Freshwater Community Hall Showing ‘One Immigrant’s Journey’ for Free on January 18th

This is a press release from the event organizers:

Please mark your calendars and join us on Friday, January 18th at 7 pm, for a free showing of the very special film “One Immigrant’s Journey” at the Freshwater Community Hall, 49 Grange Road, in Eureka (though it’s actually located in Freshwater and in the big red building you can’t miss adjacent to Garfield Elementary School).

This locally produced documentary by Amy Uyeki highlights the journey of our neighbor Marianne Pennekamp and her family escaping from Hitler’s Germany during the onset of WWII and coming to America. A very thoughtful, inspirational, and well-told story, this film mirrors many immigrant’s stories and is especially relevant today.

A panel discussion and questions with Marianne Pennekamp, Peter Pennekamp, Joy Hardin, and Amy Uyeki will follow the film. An optional community potluck is at 6 pm. Bring a dish to share if you like.  The show begins at 7 pm. Please click on the picture for more details.

Everyone is welcome.   We hope to see you and yours there.



  • Sounds like fun thank you Oliver.

  • I’ve seen the film and would like to see it again. It’s good.
    And the Freshwater Hall usually has free treats available.
    I like free.

  • How is it especially relevant today? Migrant caravans filled with criminals from Central America are not fleeing Hitler. They want a free ride on American taxpayers. The only Hitler’s are in the California state house.

  • I have had the pleasure of meeting & working with this wonderful woman a while ago when I was still on the BoD for our local Community Center!!! At the time it was struggling to find its legs, so to speak!!! She was among those offering assistance & guidance!!!!

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