[UPDATE 4:02 p.m.] Power Out in Ferndale

PG&E outage map

The orange area shows the approximate area the PG&E believes residents are without power. [Graphic from the PG&E outage website.]

Around 1:48 p.m., over 1100 PG&E customers in Ferndale lost power.

At this point (3:20 p.m.), the power has been down over an hour and there is still no cause listed nor any estimated time for power to be restored on the PG&E outage website.

We’ll update when we get new information.

UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: Most customers now have their power restored. Only 104 sad folks don’t. PG&E is reporting they will have theirs by 5:45 p.m. The cause, PG&E says, “Our preliminary determination is that your outage was caused by an emergency issue.” And, if you know what that means, you’re smarter than we are.



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