Gloria Needs a Foster Home (Again)

Press release:

Adopt dog poster



  • oh no! 🙁 I was so happy when she was finally adopted.

  • A man can step over a dozen human bodies with no never mind. But should said man spot my dog out for a stroll.. Oh! My! God! HE MUST BE SAVED !!! Never mind she knows the way home, she must be SAVED= Turned into the MacTown (two hour drive) Shelter and held for bail. If bail cannot be paid (as with most gov’t debt situations) it COMPOUNDS ! If she stays long enough.. unpaid.. she’ll make the kill list!

    Last time I bailed my dog out I asked who’s behind this deplorable tax collection/ animal kill…? Guess who….. Wait for it……

    They not only ruin lives and kill ALL opportunities for a sustainable community… they kill pets too!

    I Can’t wait to VOTE!

    • This happened to me, too. Someone picked up my dog at the bottom of my driveway and turned her in. It cost more to bail her out than it did to adopt her in the first place! Plus a two hour drive.

    • A tie-out’s way cheaper. So’s a dog run. Just saying.

      • I don’t want to be tied up or caged and neither does my dog. Do you?
        If so, come on over. We can have some fun…well, mostly me.

        Oh backup haters. This is a sohum conversation. We don’t have a house next door. This conversation is not about dogs running loose in traffic but on country miles with no pedestrians and some dogooder comes along to “help”

    • How dare anyone expect someone to keep control of their dogs! It’s an outrage that anyone has an expectation of someone actually will inconvenience themselves rather than everyone else.

    • The shelter works incredibly hard to NOT kill dogs. It’s not their fault there are so many unwanted dogs in Humboldt county. When they run out of room, where are the dogs supposed to go? How are they supposed to pay for all the food, care, and medical supplies?
      When dogs are seen running loose, most of the people who pick them up and deliver them to the shelter are concerned they are lost or have been dumped. At least in the shelter they won’t get run over or lost forever in the woods.

  • love pits, they are so intense and sensitive, they need leadership and exercise. i’m gonna check her out, feel drawn to her

  • You are awesome Louis thank you for caring 11

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