[UPDATE] National Guard Joins Local Agencies in Serving 15 Warrants Near Hayfork; Twenty-three Suspects Detained

National Guard helicopter in Hayfork

National guardsman inspecting a helicopter at the Hayfork Airport during an operation this week that eradicated marijuana. [Photo provided by a reader]

During marijuana eradication operations this week, the National Guard joined other local, state and national agencies in serving over 15 warrants in western Trinity County near the small town of Hayfork. According to Department of Fish and Wildlife Information Officer, Janice Mackey, “The operations yielded an estimated 12,548 illegal marijuana plants, 801 pounds of processed marijuana, 15 firearms and $435,875 in U.S. currency…Twenty-three suspects were detained during the operation. Charges will be filed with the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office for consideration.”

In February, newly elected California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he would redeploy 150 of the National Guard troops stationed near the U.S.-Mexico border to expanded the National Guard’s Counterdrug Task Force. This caused consternation among many marijuana cultivators.

So far this year several operations using National Guard troops to eradicate marijuana have been underway outside the Emerald Triangle. The first week of this month, they assisted more than “700 officials from about two dozen state and federal law enforcement agencies” in seizing over 140,000 plants in Riverside County. In late May and early June, operations across Siskiyou County assisted by the National Guard netted nearly 20,000 illegally grown marijuana plants.

Marijuana being hauled to an area to be destroyed.

Marijuana being hauled to an area near Hayfork to be destroyed. [Photo provided by a reader]

This week, the Guard joined officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, as well as a few from the U.S. Forest Service, Trinity County Environmental Health and the State Water Board, in eradicating illegal cannabis grows near Hayfork.

According to Mackey, “Law enforcement officers documented 44 Fish and Game Code violations and 53 Water Code violations. A records checks confirmed that none of the parcels were permitted by the county nor were they licensed by the state for commercial cannabis cultivation.”

Mackey said, “Sites were selected based on their potential threat to the environment not plant count.” She added later, “The eradicated marijuana was destroyed under the guidelines of HS code 11479… at a confidential location.”

We’ve requested more information from the National Guard and the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office but haven’t received an answer yet.

National Guard

One of the many vehicles associated with the operation in Hayfork. [Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE: CDFW press release 7/11:

On June 25 and 26, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office served 15 warrants in the Hayfork area of Trinity County. Support for the mission was provided by U.S. Forest Service, National Guard, Trinity County Environmental Health and the State Water Resources Control Board.

The Duncan Creek and Barker Creek watersheds were specifically targeted due to the presence of critical habitat for winter run steelhead, foothill yellow-legged frogs, western pond turtles and other species. Each watershed had unauthorized water diversions which significantly impacted instream flow and the amount of available resources for these sensitive aquatic species.

A records check confirmed that none of the parcels were permitted by the county nor were they licensed by the state for commercial cannabis cultivation. In addition, none of the sites had taken the necessary steps to notify CDFW, which is a requirement in the licensing process.

“These missions were a highly coordinated effort between local, state and federal entities who worked tirelessly to protect California’s natural resources,” said David Bess, CDFW Deputy Director and Chief of the Law Enforcement Division.

The two-day operation yielded 12,548 black market marijuana plants, 801 pounds of processed marijuana, 15 firearms and $435,875 in U.S. currency.

Forty-four combined Fish and Game Code violations were documented among all grows, which included illegal water diversions, pesticide and petroleum products placed near streams, sediment discharge and garbage placed near waterways. Twenty-three suspects were detained during the operation.

“Trinity County is known for its outdoor activities and its beautiful environment, which should always be treated with respect and appreciation,” said Donna Daly, Trinity County District Attorney. “Those who blatantly damage our county’s natural resources should and will be held accountable.”

CDFW’s cannabis program consists of scientists and law enforcement officers and is a critical component of California’s transition into a regulated cannabis industry. Staff members work with cultivators to bring their facilities into compliance, provide assistance in remediating environmental violations, and facilitate enforcement actions with other local agencies to remove illegal grows. Learn more about CDFW’s role at www.wildlife.ca.gov/cannabis.





  • Here comes the military, as promised. You can not reason with this kind of force, so don’t try.

    Best thing to do , is, convert your cash to gold, and bury it deep! Or get safe deposit boxes…

    Next year, get permits, grow legal, and pay your taxes…

    • They won’t let us have licenses. We have tried and they said no, you can all be criminals instead

      • Same here Trinity co told me I couldn’t get a license they change the requirements all the time and don’t tell anyone. It’s near impossible to comply. I called the planning dept weekly for a year, wrote emails and never heard back so I just gave up on getting a permit.

        • That is how they keep their buddies in the tall cotton.

        • You can actually grow 36 plants for 6 patients I just found out legally no permit required look into it. You will need obviously six signatures but if you each sign nothing stopping you. Use one of them Mendo 1000 gallon pots or dig an 8×4 hole and you should pull in a nice yield well over 125 pounds. At current prices that is about 175k gross and I see 250k to 375k the more they crackdown.

          • There is no canopy sq footage cap?

          • Legal lettuce I believe you’re wrong about the 36 plan at least in Humboldt County 6 maximum can’t take care of anybody else’s and hundred square feet are 10 x 10 cap but they keep changing things so maybe you’re right I’ll try to update this soon

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Is that 125 lbs. out of 36 plants.? Just about 3 1/2 lbs. per plant of trimmed bud? I doubt it. Going in a bit late with clones that can take a week or two to get going and generally lack the vigor of seedlings? Doubt it. A clone or two go hermie or suffer attrition through any number of causes. Oh, yeah. Better have a river of water for those giant holes in the ground. Cops love that. Fish love it. Downstream users love it. Stick with large containers, on pallets, use same dirt forever just like farmers. Conserve water and nutes.

            Anyway, you’re still black market if you sell this weed commercially, Personal use or not, I think, without documentation. Buy an hour with one of our local specialist lawyers, have a list of all your questions.

      • This war will soon be Unleashed on Humboldt County thanks to your County Supervisors one of whom has her new beautiful office and Southern Humboldt with her code enforcement allies

      • C’est la vie……Ya feel the rush, I do 😁 2k or 3k by August maybe 4k, lol. Thank you to all the slimey politicians and corporate shitbags I have not felt this alive since the early 90s. Quit whinning about not gettin a permit and pull your panties up and grow or go home. Mother Nature allows us an unlimited license non taxed. Don’t be a greedy ass lay down 10 plants here 20 plants there. Every illegal pound hurts them so get’em where it hurts, grow bitches grow!! How the hell do you think indoor grows came about cause the environment, lol.

        • Enjoy it while you can. The current rise in pound price is a temporary blip. Eventually it will level out to 500 or less.

          • lol, I heard you’ll singing that tune last year, just got 22 per unit. Guess what you cannot keep up with demand of fine herbage which will always be above 1k. You forget this is only one state that has won the weakass battle of destroying Humboldts brand name. The rest of the world sees different and that is my playground. Obvious your playground is limited and full of fear.

        • F Yeah.. LL.. ‘!EMERALD County Needs to TAKE THE FLOWERS BACK!’ Quality’s key.. OG pharmers matter! Small is the new BIG.. Corporate weed sucks.. Gavin Newsom is a Cronie Fascist.. OverGrow the overseers. 3G#’s summers end.
          No more Permit Patties.. Grow, Bitches Grow….. F Gavins Bammer plantations…. No more dirty Spam weed.. “Cultivate responsibility” TY

    • War Machine against the people of California, military strikes on the symbol of Peace and Freedom. In a time of greed and discontent. They will soon make it illegal to be without a home our money. Jail the homeless in big Concentration Camp style facilities
      Our government is moving in a Direction of more mass incarceration.We the people fall silently buy while we are being oppressed by military forces if we do not stand up it will be too late.
      Governor Newsome’s office
      Epicenter Sacramento California State Capitol # 1114 CA 95814

    • There are no more permits. There will be only three legal marijuana distributors in California in the next 5 years. Guess who help write the “legal” cannibis law? Yep, Gavin Newsom. Guess who had dinners with company CEOs like flowcanna before taxation and regulation took place? Think he’s making any money from it? Nnaahhhhhh

    • Do not, DO NOT, put money in your safe deposit box. If they have a warrant, and they CAN get one, they will take your money.
      They will not take jewelery, but they will definately take currency of any kind including gold coins.
      Strange as it may sound, I learned this many years ago from Evel Kenival(sp?)
      And I have had personal experience to back this up.

    • These are environmental terrorists and it’s great to be rid of them…44 Fish and Game Code violations and 53 Water Code violations is nothing to ignore.

      • Look cross eyed and it’s probably a FG violation…

      • ~the inbred psychopaths ruling the wor(l)d are taking our land by taking possession of our water. Here permit$ –to there– permit$. When all buildings are announced (by law ya know. wink wink), as having to be UP-TO-CODE ($$$$), bye bye land. Why not arm the Water Board and send them out to “Serve” warrants instead of Fish and Wildlife “WARDENS”?

        • It’s indeed crazy. I am an outlaw because I refuse to pay the water board for what should be rightfully mine on my property. Not only illegal in my own country, illegal on my OWN property. I have a lot of springs on my property, I only use 1. The rest go to the fishies year round.. but I am a criminal because I don’t want to pay the water board for a service they have never provided. If it wasn’t Cannabis, say tomatoes, it would be half or more as much. So.. if it’s $750 a year for the water board how is that a $10,000 a day fine? Seems like it’s not in proportion to the act commited. I do want to see the river and fish protected though. How to do that as well.? To many abusing the water. That is true…

    • National guard = poor people
      Not patriots.
      Doing the bidding of their masters.
      Just like slaves!

    • They never say how much these raids are costing us taxpayers redeploying us-mexico border patrol! how many people they raided had anything TO DO WITH MEXICO? These are not the “drugs” border patrol needs to be redeployed for. Stop the human trafficking, hard drugs like heroin and real drugs a$$holes.

    • Last yr without national guard. July 19 and 20. They did 23 warrants. Muti county ,forest police, fish and lame. This yr 15 warrants and 5x the resources

  • Down with gavin

    Newsom is gonna send northern California into financial ruin !!! That goes for all you straight folks running buissnises in town too.no money no costumers. Corparate politics is the end of this country and definitely the end of northern California. Better focus on reality and TRUTH in these coming elections people!!!!!!

    • Businesses that were not made or supported by illegal drug money will survive. People who came here for that can leave…too many people in Humboldt County anyways.

      • All business here is supported by illegal cannabis money. There will be no one but park rangers left.

          • Tumbleweeds and crickets. Just like socialism, anyone with money will leave. What will be left behind are drug addicts, thieves and the ones who have lost everything but there clothes and land. Good luck running your business….

        • In the last 15 years most of the cash was being exported out of the state along with the weed.

          • No. You haven’t been paying attention to the local economy. It has taken a massive hit since legalization. You can look up the news articles on it.

        • hmm…. you are WRONG

        • Hmmmmmm. You sound like green rusher. There were many successful businesses here 15-20 ago. They did just fine. Lsnd was cheap. A working man could buy a house. If you are talking about all the weed related shops that opened in the ladt 10 years well they can fail. Don’t bother me.

      • There are zero local businesses that aren’t supported by marijuana money. Regardless of legalization a lot of these local businesses would have closed because marijuana growers are not business minded, when prices started to go down there reaction with all the throw up more greenhouses and flood the market because they don’t even know the basics of supply and demand. People like to play victim as if growing marijuana legally for many years or decades did alott them enough time to save up for legalization, which everyone knew was coming for about a decade. Whether legalization happened or not they had already destroyed the market with their Idiocracy and this downfall in the ludicrous amount of money people were making as farmers would have caused a lot of businesses to close their doors, and it’ll force businesses like shop smart and gas stations to have to drop their prices to prices that actually match the poverty level that people live in who don’t ingage in the marijuana industry which ultimately will make this place an easier place to survive for everyone, including the farmers that do survive, and the farmers will have to get used to making actual farmer wages instead of balling out like drug dealers. All businesses that don’t lower their operating cost and start charging prices that are noy inflated by the industry will survive, the ones that don’t adjust will fail. That’s business.

        there is too many people in Humboldt, but that’s because there’s too many people in every single location on the entire planet. We’re nearing almost double Max occupancy for the human population because people are so greedy they think having a child and as many children as they want is their right and not a privilege that should be reserved for those financially stable and with full mental competency should have kids and no more than two or the whole planet is 100% screwed, everyone must get over their localist attitude of thinking they deserve to be in Humboldt and others don’t while still ignoring over population of the planet.

        • Local prices have never been inflated by the industry, goods are almost entirely import to our county, prices are set by larger markets, there is no room for most merchants to drop their prices.

          Many farmers in California are multi-millionares. The Central Valley is full of them. The cannabis farmer who are legal now, are the mega black market growers of yesterday.

        • J. You too are WRONG. I know of several and there’s probably more that I don’t know about. It’s a big world out there, ya dopes. Then there’s this thing called the internet.

      • Reffan…car dealerships, costco, the eureka coop, and most restaurants report having sales slump this last year.

        when you take the baseline out (in this case cannabis) out of the economy, all business, including government, feel the hit and the overall economy slows.

        That doesnt mean you need to like marijuana, but these are just facts of economy. Its going to be a big hit to almost every segment if the legal market doesnt get significantly stronger this year.

        • “Its going to be a big hit to almost every segment if the legal market doesnt get significantly stronger this year.”

          Help Me Rhonda.

        • Stagflation recession while food prices will be going up all across the board while the value of money goes down the pain is just beginning their well be hardly any place that is safe the people have forgot how to stand up many of the homeless are already rolling over and dying no love for the destitute maybe even going back to the land could be a hopeless dream the Sun May Come Out Tomorrow but this is what Humanity has created for the love of God our money a failing Society

        • Kelley, a few things to consider when considering what you said.

          And, I do like cannabis.

          The legal market is new.

          The predictions for State revenue through taxes have fallen way short.

          But if you were following market prices of any cannabis pre-64, it was freefalling way below what analysts were using as pricepoint.

          Which brings up a really conflated issue that I barely scratch the surface of here;

          What is the price of cannabis?

          Why was it in freefall for years?

          Supply and demand is the short answer.

          In the 1980-early nineties, prices were exuberant for a consumer.

          The War on Drugs was a big reason for this. Also, not a lot of people were growing commercially back then. Surely, only a handful of people had 100ish plants. No one grew 1000 plants in the 80s.

          The Green Rush of post 96 medicinal had effects.

          Not only did the price of pot go down slightly, but real estate went up. Supply and demand again. More people growing meant more pot.

          Suddenly little stores that did a couple hundred bucks a week in sales, now were selling $5,000 a day. They needed more employees, etc. Development continued in what alternatively would have been cheap timber or ranch land.

          Somewhere after then Californias pot production exploded to the point there was no demand, and too much supply.

          The only thing keeping prices up for some, is out of State sales.

          It’s easy to forget, but the War on Drugs continues everywhere, in different fashions. Interstate commerce of pot is prohibited, currently. Many other States still lock people up for simple weed possession.

          So what is the price of cannabis?

          And what was built on a likely inflated bubble created by Government prohibitions?

          What may make some people say the pot economy is collapsing could just as easily make other people say that its correcting.

          These transition years are tough.

          Lots to consider.

          • Brian that seems like a stream of thought. I didnt really read all of it thoroughly.
            Prices were falling because of over supply. The producers kept increasing the supply each was growing to counter dropping prices causing prices to drop further.
            Plus new people came on line (“green rushers”)

            It was a real recipe for disaster for the wildlife.

            My comment though, simply responded to this statement,
            “Businesses that were not made or supported by illegal drug money will survive.”

          • https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/financial-worries-keep-most-americans-up-at-night-1.1279965

            Well, take some solace that people are suffering everywhere.

            The authorities will miss that easy money as well.

            No more cash for vacations and college educations.

            Not sure what the average paycheck for these enforcement people get, but the money grab going away will definitely cause some belt tightening on both sides of the ring

            Yes, the transition years will be tough for many.

      • Tell that to the COOP, all of eureka and Arcata stores, this area has been relying on proceeds from the cannabis community for decades. Also prices on property, real estate heave already dropped and soon taxes for those properties with drop with them as well. Meaning less money for public schools, etc. Black market money has made the emerald triangle what it is like it or not and to think it will be better without it is ignorance.

        • ~i was going to post a link to “A truly free and open market’ by Jon Rappoport, from October 2017 –only to find that, after ten years, WordPress Censors Journalist and Vaccine Researcher, Jon Rappoport, By Removing His Blog from the Internet. https://bit.ly/2RHnjzd

    • OR, would you rather have the greedy greenrush in all of its fucked up glory? Silly you, fear mongering businesses when they should have realized all along it was a false economy. Would you rather have the country side crawling with people leveling hillsides, draining watersheds, disregarding neighbors, clogging the roads and all the other infrastructure that couldn’t handle them, their workers and trimmers??
      So what, things are returning to normal. Get your god damn permits, quit being assholes or you’ll be stopped. Too bad some people can’t pay attention and it takes the National Guard to bring them back to reality. Buh Bye,asshole growers.

      • Yeah,sure, You are a very angry person, and should seek mental help. Wow you are consumed with this anger.

        • “Patience is a virtue, Anger is a gift”.

          If your not pissed, your not paying attention.

        • Been here a VERY LONG TIME !! Seen the bullshit come and go. When I see dumbshit comments here I feel compelled to react. Yeah I’m angry and dismayed. I’ve seen neighborhoods that are just now recovering completely changed by greenrush assholes, a lot being locals. Traffic, noise, light pollution, wildlife killed, roads congested with I-don’t-give-a-fuck crazy drivers, 20 grower truck long lines at the dump, creeks dried up, poison thrown around, trees cut….. you get the picture.
          You saying something as stupid as “Gee, you’re angry” actually made me laugh.
          I hope you all realize that the Feds, big pharma and corporate interests are going to take it all away anyways, don’t you?? Hopefully a low-key black market will survive in the shadows for those insisting on growing… I dont know.
          If you want to talk and comment on butterflies and unicorns you came to the wrong place.

          • I’m open to talking about unicorns, butterflies and wildflowers….

            • Lol, actually, so am I. Just not when it comes to the mess we’re in…😁

              • I have some really nice flowers I don’t know if they are legal or illegal any more a strain of old school Wildwood it grows back behind the house over by where the magic mushrooms grow a unicorn could be our only hope but if a butterfly can change the world why can’t I

            • Yeah, I can talk Mad Unicorn and Butterflies, Yeah sure is Angry. Unicorns and Butterflies piss me off sometimes too, …but usually when I am in a bad mood … Those fing wildflowers, how did they get so damn wild anyway? Whats thier problem, they need to get a job… Do they have a permit..? CDFW is gonna be mad…like really really maddd. Just stand around looking beautiful and pollinating all day.. who The f does that? Yeah… I am going to go flip a flower the bird right now.. Empowering.. Actually No.. that did nothing, absolutely nothing at all… Silly rabbits.. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful..😘😘

      • Cool, so if they get permits they can do everything you just ranted about legally [edit]
        So if they go legal they will grow more use more water, need more land and get more workers and have much more traffic.
        Be careful what you wish for.

        • Again, there are no more permits.

          • It’s all going to end anyways…..

            • If you need a permit I can sell you one 20,000 a year 30,000 mix light 100,000 do whatever you want including mountaintop removal cutting old growth Redwood damning Rivers for irrigation for $1,000,000 we can even have the National Guard come in and help you harvest

      • “Would you rather have the country side crawling with people leveling hillsides, draining watersheds, disregarding neighbors, clogging the roads and all the other infrastructure that couldn’t handle them, their workers and trimmers??”

        This is what is happening, just with permits.

        • Yeah, “Permits” that aren’t completed, dead in the water or filed and invested in to eek out a few years of black market weed. Spend 40k on “permitting” make a million or so. There’s more of this going on than completed compliant grows. It’s the elephant in the room…

      • buh bye

  • “$435,875 in U.S. currency…” probably not enough to cover the cost of the operation.

    • Do you believe CHP speeding or DUI enforcement is a money maker?

      It has nothing to do with a positive return on investment. Its about enforcing law, deterring others from breaking the law, protecting the legal marketplace, FREE donuts, and hours of over-time. It is also a great opportunity for the boys in blue to pick up a little tax free cash bonus. $435,875 in U.S. currency was turned in as evidence, the rest was carried away with impunity.

      • It has everything to do with profit margins for the corporations being allowed the licenses while the people are told no you can’t have a license. Hell they made cannabis a non agricultural plant even (it is not considered farming)

        • I do not consider myself a farmer and never have. Grower is more appropriate to me. I got promoted recently to cultivator, lol, after a few hundreds of thousands of dollars I had to pay to two different organized crime syndicates (aka county of Humboldt and the state of california) for my protection to grow, sorry, I mean cultivate, lol.

      • CHP speeding tickets are absolutely a revenue generator. DUI’s more so. You are foolish to think it’s about protecting anything or anybody other than the bottom line.

    • Ah cmon you know that probably only 25% of the money found, they pocket the rest. While making huge hourly wages that are paid for by our taxes.

      Every single person ive known in the last 30 years who were arrested for cultivation had at least half their cash stolen by cops, it either never shows up on items seized or is just a small % of whats there. None went to jail, just some community service&big fine.
      It happens all over the country. But has happened everytime here. They dont want pot to be illegal its too much easy money cars and land they seize and keep or sell to their buddies. Like the humboldt county coroner did with all those dead folks estate items. Look it up.

      Too bad theyre not busting the logging companies who do even worse environmental damage. Yall know all these environmental crimes are only illegal if theres pot right? Take the plants out of the equation&you can fuck up the land all you want. Even if its illegal theyre not going to bother you. Maybe they could put some focus on the huge poppy grows the mexi cartels are putting all over the natl forests now that you can buy a yeast online to easily make pure heroin out of poppies onsite?!. Look it up.
      Theres tons of indoor grows in the hills again due to legalization which run on generators. People have huge diesel tanks that usually leak into waterways, and those grows used to be the source of 75% of fires in the hills. Prob will be again.

      Or getting the shotgun toting super scary bulgarians out of our area. So glad to see people with children fleeing horrendous situations being basically treated so inhumanely at the southern border while the bulgies farms are full if illegal folks, many of whom are victims of human trafficking. Where the hell is ICE?? Oh thats right only poor folk with brown skin who want a job are evil. Humboldt county sheriffs wont bust bulgies, 4 have point blank told me the bulgie cartel tekes a hit out on them/their family personally if thet do.

    • It might cover half, of what it costs to operate that Assault vehicle pictured above!!!

      • ~but what about the $alarie$ for the so-called National Guard + The (Trinity) County Deputies + F &W, + the U.S. Forest Service, + Trinity County Environmental Health + State Water Board ? Cha-ching. Cha-ching . . .

        You know it’s probably an extra “Service” charge added to their usual opulent paychecks. Well, we may not know Trinity’s cost, cuz The County of Trinity doesn’t bother to post salaries on Transparent California dot com.

  • Fuck barker valley… those fuckers are all dipling the 1″ straw straight into the creek..

    I lost all respect for the neighbors when in 2014 they buldozed a dam across the creek upstream to make a pond for their water supply.. creek ran dry for 2 weeks.. killed everything in it. Fish didnt come back..

    The next year the same asssholes were pissed off that the mhongs moved in on a parcel and put in a well..

    You cant have it both ways.. assholes..

    • Double Amen. We have lived here almost 30 years and love our land more than $$$$$. Our springs have increased and the forest recovers from it’s original logging. Damn the destroyers and exploiters of the earth. Small well tended grows are the best and make the best smoke.

  • Fuck barker valley… those fuckers are all dipling the 1″ straw straight into the creek..

    I lost all respect for the neighbors when in 2013 they buldozed a dam across the yearround fish bearing creek, upstream to make a redneck pond for their water supply.. creek ran dry for 2 weeks.. killed everything in it. Fish didnt come back..

    The next year the same asssholes were pissed off that the mhongs moved in on a parcel and put in a well..

    You cant have it both ways.. assholes..

  • Thank you, thank you for getting these black market growers out! We voted for legalization and we finally got it. So get with the the program. #legalmarketsmatter

    • Why can’t we get a license ? Why is it a non farming crop ? Why is it there is a federal lawsuit against prop 64 that involves Rico charges for many in our government ?

    • We didn’t vote for the state military to enforce a mega growers only policy. Why are new grows restricted to prime ag soil but those who have broken the law flagrantly for years can continue to grow anywhere? Why were moneyed interests allowed to remove the cap on farm size from the law? Why are adults limited to 6 plants for personal use? There doesn’t seem to be any limit on tomatoes.

      This is not what we voted for.

      • It certainly is NOT what I voted for, not even CLOSE!!! This money could be better spent busting Meth & Heroin labs rather than supporting Mega Growers, which is what this operation as well as others like it, seems to be ALL ABOUT!!!!

    • Legal schmeegal.

      ~if you’re not awake by this late date, i strongly suggest you roll over and go back to sleep.

  • I love reading about growers getting fucked with. How many flat bill hats were seized? Thousands, probably.

  • Newsom will send troops to screw with POT Growers

  • Good.job leo. They have a typically thankless job. Now they are getting the chance to make a difference in getting the lowlife growers out of the area. F the growers and the blight they have caused.

    • “I didn’t want to tell the tree or weed what it was. I wanted it to tell me something and through me express its meaning in nature.” –Wynn Bullock

      ~you’re either moving toward consciousness, or away from it.

    • Its a big secret

      I guess you missed that memo dropped in 1976?!
      Humboldt is the weed capital

  • Looks like they’re serious about their profit margins for the next quarter! Addmitantly bad , but it could always be worse. Now that the federal govt is involved they could have just incinerated those areas with EMW and blamed it on PG&E and wild fires. All leading to the new global frame work the elites are trying to roll out via programs like UN agenda 21. https://escholarship.org/uc/item/043715n8
    First they’re going to take your means to support your self in any off grid ,rural and self sustaining style of situation. After that expect to be forced in to the new ‘smart city’ open air prisons they want all their slaves to live in. Don’t fear though, they’ll be sure to keep the carrot in front of the top teir slaves in the form of their own property, just not off the grid. You could be out their thinking for your self for ***** sake , and that alone is dissenstion. Nothing to do with Ganja.

    • Middle finger 'til the end

      Youre crazy… nothinng to see here… ICLEI was voted into the humboldt general plan in 2007. But who cares right? Probably doesn’t mean anything. Were frogs boiling in a pot.

  • Uh where do you live refan????
    You know nothing about whats really going on!!!!! Such an ignorant statement.

    Newsome is no friend of ours hes the one who got the cottage industry part of the regulations tajen out last minute after 4 $250,000 bribes uh i mean donations to his then campaign by 4 big grow companies. We know for sure one is a humboldt based company that makes toxic chemical fertilizers for indoor grows.
    He let San Fran get taken over by techies. That’s who he makes decisions for. No friend to the poor or working folks and certainly no one in our area. Did he even come north of SF in his campaign??? Nope.
    Newsomes ex partner is now hooked up with Donny Trump jr, what does that tell ya.

  • Yay the war on drugs is over! We won! O wait

  • In town, while talking to people yesterday, there was no evidence of National Guard.

    So, in my comments yesterday I stated ” no national Guard”.

    I’m thankful to Kym for getting this information.

    I’m also glad that I didnt say shit that I didnt know about. The reason I went to find the convoys was to prove or disprove dreaded rumors.

    Now, we can all work with better information. Thanks, Kym.

    • My guess is that the National Guard was the helicopters only. I never saw or heard of vehicles with the Guard insignia.

      • That’s what I was thinking too.


      • Idk Kym, that camo 8×8 water truck looks pretty national guardish to me.
        At least it’s a tanker and not a tank.

        I can’t forget the girl from Arcata who was truly concerned about what the national guard rolling on her town might look like when i went to cover Assemblyman Jim Wood’s town hall with Congressman Huffman this past year.

        • Possibly, but those are also available at surplus auctions for anyone to buy. Usually about $30,000 used.

        • Might be the guard. But they didn’t have the insignia.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Well I’m glad that those of us who seemed not to have proof or didn’t seem to know what was going on to these vigorous fact checkers might finally be taken a little more seriously. Thanks for finally posting a story about the military being deployed on its own citizens.

            • I like the word “finally,” says the Little Redheaded Hen sarcastically to the person who didn’t help provide evidence, support, or anything but criticism.

            • Geezers.

              Look you also implied a KymKemp coverup. But here it is. Journalistic standards apply for Kym.

              Next time you can take a day off work with me and help me out to gather some real intel.

          • i believe that is a national guard fuel tanker truck, carrying diesel.

            are they runnin a diesel scene? 😉

            • I am pretty sure it is a fuel truck for the helicopters. However…no official word. Nor any resident describing seeing it doing anything other than driving.

        • water trucks don’t have fuel placarding and the word “Flammable” on it. that truck is to re-fuel the copters.

          • Definately not a water truck. Good call.

            I’m getting the impression that the Guard assisted, but never set foot on Private property.

      • If they are national guard helicopters then there is national guard ground support for the helicopters. They go hand in hand.

  • The County is just a branch of corruption connected to a giant, corrupt tree called U.S. Inc.

  • Down with gavin

    The war on drugs just got militarized at the tax payers expense so that the government could go into business for themselves. And at the expense of our constitutional rights,water rights,bill of rights.democrates (former lifelong) are the new FASCIST PIGS !!!!!!


    • Your sacred herb that you voted to be legal is not legal. It’s taxed and regulated! Cannibis is the new opium! ….. and let the war begin, only this is not in Afghanistan, this is in the emerald triangle. Why are we at war with Afghanistan you say? Because the US government wants to sell you OxyContin, not for you to buy actual opium off the streets. There will be no more organic “bud” for sale in the future, just packaged vape pens and bonk mass produced oils sold to you buy Marlboro. Suckers!!!!

  • The”psychology of genocide”. This occurs when the experimenters realize that their experiment is a failure, and they proceed to genocide.

  • CAMP 2.0…The New War on Weed….Greasy Gavin has the media sewn up tight- they will report it all as “dirty black-market criminals” and as saving the environment. And as any good troll knows- if there is some truth to it then it’s harder to discount. There IS some truth to it. We don’t want people destroying the creeks and bulldozing recklessly. But does that mean we must agree that small backyard grow scenes must all be permitted and over-regulated or wiped out? NO! Indeed some permitted “good players” are doing some serious environmental damage- only with the approval of state agencies as they push all the limits of the law for profit…just like the logging corporations do! What a shitshow this is..and our Governor Greasy Gavin is squarely in the middle, heavily invested in the corporate take-over at taxpayer expense that we are witnessing. “Just get a permit and do it right” they say? Well…No more permits are being issued, assholes!! So right there you are a lying sack of shit…Not that all of us would bend over so far to be fully compliant to your sick corporate money grab anyways! Want to fight the corporate beast and injustice? Welcome back to the guerrilla war for liberation of the weed!!

  • 801lb ?(gotta count that one over 800). Still a lie. There’s hardly a unit to be had anywhere . Define “processed .”

    I also heard natl guard WILL NOT be conducting raids on private property . Was this on natl forest or park land? Curious minds

  • Its a big secret

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont!
    So fuck it! If you think for one second any political party has the masses in their hearts your sadly mistaken. These “permit” applications just make a nice easy list for them…doing their fucked up job for them. So sad

    • It’s called

      “lifting the veil”

      Waking up to the tyrannical side of the corporate government model.

      They can strip a human being of everything they own, even their life, if they get in the way.

      Julian Assange is a good example…

      Let’s just stop thinking it’s a fair fight…

      AS …

      Martin Niemöller’s powerful quote explained “First they came for…”


  • I don’t generally have an issue with un-permitted cannabis farms. Continue the rebel tradition if you can get away with it! And as the CDFW (Grrrr!) spokesperson states, that is not the priority of this type operation. Rather, it’s the people that are overtly exploiting / harming the environment who are the ones to go after. I agree…. Emphasis on “OVERTLY HARMING” …….NOT if, say, your rainwater catchment reservoir is hydrologically connected to a small stream!

  • State of California( buddies of Gavin Noosum)
    Only wants certain business to sell and grow weed.
    The new gansters.

  • No crime = no probable cause = false arrest = malicious prosecution.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead


    • ~i imagine it would be hard to find any one of us who HASN’T had money confiscated and/or our private property stolen by those LEGAL enforcement officers you worship.

    • All due respect Elton, Asset Forfeiture, is a huge transfer of money from the people to the government. There’s plenty of people who’ve given up the cash to be on their way, I shouldn’t have to remind you of the obvious.

      Most of LEO’S have a belief they are serving and protecting, yet that quote has been removed from government vehicles over the last decade.

      It shouldn’t surprise you that bad actors are present on both sides.

      Human Nature is a tough one to avoid, no matter what side you find yourself on.

    • Oh yeah Mr Whitehead we all got it on video. All we had to say is “hey mr police officer stealing my illegal cash, can i take your picture?” Anyone who believes that cops never steal is a a naive fool, Google it, plenty of them do committ crimes and some of them get caught. Every cop has looked the other way or dropped an arrest as “professional courtesy” or for a friend, or family, or the council member’s kid. Selectively enforcing the law – well that is a crime. Accepting a little cash tip for some heads-up info, yep, also a crime.

      You make it sound as though cops have a choice, protect and serve this person but not that person. Ha. They don’t have to like me, they still have to do their job. If they choose not to respond to a call or “wait a month” then they are committing a crime and could lose their job. Hahaha.

      If I need help from a LEO they don’t have a choice, they have to respond, professionally, becasue that is their {edit} job. We’re talking about paid public servants. Same as a garbage truck crew. If you call 911 and they don’t respond call the local news and report them and see who gets fired.

  • Bblllaaa hhhhaaaa hhhhaaaa!!!!!

    Weldon Whitehead you’re hilarious laugh my ass off at your comment every time.

  • The good news is, soon enough we’ll all be billionaires. https://www.foxnews.com/science/nasa-headed-towards-giant-golden-asteroid-that-could-make-everyone-on-earth-a-billionaire.amp

    The bad news is, taxes & inflation keep going up.

    I wonder how much they’ll fine us for picking up nuggets from our own private properties. Oh wait, hahaha, private property. What a hoot.

  • they've been here a while

    The National Guard or some other military branch has been in the area for over a week. I went shopping up in Eureka over a week ago and on the way back stopped at Fields Landing. Those same huge camo trucks were there. They were practicing driving them and backing them up to the water. Or maybe they were filling them with water, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, just surprised to see them there. Seemed like Military, most in their early twenties or so, all in camo.

  • Ha! A dope grower editor waxing on and on about the virtues of a fucking plant that a fucking retard could, can, and does, grow anywhere, but for some reason WE should come together and defend the rape of our county for the sake of some made up bullshit in the guise of “medicine”? If you just left the plant alone and grew your own personal smoke you would not piss me the fuck off
    Grow your own persey stash, and quit making a living about fucking weed articles. I’m fucking getting old over this one sided fucking stoner bullshit! Smoke pot, be happy, and shut the fuck up about it…………..
    Big Bang, over, and out.

  • Another fascist hit from the Newsom Regime at Gavin overcontrol.com Doesn’t the greasy Governor have real problems to solve? I guess a few overstocked funky flowers were just a little too much for the Governor to handle… I guess he is a tyrant really just like Trump.. what a posser.. A few too many grows in nowheresville and the gov. Is having a cow.. such a Great use of public resources.. Are you sure this Gov. is fiscally responsible, or just hot headed? But you know, forget about finding real solutions, it’s just to easy to use fear inc..

    • “Are you sure this Gov. is fiscally responsible, or just hot headed?”

      ~i’m gonna go with disconnected Especially since the STATE of CA. INC., had the 2017-2018 Annual Financial Report available prior to The Counties having their county’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) completed . . . until A YEAR after the fact. Cons-piracy? Oh, No, No, No!

      2017-2018 Salaries not reported – Alameda County, Butte, Calaveras (2013 last one), Kern, Lake, Marin, Modoc (2016), Mono, Solano, Trinity (2016), Tuolumne (2016), and Yuba (2016).

      The County’s Management Report from CliftonLarsonAllen, Roseville, June 6, 2019

      “The County’s single audit report dated June 6, 2029, contains written communication of material weaknesses in the County’s internal control.”

      “Year-end closing procedures should be modified to capture receivable balances into each of these accounts according to their nature.” <<<<the auditors tell The County this every year.

      “During the audit, we noted that the County had recorded in excess of $8 million to the miscellaneous trust fund revenue account 808000. When revenues are improperly classified as miscellaneous revenues the true condition of the fund may be misleading.” <<annual repeat.

      Recommendation – “We recommend that the County consider restricting the use of miscellaneous revenue account for revenue sources that cannot be categorized under existing revenue types, including charges for services, fines, intergovernmental revenues, and licenses and permits.”

      “However, the transfer of the payroll department to “HUMAN RE-SOURCES” could present a greater risk of errors and irregularities going undetected.”

      It goes on for four pages.

  • Somebody should fire up the grill for these guys. They have done nothing but drive up the prices.

  • I have a unicorn and butterfly story for you folks. In a Northern desert there’s a Hemp Farmer that grew three center pivots last year that had some big beautiful flowers on them. He made so much money he put three or four new Pivots in this year. Rumor has it he sold a five gallon bucket of seed for $250,000 for a fairy handsome profit. The Desert is where it’s at, you folks in the forested hills will be only chasing pennies very soon.

    • I know a guy who tried to grow in ‘the desert’ and quit to come back here. He said the wind was way too much to deal with. So, head on down. Enjoy your time in the desert, it’me!

    • Yeah, it sucks to live in the desert.. California City? I mean are there not completely empty streets still there? Crazy.. But hmmm. Interesting tail.. bucket of seeds.. ok.. sounds like lots of pollen involved.. Center Pivot. Is that not overhead watering constantly? Hmm overhead watering cannabis?🤔… And seriously, the squirrels out there are ravenous and eat EVERYTHING.. crazy bastards.. That does sound like Butterflies and Unicorns.. It is Windy as F too!

  • ~so, in the end, what we’ve (Trinity) got, are six agencies all proceeding on a fake judge signing search warrants without bond, sworn affidavits, or even a name on the warrants. It’s all unlawful, and even . . . “illegal” :-))

  • drives on 36 all the time


  • Down with gavin

    Central Humboldt and small fry you’ve become 2 of my favorite people to listen too.may lady luck shine down on you guys !!!! Real sad what its come too here in nor cal may we all be delivered from evil and have a fair shake at surviving this disgusting government treason,and blatant disrespectful violation. Peace brothers and sisters

    • ~you just made my day, Down w/gavin. However, i must say, that without the collective of intelligences in here, i’d have lost faith in my fellowman a long time ago.

      We can’t reward their terrorist tactics by allowing them to silence us.


    • TY DWG! Made my day too! Thank u for all your input as well! It’s 💯! It’s very sad the cards that have been dealt here! Highest that is good in the world guide and protect and many Blessing to you too! For certain, and TY again! It is a blantent disrespect, and disregard, what a disgrace..its way over the top! On sooo many levels.. And it’s hurt good people! And hopefully we will be allowed a fair shake to survive! Absolutely! Peace is the only way! Much luv! And GLuck! !Down w/ Gavin!

  • Way to go law enforcement!!!! Keep busting those non compliant a**holes trying to be overnight millionaires while we’re here complying and just trying to feed our families. Greedy bastards!!!

  • These actions are long overdue. It would be nice to see Mendocino County join in the curtailing of large, greed driven grows. Not saying we need prices controls, but in the past few years there has been such an influx of wanna-be growers funded by the same shady middlemen and black market hustlers who are too cheap to think that farmers should make a buck too. Quantity went way up, quality went way down and prices too. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and prices are the highest they have been in years thanks to this poorly managed government effort to squeeze every dime from the growers who try to go legit. And it is hilarious to see the black market guys come back this summer whining about prices as they head to $2000 (best guess) this summer!

  • Destroy??? Until i see a video of you guys disposing or shredding all the plants then Ill believe it. For now, yall full of shit but dirty work.

  • Pingback: Militarized Raids in Trinity County Recall Prohibition-Era Policing | Cannabis Now

  • You reap what you sow. Murder mountain showed the world an ugly truth, and now there is a huge avalanche of dung rolling downhill. The storm is coming, so you had better build a ship and get out.

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