Victims in Suspected Murder Suicide Identified

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Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On 01-11-2019 Sheriff’s Detectives were able to locate and notify the victim’s next of kin and as a result their identities are being released to the public.

The victims have been identified as being Krissy Lynn Orbon (32 year-old female from Willits, California) and Damian Michael Wilkins (8 year-old male from Willits, California).

Attempts are still being made to locate and notify the next of kin of the suspect (49 year-old male) and as a result his identity is being withheld at this time.

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  • If it is the “Wilkens” from Willits, he has a long history of domestic violence and abuse of Women and narcotics

  • Stay strong folks. We all need one another.

  • Oh no! This is so heartbreaking! They lived here locally for the last couple of years & would come into my work often. The little boy & mom were so nice. After they moved they would drive up & stop in just to get the boy our toy grab bags that he loved 🙁 So beyond devastating! Prayers to their family, my heart is with you 💜

  • After reading the comments on all the chapters of this story and hearing that the suspect was a known woman abuser … where the fuck are the balls on the guys that knew this??

    Personally, if I knew of a woman abusing piece of shit … well, I wouldn’t wait for him to cross the line before I dealt with him … thru law enforcement or otherwise

    • I wonder how many of us really would address an abuser. How many of us stop an alchoholic from going home from the bar, happy and everyone’s friend, but nasty and mean to his family? Drinking buddies and drug users are silent partners in the situation. Abusers are obvious to many, and protected by us not knowing how to help, by being a part of the addiction, how do we keep the situation from exploding and getting worse for the victim. Who stops the meth dealers giving drugs that causes flip outs? How many listen to an angry boyfriend/husband/wife venting and don’t say the words “there is no excuse for domestic violence” Who closes the drug houses where the young children are abused by “uncles’ and fathers? We all see it, we all know it.

      • WTF … really?? … I’ve curtailed most of those scenarios you mentioned.

        I’ve stopped people from driving drunk by giving them rides, I’ve turned in drug houses to law enforcement, I helped a woman move out of her house while her verbally abusive husband was out of town.

        Don’t make excuses, put your pants on and be a problem solver

        • tm and LTL,

          You’re both right.

        • Giving a drunk a ride home to his/her family is sometimes not the best solution. A happy drunk leaving a car can turn into a nasty mean drunk as soon as they walk through the door at home. It’s great you have helped many out, but there are thousands more living in daily fear for their lives. So why do I have to put my pants on to be a problem solver, are you indicating that a women or man in a skirt can’t be a problem solver? How about instead saying let’s work together on this huge issue?

        • Also, helping someone move out does not address the root cause of the problem, as seen here in this totally tragic situation the woman did not live with the murderer. Moving someone out might solve part of the problem, but the unsafe situation still exists. Authorities need to be contacted for support. The message has to be emphasized at a very young age to boys and girls, there is no excuse for domestic violence. Shutting down a drug house means that the drug fiends find another house. The root cause needs to be addressed, help addicts into rehab, maintain contact with the children, show them another way. Abusers are very clever at hiding the abuse and intimidating their partners, and manipulating the situation to their advantage. Anger management should be a life skill taught in elementary school, and mandatory for any domestic situations, for both parties. Everyone needs to learn how to walk away and stay away from escalating situations. Duel diagnosis with folks self medicating for mental issues can destroy individuals and families. This is long term generational issues, one single action might save a life today, but long term commitments to change on a societal level are imperative to save lives in the future. Sorry this is kinda rambling, but just way too many beautiful folks are dying violently and needlessly. I don’t have to put my pants on to do my part.

          • tm, not sure why you are trying to argue with me. Pretty odd?!?

            I’ll keep being a problem solver and you can keep doing what you do.

    • @LTL: Exactly the same, here.

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Tears, just tears

  • There is a John Wilkins that lives NW of Branscomb; he`s a man in his 70s. I wonder if this is a relation? I hope not; John is a great old guy; retired logger who has a world — class collection of junk.

    He`s one of the few who appreciate junk for it`s own merit and doesn`t just accumulate worn out things he doesn`t want.

  • Very tragic. I knew them when they lived in SoHum. This article has a lot more information on what happened.
    The boy was very sweet and intelligent and resilient. He and his mom were shot by his dad …the very worst outcome of a domestic violence situation and yet this is the 3rd such domestic violence murder in Mendocino this year.
    Krissy did her very best to raise Damian and protect them from the dad. He would keep the three of them homeless even when they had opportunities to live in more stable environments. He would turn on the charm and act like the ‘good dad’ and blame everything on Krissy. She tried very hard to get away from him but he was extremely clever and manipulative. Do not blame the victims because you don’t know the full extent of the situation and her efforts to keep herself and her son safe. You don’t know the hell she went through and how much she protected and loved her dear sweet son. I pray for Damian and Krissy and the friends and family that they leave behind. Such a tragedy.

    • What a goddamned shame. And keeping the family homeless…how many families suffer because of one member’s narcissism?

  • No joke…too many. It is a defect in personality often passed down in families. Bullies who can’t stand to be questioned or hear the word no.
    Kindness, compassion, empathy and motivation are sadly lost traits these days.

  • It’s his mama who made him that way. And she will be the first to defend him.

    Please raise men, not entitled, abusive and MURDEROUS brats.
    Thank you.

    Single Women Everywhere

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