Major Injury Traffic Accident

Firefighters at major injury accident

[Photos courtesy of Gasquet Fire]

Last night, Gasquet firefighters removed a driver from badly mangled vehicle.  According to a post on Gasquet Fire’s Facebook page, “The driver was talking to us the whole time…[O]ur department did a great job which help in saving this person[‘s] life.”

A few minutes before 8:30 p.m., two vehicles collided head on near the intersection of Hwy 199 and Patrick Creek Road.

The California Highway Patrol has classified this as a Major Injury accident.

Firefighters at major injury accident

Firefighters struggle to remove the driver from a badly mangled vehicle. [Photo courtesy of Gasquet Fire]



  • I recently found out how bad 199 was for accidents I’ve been told by several people that has more accidents the most of our other highways the only thing I can think of his people drive too fast don’t watch weather going the last time I went to Medford I saw three accidents on the road on the way that’s unbelievable

  • It’s a beautiful drive slow down

  • 199 needs to be driven with respect, that also includes 299 and 36

  • Southern Humboldt native here… I drove 199 today, sitting in Grants Pass. 199 is better than most any Road in southern Humboldt.

  • Generally, people drive crazy fast on that road; 20 to 30 mph over the speed limit.

    Though this comment does not pertain in any way to this particular accident.

    Hope they are ok.

  • Collisions are just that – they are NOT accidents.

    • Cambridge Dictionary disagrees with you.

    • TQM and Neverwrong are correct.

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  • Lotta rocks on the pavement. Lotta tight corners. Lotta fools.

  • 199 is a pretty epic road. The dangerous drivers I see on it are the ones going 14 mph, riding their brakes in every corner, and refusing to use turnouts- which tends to piss off motorists behind them who understand how vehicles are engineered and know how to operate same at legal speeds. I’ve seen more unsafe passing on 199 than other roads and I attribute that to shoddy drivers as described above being overtaken by motorists who just can’t tolerate it anymore.

  • I’m no expert. But I’d imagine a flash from getting my picture taken during that time wouldn’t be the best for ya.

    Hope everyone involved will be okay.

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