SSI/SSP Recipients Now Eligible to Apply for CalFresh

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services:

Humboldt County Department of Health & (and) Human Services DHHSNearly 6,000 disabled and elderly Humboldt County residents are eligible to apply for CalFresh benefits after the state expanded the nutritional benefits to people on Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP).

Although benefits cannot be granted until June 1, applications can be submitted in May.

Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Social Services Deputy Director Kelly Hampton said, “We have thousands of SSI/SSP recipients in Humboldt County who will really benefit from this expansion. This change will provide some of our most vulnerable community members with the ability to stretch their food dollars.”

She said there will be no change in recipients’ SSI/SSP benefits.

SSI is a federally-funded program administered by the Social Security Administration that provides income support to eligible individuals who are 65 years old or older, blind or disabled. SSI benefits are also available to qualified blind or disabled children.

In 1974, the program opted to give recipients additional SSI benefits instead of providing them the option to apply for Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, or food stamps, known in California as CalFresh.

Hampton said the decision made sense in 1974 when food stamps were difficult to utilize and reporting requirements were more strenuous. She said the system is more streamlined now and benefits are available on an Electronic Benefits Card.

To see if you qualify for CalFresh, visit, phone the DHHS Call Center at 877-410-8809 or visit Social Services’ main office at 929 Koster St. in Eureka.



  • 🕯🌳Good morning Oliver and thank you that information and link.

  • Used to work at blue lake casino, the place was packed on the 1st of the month with lowlifes spending their ssi check. I Know plenty of young people collecting who fake disability.

    • You would rather they steal from you directly I suppose.

      • Maybe don’t steal at all?

        • SSI & foodstamps are not stealing☺

          • It is stealing if you are young and more than capable of working but make up a disability in order to avoid work.

            • Cash aid perhaps, but do you have any idea what the process is to get social security? My son is disabled and the process was not quick or easy. Medical documentation signed by licenced doctor’s must be submitted and approved at times by a few people before a check is issued. Anyone who thinks it is easier to collect from social security than get a job, let’s me know they have not delt with that particular office recently. If your issue is not on the compassionate list they have, you are usually looking at a wait if 6 months to years

    • Sometimes just because a person dosent look sick dosent mean there faking a disability sometimes you dont know what is wrong with someone just because you cant see it.

      • Absolutely correct there are many his abilities which do not show just by looking at someone, people should Live and Let Live, treat other people the way you want to be treated, everything is perception nothing is absolute truth,

      • My disability is seizures, brought on by a Traumatic Brain Injury I suffered back in 1997. Seizures can’t be seen.

    • You know nothing

    • memy selfandi

      so if you know them turn them in. apparently you spend time with them?


      Government spends so much on wasteful military operations in all reality every person in the world deserves a Global Base Income, why do corporations get to plunder the public lands and we the people are not sent a monthly base income check…. time to realize there is enough resources to go around and only a “shortage of money” share the real wealth which is resources like food, money is a tool for measurement like inches or cups….

  • Thought u should know

    Something people should know .. for example my child is on ssi and my house has 2 adults and 2 children we gets food stamps for the 2 adults and 1 child because of the 1 child on ssi. so when I called to have the other child added to my food stamps they said we had to wait until June to get them for July. People that can apply in may for june have to be new applicants. Everyone who already gets them has to wait till June to apply

    • Get a job?

    • So because 1 child on SSI you the whole family gets Calfresh?

    • Wow! Isn’t it enough food stamps already 2 adults and 1 child and SSI that’s all free to you.

      • Do you KNOW HOW MUCH they get? Probably not. You should try to not be ABLE to work and get by.

      • Thought u should know

        One of those adults does have a job and you know nothing of why my child is on ssi. Ssi provides the best help I need with medical bills. Not only that but all the best programs that help my child to have a great somewhat normal life. May all be free to me but we do not get very much in food stamps and a smidge more only helps so that we can focus more of our income on the things that food stamps does not cover in order the support our family.

        • Just something to keep in mind. By adding the SSI/SSP person to your Calfresh, their income will now be counted in the budget when it was excluded before.

      • No. It is not enough. Food is expensive. Living is expensive. Therapy for a disabled child is expensive and not all are covered by insurance. Also some children are pickey eaters, due to disability and the food they eat is expensive. Being a parent is a struggle, but when you add disability in the equation, struggle looks like a vacation.

      • Not always
        I Have 2 disabled children
        Both on ssi
        My husband and I on foodstamps
        I work he watches them!!
        Due to the fact nobody knows how to take care of there needs but his father and I.
        So we get a WHOLE WOPPING 164.00
        in foodstamps for both of us
        Because I bring in about $1000/$1555 A Month
        Now bills
        Thank God for this new. Law!!

  • This is wonderful news and will make a significant difference in my life.

  • I am happy to hear that people living on the margins of society can have a better quality of life.

  • Is this applicable to Humboldt county only or does it applies to California as a hole? I feel weird I even have to ask this question.

  • Diamond are talking to me?

  • “Hampton said the decision made sense in 1974 when food stamps were difficult to utilize and reporting requirements were more strenuous. She said the system is more streamlined now and benefits are available on an Electronic Benefits Card.” Eliminating requirements so it conforms to the Federal rules certainly makes it cheaper for the State to run the program. However if you have stood behind a person using WIC, CalFresh and SNAP, it creates quite a burden on the stores to check each item seperately to see if it qualifies or not. Boy those rules are esoteric where some products qualify and something almost the same doesn’t.

    If only the State of California would “streamline” their bloody tax returns. It takes me many times longer to do the State return than it takes me to do the Federal return. The State has taken political wrangling with the Federal government and inflicted it on the tax payer just as they have taken the administrative burden of the State and given it to the stores with these rules too.

    • Calfresh and snap are the same. They are issued on a card, and it does not require separating items. Wic is the one that is in check form, that the cashier must ring up separate, and both parties must sign.
      I got wic with my first child 20 years ago, only due to the formula he needed cost $20.00 a can. I only did it untill I could get him on solid food, due to the program being such a pain in the neck for me, a first time mom who had a high risk pregnancy and a premie. They had us go to the office monthly to learn how to write a check for our electric bills and other useless classes that we’re literally geared to first grade level. It was so bad that when I had my second child 13 years later, I didn’t even consider wic, even though while on maternity leave I lost my job due to the place shutting down.
      I agree that something needs to be done to make the wic program better.

    • Wouldn't it be nice

      Only taxable, non food items are excluded fron foodstamps. The scanner at the register does this automatically. It is no “burden” to the cashier. You are disingenuous at best and a liar otherwise☺

      • I did realize that California did one their”meaningful name changes” after posting, now naming SNAP CalFresh but I can no longer edit posts so it was left. Of course it does not make me a liar nor disingenuous. which you seem to feel is an acceptable replacement for courtesy. There was a list under SNAP at one point whether CalFresh eliminated that, I don’t know. But WIC does have such a list-

  • What about the disabled that are homeless and can’t store and cook food regularly?

  • Renewal of food stamp card and still pay mypart of child support.
    Tabitha Anne Boyd

  • Wow!!! I work my butt off at a full time job and a part time job and still can’t afford to live without the little bit of food stamps I do qualify for. I have medical issues that I don’t get SSI for but I feel others need it more than i do so i struggle to make ends meet and fall short constantly. Everyone needs help sometimes and shouldn’t be judged by those who don’t!!

  • I get 28 a on that complaining people mind your bizness and come visit me foolish talkers.whats your storyline exactly..

  • My name is Yolanda Gomez I need my food stamps

  • Everyone needs help. Food stamps have been the resource that have helped pull drug addicts out of the gutter. Ssi has helped a struggling widow keep her children living indoors. Hearing people talk down on others that find themselves needing a little help makes me sick. Walk in there shoes before you pass judgement

  • I’m disabled. I can’t find a job that will work with my disabilities. I’ve been undetermined since my disability in 2012. I haven’t been able to qualify for permanent disability because I didn’t have a steady residence and moved between a few different counties. If there’s an easy way to get disability, I don’t nt know what it is. Snap would literally be a lifesaver for many people. Ssi doesn’t pay much. They will base the benefit amount on what income the individual has. I’m glad for those who can work full time. I was once one of those people. Don’t disparage those less fortunate than you. One unfortunate turn of events and you could be in same boat.

    • Difficult to do by yourself

      Hire a lawyer. Seriously. Sometimes it’s the only way to collect disability if you don’t fit one of the predetermined categories. SSI lawyers take a percentage of the initial award- not the monthly stipend. By law they are not allowed to collect unless you win the case.

      Disability is a government supervised insurance policy. Plain and simple.

      Check out Legal Services of Northern California. Do an internet search for them.

  • Never judge people that are on food stamps or SSI. I use to work full time job. Then one day my whole life turned upside down. We got custody of our two grandbabies which were 7 months and 18 months at the time. I was still working until I ended up in the hospital with a heart attack and died. My doctor took me off work. So I had no choice but to apply for foodstamps to help with food. I guess what I’m trying to say is u never know the situation and what is going on behind their close doors. But on the other hand I do understand why people are frustrated because there are people out there that are taking advantage of the system which blows it for others. Like families of 5 or 6 and they are all on SSI and broke by the 3rd of the month. And we all have to remember the ones that are frustrated are the ones paying taxes. I can totally understand.

    • Nicely put, Nina. As always, the actions of a few cast a dark shadow over all. Indeed, there are liars and cheats from every walk of life and at EVERY INCOME LEVEL. Only someone who has yet to bite the dust and be in dire need of help would sink so low as to paint everyone with the same broad brush. But, just wait! As ye condemn so shall ye be condemned! Careful how you judge, people, for it will be returned to you TEN FOLD. Anyone who has lived long enough has seen this truth unveiled. Fact is, we will ALL be frail and needy one day, and NOT ONE of us will get out of this life alive!

  • This is going to help a lot of disabled people of all ages who are on SSI. FYI, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is a federal program that provides monthly payments to people who have limited income and few resources.
    SSI is for people who are 65 or older, as well as people of any age, including children, who are blind or who have disabilities.

    SSI by county:
    2017 breakdown for Humboldt County:

    Total: 6,073 on SSI
    Blind and/or disabled: 339
    Under 18: 5,734
    18-64: 359
    65 and older: 4,416

  • I just talked with someone who called to see if he could apply for CalFresh/Snap. He was told it has always been part of his check, no other benifit available for him. No CalFresh card for him.

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