were seized and before the woman was transported to Eureka, she gave consent to Officer Landry to search for additional weapons.

Officer Landry located two more firearms, as well as two hand grenades.

The Sheriff’s Department bomb squad was contacted and the immediate neighbors were advised of the situation.

When the bomb squad arrived, they took control of the grenades, transported them to a location on Blue Slide Road and destroyed them with explosives.  It was not possible to determine if the grenades were live or inert before their destruction.

No criminal charges are pending at this time.



  • i have no idea who put those grenades in my house. i love pointing out the grammatical mistakes made by the local law enforcement. it would be the “sheriff department’s bomb squad” i believe, and why do they capitalize sheriff department but not bomb squad?

  • Right to blow off arms

    I mean without grenades, how will we defend ourselves against the King of England?

  • No charges?!? That seems to be the only error in this story!

    • If the grenades were inert then they were legal. That whether they were live could not be determined before they were destroyed would be problematic if not fatal to any prosecution.

  • 🕯🌳I’ve seen laying around people’s houses before, the spoils of war.🤯🇺🇸

  • Plus the article was written by kymkemp not the RDPD.

  • This just in – Major Viictory in Oklahoma

    100s of Oklahoma Inmates Released Monday in Largest Commutation in U.S. History
    Watch emotional reunions at Oklahoma prison where inmates were released
    Nov. 4, 2019
    By Daniel Arkin

    400 inmates across Oklahoma were being released from prison Monday in what the governor’s office calls the largest single-day mass commutation in the nation’s history.

    The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board approved the commutations Friday and forwarded them to Gov. Kevin Stitt, a former mortgage co. CEO who was elected in 2018. The board voted unanimously to recommend that the sentences of 527 state inmates be commuted, with 462 of those inmates slated to walk out of prison Monday and 65 others being held on detainer.

    “With this vote, we are fulfilling the will of Oklahomans,” Steve Bickley, executive director of the board, said in a statement Friday. “However, from Day One, the goal of this project has been more than just the release of low-level, nonviolent offenders, but the successful re-entry of these individuals back into society.”

    Stitt, a Republican, has advocated for criminal justice reform, pledging to move away from policies that have made Oklahoma the state with the highest incarceration rate in the country. At a news conference Friday, Stitt hailed the decision to give 100s of Oklahomans “a second chance.”

    C O M E O N C alifornia state nationals of We, the People!
    What’s the percentage of non-violents caged in CA INC ? <formerly a Republic.

    ~how many “lifers” in The County Warehouse did Downey bend over a Grant for? Send ’em back where they belong. Leave Humboldt County Jail for local criminals (intentional harm to another sentient being =injured party). Murder, theft, rape.

  • Rio dell is going cra cra first a drive buy shooting now this whats realy going on is second street still second second street ?

  • My old stomping grounds

    So what was wrong with the lady is she going to come back down and be ok?,is she getting her guns back? What was the address again? Did she live alone? Ok who was she ?her name? I hope she is ok again.

  • Sempervirens has nothing on this comment section.

  • How can a insane person give consent ? If one needs to be placed on mental watch they should not be questioned without a rep present who is sane . What these officers did is nothing short of raping this woman of her rights.

    • Horseshit.
      She doesnt need an attorney present to get an eval from trained officers when there are guns on her porch and she’s appearing coocoo for cocopuffs.

      She didnt kill anyone, or get hurt. And if sv doesn’t drop the ball (a BIG ‘if!’) she can get the help she needs.

      This was a successful day.

      Thank you Rio Dell Policemen.

  • “It was not possible to determine if the grenades were live or inert before their destruction.”

    Kind of an important detail

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