Public Meeting on Proposed Bear River Wind Farm June 3

wind turbines

Wind Turbines [Photo by Jeff Kubina from Columbia, Maryland via WikiCommons]

Press release from Humboldt County’s Citizens for Responsible Development:

Humboldt County’s Citizens for Responsible Development invites interested residents to a meeting to discuss Terra-Gen’s proposed Humboldt Wind Energy Project. The meeting is in Scotia at the historic Winema Theater, on June 3 at 6:30 pm.

Terra-Gen’s proposal includes up to 60 wind turbines nearly 600 feet high on ridgetops from Stafford to Monument and Bear River Ridges; 17 miles of new roads, some of them up to 200 feet wide and bisecting already damaged watersheds; and a huge system of transmission lines crossing the Eel River and connecting to a substation in Bridgeville. Construction could start this fall and continue anywhere from 14 to 18 months.

Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) are due June 5, and can be submitted via email to [email protected] with “Humboldt Wind Energy Project” in the subject line. The DEIR is online at

The Humboldt County Planning Commission will review the project’s Conditional Use Permit soon after the close of comments. The Board of Supervisors will only address the project if the Planning Commission’s decision is appealed.

This meeting will be a chance to discuss what Terra-Gen is planning to do, and to explore alternatives.

Terra-Gen held only two public scoping meetings last August. Their representative has organized others, but always with the Terra-Gen agenda. This meeting will be the first opportunity for concerned residents to participate in frank discussions about what we really want for our county.

How to Comment on a Draft EIR

The most effective comments provide specific, fact-based information, such as:

  • An error in analysis that may affect the outcome.
  • New information that would change the analysis and conclusions.
  • Any peer-reviewed scientific literature that should be considered in the analysis.
  • Points that should be clarified.
  • Mitigations for unavoidable impacts that should be considered.
  • A substantially different alternative that meets the purpose and need statement and has not been considered.


  • 🕯🌳Good morning Kym and thank you for the informative article and links.

  • Thank you for this and for live streaming the last meeting at The Old Steeple in Ferndale for we who are unable to attend.
    I particularly appreciate the tips above on how to comment effectively on a draft EIR. To make good, fact based, comments it it is imperative we do our research in to what the plan really lays out, and what actually may be possible to be done differently, or if it is a good plan, given that no project will be perfect.
    The important thing being that things are done locally, nationally, and globally, to help mitigate climate change, and soon enough to make a difference.

  • Hope anyone and everyone that has concerns about this gets out there to this meeting this Monday. It’s pretty short notice and sounds like a fast track job. Not sure how I feel about it, but since I live over one hundred miles away I’ll leave it to others. I will point out a friend from socal told me the wind farms around Tehachapi kind of ruined the views (unless you like seeing windmills). He also said the power didn’t help California, just other western states. He said he never saw bird carcasses around the bases, and he rode all around them. Wind energy does sound good, and I’m sure I’d be happy getting a monthly check from someone for a windmill on my property. Some Trinity County residents get a cheaper electric bill from the agreement for building the trinity dam and making hydro power. It would be nice if Humboldt residents got a break from this type of power generation. Doubt they will, however.

    • I knew a biologist hired by a wind farm to do avian fatality counts. She was so distraught by the volume of bodies she quit and took a lower paying job.

      Maybe Tehachapi doesn’t have the bird volume or maybe someone clears the corpses. Green energy ideologies sell better if they don’t leave a body count.

  • NIMBY (Not in my back yard.)


    You (and I) are all using electricity to make these comments,
    some was generated by wind farms, some by burning natural gas, or coal, nukes, or dams on rivers.

    If you go to the (protest) hearing… you will (likely) get in a car and use gasoline and create CO2.
    If you ate breakfast, your food (likely) came in on a diesel truck and was raised by agribusiness.

    Live in a house… a tree was felled to create it. Asphalt roof came from a mine
    Clothing came from a petroleum refinery and was assembled in a third-world factory.
    Computer ? It came from a factory in China. Brought over on a diesel container ship.

    We are all part of the problem.

    Somebody figured out that wind generation of power was a good (green) thing.
    It probably is compared to burning fossil fuels, nuclear, or building more dams on rivers.

    Personally, you can ‘conserve stuff’… but another 220,000 people will be added
    to the worlds population… today.

    We are all part of a global problem. Too many people.
    Currently the political process ignores that. Too many religious nuts.

    I probably won’t live to see the ‘population collapse’… but some of you will.
    Good luck.

  • I hate lowlifes

    What Bozo said. Until we start talking about population control we’re just wasting our breath.

  • 🕯🌳I can kind of see the debate on the bird count and how it could be covered up,but it’s still a far better cleaner form than burning some fossil fuel or chemical mix that just keeps on making the rich richer.

    • But that isn’t the only alternative. And if they donwantnto build windmills, build them to serve those nearby, and scale them appropriately.

  • Have any of you read the book “Killing Maine” by Mike Bond? It’s available for Kindle download at for 99¢. I haven’t gotten through it but my husband did. He said the damage done by these huge windmills is terrible. The noise, the vibrations, the wildlife killed. I intend to read it asap.
    Also I have a brother-in-law who helped put a wind farm up in the mid West who said the same thing.
    It will be too late to change our minds once this project get started. Please everyone, educate yourselves and make it to this meeting if you can. We all know that alternative energy is the best for our planet but it must be well planned and consequences taken into consideration. How much damage will the new roads do to our watersheds? How much damage will this program do to our wildlife. So many angles to look at.

    • After all the bug gitters are killed off, the vax industry will blossom out of sight. Win win for some politician or another.

  • Fyi. I attended the open house at the steeple held by terra-gen in ferndale tuesday evening. ( Im trying to write a story to post by tomorrow or sunday.)
    My comment here is that this meeting in scotia will not have terra-gen representatives present. When i called terra-gen to ask some follow-up questions, i was told they were asked not to attend.

    • Set the record straight!!

      Let’s set the record straight, once and for all. They were asked to stay away by ONE speaker at the forum. He did that on his own, without the consent, and against the advice, of the rest of the meeting organizers. It was absolutely NOT the informal group’s collective decision to ask TerraGen not to attend. There was no formal “opposition group”, only concerned citizens getting together to hold a VERBAL town hall, rather than the “write a comment” strict format that TerraGen insists on at all thier meetings. There is no way to control the actions of certain loose cannons. TerraGen reps were told this immediately after the other meeting organizers found out and they WERE invited to attend. The main TerraGen reps chose NOT to attend after the misunderstanding was clarified, but they still keep pushing a false narrative because it makes the “opposition” look bad, I guess? See Rio Dell City Council meeting last night for proof that she keeps pushing a false narrative. Dishonest tactics get exposed pretty quickly in tight knit towns like this. Not a great way to ingratiate herself with the two towns that are closest to this project, haha!

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