Rex Bohn Must Resign After Racist Comment, Says Letter to the Editor

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Rex Bohn must resign

Recently, I was informed that Supervisor Rex Bohn made a statement at a non-profit fundraiser about Mexican food, asking if it was authentic enough to “make you want to go out and steal hub caps.” Several reliable sources directly heard the comment.

Nationally, radio commentators, professional coaches, actors, and others in the public eye were forced to resign, or were terminated, for making racist, homophobic, or sexist comments. Their removals were positive moves. Hate words have no place in the public discourse. They dehumanize and incite discriminatory behavior.

But most of us know this. Why would we allow a powerful, local elected official to get away with something like this?

Mr. Bohn may say that he was “only joking.” Not only is this kind of “joking” hurtful to me and to members of my community, but it fuels the current villainization of Mexican and Latinx people. His statement means that we are all criminals. Mr. Bohn should know that jokes re-enforce cultural attitudes, practices, and policies that treat an entire community like criminals.

Such joking should no longer be tolerated in Humboldt County. Mr. Bohn is unqualified to represent me, and other Mexican and Latinx constituents in District 1.

Renee Saucedo
Eureka resident
Centro del Pueblo

The Lost Coast Outpost has a response from Supervisor Bohn here.



  • No.

    People make jokes that are not necessarily demonstrative of how they really feel.

    Now if someone showed me video of Rex burning a cross and marching with neo-Nazis, my opinion would be different. But this isn’t that, and too big a deal is made out of insignificant ‘nothings’ in this world.

    • What’s so insignificant about making JOKES about someone you’ve NEVER met going out to “Steal Hubcaps just because of their race???

      • Because it’s JOKE Dan, you know how many Irish jokes I have heard I think they are funny and so do my friends, now if someone’s attitude wasn’t joking I might take offense but if it’s fucking joke wtf

        • I am of Irish descent & I DO NOT MAKE JOKES, about other people’s race!!! Especially about stupid shit like they are going to go steal hubcaps just because they are Hispanic!!!!

          • If what Rex said is a joke, that would make that piece of work that is running against him the whole clown show when the circus comes to town!!!

          • I have a non-racist joke for you.

            Martha and Molly were digging up the potatoes. Martha said to Molly, “These potatoes, they remind me of my husband’s balls.” Molly exclaimed, “My goodness, are they really that huge?” Martha replied, “No, they’re that dirty!.”

            It’s about white people, so neener-neener-neener.

            • No [edit] it is about balls. No race is mentioned. And you make a rather large assumption if you think there are no women with those names of races other than white(which isn’t a race anyway)

          • It’s not a joke! When I was a kid and you went to TJ you had to pay the local kids to watch your car, or you would come back to a car with no hubcaps, or worse. That’s when a hubcap was triple chromed steel and worth something though. Snowflakes be melting. I’m a white boy married to wagon burner myself. Dark as the ace of spades, and boy do we have fun with the jokes. Have some fun Renee. Quit being such a busy body, commie loving race baiter.

      • What’s so significant about it?

    • “Such joking should no longer be tolerated in Humboldt County.”

      You lose any shred of credibility when you are intolerant of humor. I say Renee Saucedo’s intolerance should not be tolerated.

      Disclaimer: I despise Rex Bohn.

    • red dix…. a little on the provincial side…

    • Rex is a fricking deusch..period …if you expected more from him or his you are letting yourself down. If you expected him to not use this kind of language you dont know him at all…

      I dont care if he resigns, let the deuschbags play polotics, but i do hope someone steals his hubcaps.

      • Hey Boner, that’s how I pronounce it, there are children in your district that go hungry because you do nothing to help their parents, the working poor in this county, get economic relief. Here are some examples. Milk in a republican state, $1.39 a gallon. Here, at Safeway or Sentry, $4.69 a half gallon. Half gallon. There, eggs $.68 a dozen, here, $3.00 a dozen. Hamburger there, $2.00 a pound. Here, $5.00 a pound. There, butter is $1.99 a pound, here, $4.69 a pound. There, gas is $2.29 a gallon, here, $3.69 a gallon. Children and their parents in your district would like to ask you why you cannot lower the price of gas for the working poor, and groceries. Those who say we need to have gas so high to keep people from driving so much are awful, they do not understand that people must drive to get to work. Your kind is cruel and have no compassion for the working poor. Along with Estelle, you suck Boner. help the poor, instead of those who pay you off for their mostly illegal enterprises, that goes for you too Estelle, you are both assholes. Your districts are shit hole districts, a result of your failed administrations, yet you are paid $80,000 a year. For what? It would be neat to get a bunch of people together, go into your offices, while you are there, and take your computers, phones, and what ever else you use, and investigate what you do all day. After all, those items are ours, we overpaid taxes so you could use them, and expose you for the assholes you are. We can see how much better people have it in a republican state, let’s vote republican and replace these evil people with those who would help the working poor economically, feed the children. Because right now, kids go hungry because of of you two.

        • Glenn Franco Simmons

          If you think Rex can solve all that, then let’s elect him to ruler of the world. His office can have no effect on on the free-market cost of household goods, gas, services, rent, food, etc. Give me a break. (Yes, I know Rex. He cooked at my daughter’s wedding.) That said, I don’t condone his joke, but being Irish-Italian, I cannot tell you how many Irish and Italian jokes I heard growing up in Freshwater and Eureka over the years, and then working in Arcata, Crescent City, Eureka, Fortuna and Garberville. Since my heritage is Irish and Italian, I wouldn’t waste my time on a response to someone saying something stupid nor would I call for a boycott. Talk about overreacting. The shame culture is too much. If you want people to change, talk to them. Meet with them. I’m sure Rex would meet with the woman who wrote this letter. I challenge her and Rex to get together and hash it out. If you still feel the same afterward, move to his district and run against him in the next election. If people lose their jobs for every single thing they did wrong, everyone would be unemployed because no one is perfect 100 percent of the time in anything, in any endeavor. Oh, one other thing. Thanks to Rex, many children, boys and girls, of any ethnicity are involved in sports in Cutten thanks largely to his efforts, if memory serves me correctly. Lighten up. (Just for the record, I don’t condone the president’s policy or his words on immigration, in case anyone wants to link that to this issue, too.)

          • Actually, he can. He could investigate why milk and milk products are shipped from Sonoma, when they could be made here in Sohum. Why we do not have a community egg farm. How about a local butcher shop? Hamburger $6.99 a pound? In Texas it is $2.00. He could lower fuel taxes by lowering the county sales tax. This county govt proves everyday they do not care about the poor, and as a result there are hungry children here. So, instead of relying on such an evil county govt here, let’s start our own underground farm system. Boner is against people drinking raw goats milk. Fuck him. We can start or support local poor people farms and food producers. And pay no taxes. Let’s organizing and producing, and keep Sonoma products out of here.

  • The NPC’s are triggered

  • Sounds like a plan to me bye bye Big Mouth “Yecchs”!!!

  • Mexico is a country and Mexican is not a race.
    What is “latinx”?

  • I wish someone would comfort me ,It’s going to be the 5th of May soon and it is going to trigger an attack. Those people from mexico are going to make me eat a taco and drink Corona!

  • Rex has belittled me at a public non profit event.

  • Damn
    Wait till st paddy’s day rolls around

  • “Nationally, radio commentators, professional coaches, actors, and others in the public eye were forced to resign, or were terminated, for making racist, homophobic, or sexist comments. Their removals were positive moves. ”

    No they were not positive moves. That is trial by public opinion. I don’t agree with any of their comments but they should be able to say anything not prohibited by law.

    • pretty sure comedians will be ran/run out of town because their jokes triggered the wrong person! What even happen to ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!’? We use to chant and yell that all the time and I believe we came out stronger for it mentally and sometimes physically.

  • Latinx people = Latin people, but also lets people know you’re woke.

    • Spanish (and other Latin based languages) tends to assign a gender to words. Latinx is a “gender-neutral term sometimes used in lieu of Latino or Latina”

      • Yeah- all those Latin-based languages are sooo sexist!! We need to make them stop! Oh wait- did I just say something racist? Can’t be too careful these days…

        • Just use “Hispanic” and be done with the whole thing.

          • So amusing…most of the folks we commonly refer to as hispanic are more likely of Mayan or Aztec or other indigenous. Not Spanish.

            • Hispanic refers to Spanish-derived cultures in the western hemisphere, derived from Hispanola, their name for the island containng the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

              • Inaccurately😄

              • Sleepy Alligator

                Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the people of Haiti descendants of African slaves who one way or another escaped the ships that were taking them to America and aren’t most of the people of The Dominican Republic descendants of the French who settled that side of the island a long time ago? I’ve never been to either but I don’t think “Hispanic” when either comes up in conversation.

                • The Spanish names for the island and for New World inhabitants pre-date the existence of the French colonies. Hispan(i)ola was the site of the first Spanish settlement in the New World.
                  The African slaves were imported later when they ran out of native ones.

                • Hispañola is the name of the Island, which has two countries on it—Haiti was colonized by the French; The Dominican Republic was Spanish. Thus Hispanic-speaking.

                • Descendents of massive slave revolutions and the Napoleonic Wars. Opportunities abound when colonial powersspend huge resources fighting each other. It made the US what it is today too.

        • Well in case u didn’t know – spanish language gives a male or female ending to each noun, so latinx is kind of like an alternative to Latino or Latina. I know it’s easy to make fun of, but I have spanish family so I get it… get with the times or be a relic, right?

      • Pretty sure everyone knows that. Doesn’t provide reasoning for the term though. “Latin people” is also gender-neutral term, one that has existed for a very long time. Or simply Latin Americans. From wiki, “The word Latin itself is also gender neutral and can be used to describe someone from a Latin-American country.

        Again, Latinx people = Latin people, but also lets people know you’re woke.

        • All communities use codes to show who is in the know (Examples we have here: Don’t use “the” before a highway number, pronounce Buhne correctly). So I suppose if you mean “woke” as it is defined in the Oxford online dictionary–alert to injustice in society, especially racism–then I suppose you are correct that the author probably is using it in part to show she is “woke.”

          However, I’m not sure why that is any more objectionable (forgive me if I’m reading something into what you were saying but you appeared to be dismissive) than not using “the” before 101 or saying Buhner not Bun or Boon to show one is native to the North Coast.

          • I think we all need a stiff serving of George Carlin, Redd Fox, Archie Bunker, Eddie Murphy, and so many others who fought for the right to say what they wanted for their art. Many of their era went to jail because they used the F word as part of their art, or routine. I can guarantee you they had race and certain words, like shit, down. Move that shit over there, get this shit out of here, get the shit from outside and bring it in to where this shit here is, and get it done in 20 minutes, or the shit will hit the fan. We have often wondered how a person would position them self to get shit to actually hit the fan. And they would have to know that they too would be hit by shit, as shit hitting the fan is an indiscriminent dispersal of said shit. Lumping people into certain categories was a big part of their routines. And gays, it was brutal for them. I cannot remember all the names they were called. George Carlin has a routine about honor student bumper stickers. And of course the 7 words you cannot say on TV, a classic. Redd Fox held nothing back about white people, but he had to be careful about what part of town he would do his routine. Same with Eddie Murphy. And Archie Bunker had very specific ideas about race and liberals. He was also far more intelligent than Meathead. I never liked Meathead, to this day I consider him and idiot and an asshole. So for those who are young, and have not been exposed to these pioneers of true free speech, I suggest you listen to or watch some of their stuff. And enjoy the freedoms they fought so hard for. In America, there is no limit to free speech. And it will always be that way.

            • Just to be clear, Archie Bunker was a conservative character on a show produced by Norman Lear. Carroll O’Conner, a liberal, was the real life person who played Archie, a character designed to be a three dimensional bigot–a character with some good in spite of his bigotry not because of it.

            • Archie Bunker was a caricature – a character written specifically to make fun of bigots. His character evolved, but the point was not that he should have said the things he said. Other characters often called him out on it, sometimes even his wife.

            • Eddie Murphy was a Richard Pryor knock off. Then he transformed into the nutty professor.

          • You’re correct. I meant it in a condescending manner. Not that I see it as entirely dissimilar to your analogy. Group membership is one thing, signaling virtue to fellow group member is another. There is often some overlap there in that signaling group membership to outsiders can function to signal virtue to fellow group members as well.

            It is more objectionable because it is a more dangerous form of tribalism. Identifying people primarily based on the intersection of their group memberships is antithetical to egalitarian goals.

            • No matter if you object, or throw out stupid terms like intersectionel, anti ethical or whatever, we still say what we want. If we want to embrace tribalism, we can. There is no “danger ” in tribalism. How stupid. If we embrace nationalism, we can. Most other countries embrace nationalism. Ever see a big soccer game? It is ok. We are free to do so. Don’t like it, read something else. You are not allowed to interfere in my freedoms, whether you agree or not, James Comey, ex FBI chief, who told Amanapor, a reporter who wanted some of us arrested for chanting “lock her up” at rallies, [and she should be locked up, ] that the beauty of the US is freedom to say whatever you want. Look at the things said on these pages. Trump compared to Hitler, Trump is greatest president ever, both allowed by the Constitution. We do and say and be who and what we want. These freedoms have been endowed upon us by our Creator, per the Constitution, and are protected by the second amendment. USA USA USA

          • Just a little unniportant and unrequested insight to end the back and forth once and for all ..
            In Capt Buhne’s native tongue, it is properly pronounced:
            (Drumroll 🥁)
            Your “Eh” should sound Canadian… But not Vancouver/Regina “Eh”, more of a Toronto/Niagra “Eh”..
            Please, discuss…☺️

            • I kept wanting to say that but, since the point was to condemn regionalism, it didn’t seem relevant to point out that the locals pronounce it “wrong” too. IMHO the people who live with something have the best claim on what it’s called. It’s just polite. I try not to assert my own opinion over theirs and practice, practice, practice until I can say it the same way. At least if I heard often enough to know what the common pronunciation is.

              Buhn-ah became Buhner and, if it becomes Boon, I’ll go there too. But “the” in front a highway number seems pretentious and unusally unnecessary.

        • They are not content just to pollute English with idiotic jargoneering ,they have to do it in Spanish as well.

  • Why don’t the Polish drink iced tea?
    They lost the recipe for ice.

    • I am of Polish decent, and I find that joke racially insensitive!

      Why do most Polish names end is “ski”? Because they cant spell ‘Toboggan’… I have more ski’s in my extended family than a snow resort does!

      Now poor oppressed Renee Saucedo needs to suck it up and stop playing the triggered “Latinix”, or whatever the latest victim buzzword is this month!

      Now it is time to dodge the Frito Bandito, so I can enjoy my mid afternoon snack…

  • I think that people are taking this way to serious. Yes, what he said was wrong. If he was joking, it still sounds bad. Many jokes are about nationalities, race, gender, age, and hair color. Being a blonde I got so frustrated when people are telling a blonde joke, but I knew it was a joke and it was not about me. I actually laughed along with them. How about, ” Your momma jokes”? Are we supose to take those personally, too. Everyone needs to stop being a victim. Everything is not about you . Know who you are and if you feel like it is about you, then maybe the joke hit a truth somewhere in there. Loosen up, chill and laugh a lot. Enjoy your life and quit looking for reasons to get butthurt. Everyone needs to laugh, smile, and start talking to each other. Put away the phone, quit texting and actually talk to each other. If someone does say something that offends you go to that person and have a conversation about the statement. I am sure people can still carry on mature conversations and find a answer that will satisfy the both of you.

    • I think the main issue here is how many people are NOT willing to admit that what he said was bad. And racist. He calls it “off color”, which is a bullshit pseudonym for racist. So many people keep saying “Its a joke” “humor is humor”, etc. WITHOUT condemning him for it, which he deserves. He is a public servant and this was not in a private space but at a very public event. He needs to be held to a high public standard. He needs to know it was wrong and too many people are not willing to do that. On his FB wall, their white glowing faces shine through with words of comfort for dear old Rex. Some even say “no need to apologize”, how inclusive a community we live in. For me, this is the hardest part to digest and why i think it makes so many people angry. He made this comment because he knew he could, and we proved him right.

  • Shut the hell up and grow up it was a joke get offended by all the serious shit you cry baby libs

    • You do see the irony in your comment, right? Whining about cry babies; priceless! And before labeling me a liberal, I am not.

  • Sad days when a person can’t crack jokes anymore, down right upsetting. Where’s the freedom? can’t crack a joke without a bunch of peeps getting butthurt? Pull your panties up if you’re going to be a citizen of the United States of America.

    • You are so right! I am a natural blonde and have heard so many jokes about dumb blondes but I always consider the source.

  • So many people seem to take offensive these days, that I don’t know how stand up comedians make a living.

    • Comedians present on a stage, much like politicians.

      The difference:

      Comedians who are representatives for humor will say it again and again on stage, as a profession.

      The politicians, representatives of peoples lives, will say and do stupid things, then deny they said it – making
      the problem worse, as elected officials with sworn duties.

      Why didn’t the tamale joke involve hot sauce out his own ass?

      Where is his brain lingering to say “stealing hubcaps” as a politician?

      Hate crimes are up in Trump’s great American experiment.

      • There is no evidence that hate crimes are up since Trump took office. There are more claims of hate crimes, but as we’ve seen there is a rash of fraudulent hate crime claims.

        • After studying the pattern and seasonality in the FBI data, the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism found that “hate crimes have increased in every presidential election year since national FBI recordkeeping began in the early 1990s.” In 2016, the spike also corresponded with the election month of November.

          Levin said that hate crimes fluctuate more than usual around “catalytic, emotionally-charged events, terrorist attacks, and conflictual elections.”

          “We’ve seen that hate crimes have increased not only around all elections, but Brexit as well in the UK. That’s a lesson for all of us to maybe tone down the rhetoric,” Levin said.

          I made a vague statement with nuanced answers regarding hate crimes, so I’m not going to argue I’m right.

          Politifact has a fair breakdown of the numbers for making a more accurate statement.

          • What’s defined as a hate crime has expanded every year.

          • You are right brian, the general ugliness index is up these days, in media and elsewhere. But honestly, Rex is just a good ol boy, I’m sure he didn’t mean anything bad by it. Honestly we should all admit we all make stupid jokes like that from time to time. I don’t even get the joke. I’ve never known Mexicans to steal hubcaps… tasteless yes, but I can relate, being a guy who puts his foot in his mouth fairly often. Lighten up liberals and fight the real fights, I think this just makes you seem over sensitive, which is a quality I can’t stand.

            I’m not a huge rex fan for reasons other than this. But i would say, focus on the issues. This is trivial.

  • Remember when it was ok to laugh?

  • It was a dark and stormy night. Old Mr Greenberg was deathly ill, with his family gathered around the bed. He said, “Quick, somebody get me a minister!” His son asked, “A minister? Surely you mean a rabbi?” Old Greenberg replied, “Send a rabbi out on a night like this?”

  • It was a rude joke implying that Hispanics steal hubcaps. Maybe it isn’t grounds to ask for his resignation, but he should apologize and learn a little tongue control.

  • Do know that most cars don’t even have hubcaps nowadays!

  • I hope he apologizes and puts some serious reflection into his racist actions such that he does much better in the future. Even better if he does something to compensate for the harm done.

    • 1. This letter is based entirely on speculation, or “Someone told me that…”

      2. The Spanish language, when referring to a group of people, that are mixed male and female, uses the male version of the noun, Latino, to describe the group. Any other way to describe the group is not considered “correct” or “perfect Spanish”.

      3. Hilary Clinton, on camera, called 1/4 of Americans “deplorable” and there was no pressure on her to resign her candidacy for that sexist and racist comment.

      4. Mr. Bohn does not represent the writer of this letter, he represents south-west Humboldt, not Eureka.

      5. The writer of this letter attended and spoke at a campaign event for Mr. Bohn’s political opponent.

  • I was outta there faster than a set of rims at an E-40 concert @ The Mateel

  • The difference between Rex Bohn’s humor and Renee Saucedo’s humor is that Mr. Bohn may have made a poor choice in his while Ms. Saucedo can’t find her’s at all. She will have exaggerated her hate over everything so much that if she really runs into something racist, her only response will have to be hauling out a gun and shooting the offender- she will have no other place to go.

    • spoken like a true racist.

      • You just can’t help yourself, can’t you? You must spew. Too bad it makes it possible for many to treat all accusations of racism with contempt because of the contemptible thinking of so many who throw it willynilly out because they can’t think of anything meaningful to say.

      • oh settle down and go watch Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood — it will do you a world of good!

  • Cmon 2020 elections c'mon justice for the people

    The thievery against the people and the corruption by this man far outweighs the racist joke.he should resign on these basis as well as the racist profiling!!!!!!

  • hopefully Rex doesn’t like ethic food. I know he likes hot dogs.

  • HOJ in Training

    Renee Saucedo,

    While being so quick to condemn him, is there any chance you have a suitable replacement in mind for Rex’s job? I thought not.

    Also, since you didn’t actually hear it from Rex, but, instead, heard it from your sources, why shouldn’t you be upset at your sources for repeating it since they’re the ones that made you so upset with that information?

    “Ignorance is bliss.”

  • Did he not “black face” at a Ferndale event or was that someone else? For real tho, anywhere else he would be asked to leave immediately!

    Mexicans don’t run hubcaps anyway, so it’s not even accurate.

  • Wow the gloves are off and the claws are extended,(snicky snicky)

    • So what if “they” do steal hubcaps? The whole southwest has been lost in a war anyway, so “they” are just taxing the invaders by taking stuff.
      “Keep on rockin’ in the free world!”

  • absolutely pathetic !

    Who cares ?

  • Renee , 2nd hand babbling not to your liking dont count. And yes “international travelers “ do steal hubcaps!!! Go work in the border towns, you will see!!! Got my vote Rex!!!

  • In the end, if this guy is a politician and is dumb enough to say that in public, he shouldn’t be in charge of shit. He either don’t give a fuck or he’s fucking stupid.

    • These are my sentiments as well. And from the comments you can see why he doesnt give a shit. Its because he doesnt have to, we have low standards

    • According to the media account, he told the joke to one person and someone else overheard it.

  • That’s fucking Hilarious!!! 😂😂😂

  • Where are all the good come backs? What a boring thread.
    In the old days, the guys would have thrown back their heads in laughter and chortled a come back about worthless aluminum hubcaps or something. I was never good at comebacks, but I certainly always enjoyed everyone elses. Where oh where are you old humorous ones?

  • I hope an honest person interested in representing their constituents, rather than enacting their own agenda, steps up as a candidate..

  • Thin skin whiney people suck!!

  • Getting daleted

    Vote out the corruption and extortion!!!! Rex is bolth!!! A violation of civil rights and property rights!!! And now a racist

  • Not PC, but correct anyway

    Rex is definitely an asshole, but he’s not a racist.

    The only one who should be resigning here is Renee Saucedo – from her self-righteous, hypocritical, victimhood. Some of the most hateful and intense racists around here these days are the self proclaimed “social justice warriors”. What a joke.

  • Why did the Polish Army buy 10,000 septic tanks?

    They’re going to invade Russia when they learn how to drive them.

    I don’t know the origin of polish jokes, but they are as inane as Mexican jokes. Blanche Knott’s Truly Tasteless Jokes is equally racist across the board; cathartic against the onslaught of the thought police.

    • I was thinking more along the lines of related to the subject of hot authentic food vs watered down other versions, or the difference between well made strong hubcaps vs chinsily made watered down material hubcaps.

      One of the old jokes, as an example of how the two subjects of hubcaps and hot spicy food act together in an , imo, normal, non PC way. But, then, everything seems to be racist these days, so maybe I should change the he said into a she said or a s/he said, but I think I’ll let the reader fill in their own preference as they read.

      “I used to know a guy who absolutely loved Hollandaise sauce. He would buy the spiciest brand he could find and would put it on just about everything. Well it turned out that because he used the spicy sauce so much, it started to wear down a hole on the roof of his mouth. He went to a doctor and asked what he could do about it. The doctor looks at the damage and determines that the man will need a metal plate placed at the roof of his mouth. The man is relieved but can’t help asking the doctor if he will still be able to enjoy his hollandaise sauce. The doctor reassures the man that his new plate will be made of chrome. The man was curious, so he asked if chrome was the best choice. The doctor responded with “Oh don’t worry, there’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise.”

  • What happens when you cross a dyslexic with a agnostic with an insomniac?

    You get someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog.

  • Does anyone have the right to put another race or person down yes does it make it right it depends on who you ask that’s what I see in all the comments people thinking it’s ok to say blanket ass because you are married to a native for example I’m half Indian and half white never blended with neither race to white to dark so hearing and seeing both sides all races and people are racist against other races plus there own race it’s ignorance I’m worried about not racism

  • that’s why it’s nice to be a nobody, like the rest of you, we have full free speech…

  • I’m not sure who should be making the apology, so I’ll say they all do.
    There’s an old old joke about hot spicy food and chrome hubcaps.
    “I used to know a guy who absolutely loved Hollandaise sauce. He would buy the spiciest brand he could find and would put it on just about everything. Well it turned out that because he used the spicy sauce so much, it started to wear down a hole on the roof of his mouth. He went to a doctor and asked what he could do about it. The doctor looks at the damage and determines that the man will need a metal plate placed at the roof of his mouth. The man is relieved but can’t help asking the doctor if he will still be able to enjoy his Hollandaise sauce. The doctor reassures the man that his new plate will be made of chrome. The man was curious, so he asked if chrome was the best choice. The doctor responded with “Oh don’t worry, there’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise.”

    Humor. It’s what’s for dinner.

  • i Thought the joke was a lawyer questioning the ethics of anyone.

  • wait a minute, i am not making any kind of judgement on rex but i would like to ask the author what democrat politicians have resigned for racist actions? every democrat caught never had to leave their position look at virginias governor

      • By reading the comments I’m glad to see most don’t give a crap. It’s America if you don’t like it leave. It’s a joke and a damn good one. The people aren’t falling for your a racist crap anymore. I love freedom. Guns and property rights the things we the people should really be talking about. I love Mexican jokes and food.

        • ~i wasn’t making what’s come to be too common of a waste-of-time subject – racism. I was merely correcting tax payer’s comment of a Virginia governor.

          As far as what we should really be talking about – Humboldt Bay Nuke plant.

  • That was an offensive good ole boy joke. There’s nothing funny about racism and the supervisor should resign immediately.

  • You’re a bunch of snowflakes

    I love how everyone is against something that is borderline inappropriate. But you’re not doing anything about the homeless shitting and pissing all over old town or demanding the needle problem be taken care of
    There’s way bigger problems in this city focus your entertainment where it matters

  • Where I come from the Mexicans have moved on from hubcaps to the whole damn car

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