Slashed Portrait Located Along Avenue of the Giants

Slashed portrait of an older man in the rain.

Slashed portrait of an older man in the rain. [Photo by a local resident]

This formal portrait of a man in a suit was seen this morning between Miranda and Myers Flat on the Avenue of the Giants. The painting has a large slash across the abdomen of the subject in the image.

The finder didn’t pick it up but noted, “[I]t’s big and very wet. It was located about 2/3 of the way from Miranda to Myers [F]lat!”

At this point (11:45 a.m.), we believe the portrait is still laying beside the Avenue. If it is yours, or you have any information about it, please contact us. If necessary, we’ll try to coordinate efforts to recover it.



  • The things I read here, that are supposed to pass for humor, are more times than not just plain STUPID!!!! Such as the one above mine!!! Likely mine as well for some!!!

  • “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings;
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.”

  • The slash is right where an appendectomy is performed. The incision is about that long too. So…..?

  • Too bad the artist’s name is not quite decipherable.

  • I generally don’t trust a man with huge ass pockets and random stabby looking things in his hand. But I try to keep an open mind.

  • I don’t remember the doctors name, but I remember seeing this about 20 years ago in the main Lobby of the old general hospital on Harrison Avenue in eureka ( there was a story about the middle finger being repainted because it looked like a phallic symbol ) It was in a really nice frame I would guess some took the picture from the lobby and sold the frame.

  • to remove an appendix or gall bladder they use rods. almost no scar or blood loss. They took mine out that way, both bladder and appendix at the same time, (two for one sale). i went into the operating suite at 730am, and walked out to the car at 1130 that same morning. Awesome.

  • Bohemian Grove stuff out of Mendo….


  • Could this be him?

    • This is a photo of a local distinguished physician, who passed away 20 years ago. I thought perhaps there was some resemblance. It could also help explain the portrait hanging in the old general hospital.

  • “They shot Sonny on the causeway! He’s dead.”

  • Does he look like anyone else’s grandpa? Just curious.

  • I was first disturbed to read of this vandalism and abandonment and then my curiosity and problem solving took over. Using a newspaper search database and finally finding the correct combination of search words, I’ve solved the mystery. The portrait in question was painted in 1979 by artist Galust Berberian. It was commissioned by Dr. Sam Burre and pictures Dr. Carl Wallace, chief of staff of the Humboldt County Hospital from 1920 to 1942. It was hung in the lobby of the General Hospital together with a portrait of Dr. Benjamin Marshall of Union Labor Hospital (predecessor to General Hospital at Harris and “H” Streets). The portraits were “in recognition of the doctors dedication to their profession and to the community and as a symbolic expression of the merging of the General and Humboldt County Hospital”. At the dedication in March 1979, members of the Wallace family were present. Dr. Burre noted that he practiced with both doctors and that Doctors Floyd Marchi and Paul Roberts also received valuable training from both. Fast forward to today …. How the Wallace portrait found its way to its ignominious position is not yet known, nor is the fate of the Marshall portrait. If anyone still has the ability to rescue the Wallace painting, please do so immediately and let everyone know. The remembrance and preservation of our local history cannot suffer such an indignity. We all need to step forward to correct this wrong and assure that the right things happen. I don’t mean to cast any aspersions but would ask where in this story is the current owner of the hospital and seemingly the steward of treasures such as this.

  • The painting is just north of Cathey Rd, much closer to Miranda than to Myers Flat. It is propped against the bank on the right side of the Avenue in a place where there is no shoulder and the bank is very steep. It’s kind of hard to see, blends right in😊

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