School by School: What’s Open/Closed in Humboldt

It's complicatedTo close or not to close is a question schools have been grappling with since the Public Safety Power Shutoffs were announced last week.

We’ll update the list as more information comes in but here’s what we have gathered so far.

Kudos to the Humboldt County Office of Education for putting together a document that is easy to understand showing who is or isn’t open. For the latest on Humboldt County K-12 Public Schools, click on this link to their document.

College off the Redwoods: “…will be closed district-wide…Monday, October 28th…All classes and events on the Eureka, Del Norte and Klamath-Trinity campuses are cancelled, and non-essential staff are not required to report to work.

Humboldt State University: “[C]ampus will remain closed and classes will be canceled through the end of the day Tuesday, Oct. 29. There are NO exceptions.”




  • So pretty much every K-12 school is open except for the Southern Humboldt Unified School District schools….. sounds about right

    • Looks like most are open today Laurel Tree is closed
      Keep kids healthy and warm
      Remember this can cause stress and stay connected to kids give extra kindness
      When in doubt wear a bonnet

  • 🕯🌳44 cracked or broken power poles due to the winds. PG&E estimates. Monday October 28th,2919.

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  • In Mendocino County both Laytonville and Leggett schools are closed…. all grade levels.

  • Thank you Humboldt County Office of Education for being on top of your game. All the information you provide is a big help to folks that work at the schools, and the families that have kids attending.

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