This Last Year, DTF Seized Over 60 pounds of Meth and Heroin, According to Stats They Just Released

Approximately 8 pounds of methamphetamine

Approximately 8 pounds of
methamphetamine were located in the spare tire on the bottom of the vehicle in June of 2018. [Photo provided by HCDTF]

Press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force:

The Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) had a successful year investigating illegal narcotics activities, seizing almost two times more heroin in 2018 than in the previous six years combined.

Methamphetamine and heroin are dangerous drugs that continue to plague our county. The HCDTF’s main focus is to investigate methamphetamine and heroin interdiction, sales and possession, giving special attention to investigating drug trafficking within Humboldt County. During these investigations, HCDTF agents often locate and confiscate several other items, including other drugs and illegal firearms. The HCDTF and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office are committed to creating safer and healthier communities by investigating and eliminating the flow of illegal narcotics into Humboldt County.

In 2018, HCDTF:

  • Served 135 search warrants
  • Arrested 106 suspects
  • Seized 45 firearms
  • Seized the following:
    Methamphetamine 28.95 Pounds
    Heroin 34.44 Pounds
    Cocaine  3.10 Pounds
    MDMA 55 Grams
    Ketamine  89 Grams
    Marijuana  333 Pounds
    Concentrated Cannabis  5.65 Pounds
    Butane Hash Oil   474 Grams

The HCDTF is comprised of Special Agents from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, the Arcata Police Department, the Fortuna Police Department, the Eureka Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, the Bureau of Land Management and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The HCDTF welcomes citizen tips to aid in our investigations. If you have information for HCDTF agents, please contact (707) 444-8095.



  • Muddy Black Dodge

    So glad to hear that much meth was taken, it’s alarming that there was that much out there… Yuck!

  • good job boys,,,,BUT!!!!! seizure #’s seem awfully low. 333 pounds of weed, BS,, they get that much from the high school parking lot. Kym’s reported on TONS of weed being confiscated,,,,WTF???? Just wandering what happened to all the weed. I may be wrong but ,,,,whad-up? Was this in all of 2018 or just a couple days around here???? In fact,,all the #’s seem low. Where’s the dope?

  • Great work, DTF!

    • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

      You do of course know what “DTF” stands for in cyberspace, don’t you? LMFAO! 😆🤣😭😅😁. Thanks for the laugh! That was a good one. Keep up the (unintentional?) jokes! Awesome. 😄

  • Get that poison away from are children.

  • Yep, because there are no more drugs left. There was a war on drugs and the drugs won

  • What’s more alarming is how many of our neighbors must be using those drugs. There wouldn’t be so much if we werent surrounded by drug addicts.

  • Great job I hope they keep up the good work.

  • And Humboldt County votes yes on sanctuary county… What a bunch of sheep!

  • Definitely good to have it off the street but that’s not much meth . Only enough to supply 37 people for a habit of 1 gram or 2 lines a night for one year. Tweekers use a lot more than that in a night. It seems to be a very tough battle to win .

    • [edit] It was 60 pounds less drugs than anybody was going to put up their nose or kill each other over. Get real

      • Guest 62 is right.

        Why do you think it’s your place to tell anyone to “shit up”? Your comment is rude. Are you rude to people face to face or just when you have the protection of anonymity?

      • Roe read the facts I said meth . I did the math you didn’t . I said nothing rude against anyone . But I guess I struck a nerve but liars and fakes are scared of honest people like myself thank you for proving that .

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    They’ve confinscated 5x more because there’s 20x more coming here than there used to be .And it is funny how through history every time our military is occupieing a opium producing country we have a massive herion epidemic.probably the only reason the taxpayers are still paying trillions to hold on to afgahnastan,why else would we be there there’s no resources for us to steal there like oil. Same old game rip off the taxpayers so a few can get filthy rich (usually corrupt Republicans) and there errand boys). It’s happening rite here in our front yard now just on a smaller scale as they give themselves raises on our half a percent tax

    • Afghanistan may not have petroleum resources (I don’t know), but it is a very, very mineral rich country.

      You’re right about the opium though. It’s been a source of illicit funds since at least the time of our involvement in Vietnam and probably much longer.

  • i doubt that there is more drugs coming here. i think the difference is dtf is now focused on real drugs and not mj.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    The dtf is focused on mj as well,they love them bonuses of pocketing the confiscated cash along with the rip off badge wearing mob SD!!!!!

  • Georgiagrownbutitainthome

    Seems like Trump could build his wall pretty quickly, if he legalized, let America produce and consume, and tax all drugs. Heck, he would probably even get reelected with all drugs legalization. The only thing the black market does is fill jails and the coffers of other importers.

  • 8 tons of cannabis in one bust….with NO ARRESTS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Attention Mendocino County : While Humboldt Goes After the Heroin and Meth our local sheriffs dep does very little to combat this crisis while zombies can be seen everywhere on our local streets looking for their next victim or fix. Allman needs to step up going after all the drugs being dealt in the local bars and end the war on pot. This shit is openly sold in most Mendo County bars by the local dealers and vatos. Why not send in some undercovers and get ti the bottom of the opioid and heroin epidemic.

  • Us Troops protect the Opium fields in Afghanistan and all over the middle east, besides oil, its our main interest in the region. The troops protect the heroin and the CIA brings the heroin into our inner cities and targets certain populations with its supply. This has been happening for a very long time. Look up freeway Ricky Ross story where the CIA was supplying cocaine to disturb the black population with crack cocaine in the 1980s. Watch Freeway Ricky Ross And the CIA

  • I only pissed in the wind twice last year.

    “Drugs on the table” = Yawn. Is that a new or stock photo? Follow the drugs you get drug addicts. Our jail is full our rehabs have either a six month wait list or cost $10k/ mo (actually cheap for a rehab). Sad stupid stale story.

    Where’s the MONEY?? How much did you take? Where did you take it from? What did you do with it? AND…. What kinda DEA grants do these kinda stats buy?? Where’s the money?


    We make up 5% of the worlds population……. and 25% of the globally incarcerated. Sad stupid stale STORY>

    Show me the Money!!

    • Some people will make use of their freedom to be bad boys.

      • Freedumb,

        Perhaps you overlooked those stats in hopes of personal attack.

        1 in 4 incarcerated peoples the world wide reside in the Land of the Free.

        Acquaint yourself with the illicit members of the vegetable queendom: You’d know that B stands for Beautiful.

        Hip Hop you are NOT> Come with facts of step back> Cracker Jack Quack> Get off my stage!

        The above queries are quite serious.

        Follow the Money.

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