[UPDATE 4:09 p.m.] Child Injured After Hit by Car in Fortuna

Pedestrian HitA silver Chrysler reportedly hit and injured a child on the 600 Block of Main Street in Fortuna about 3:45 p.m. An ambulance is responding to the area, according to scanner traffic.

The westbound lane of Main Street in the 600 block is now closed, according to scanner traffic. Please avoid the area if possible.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 4:09 p.m.: The incident has been closed and the roadway cleared.



  • Agian thank you for such a quick response and information Kym.

  • I sure pray the child will be okay. Wonder if the driver took off?

    • The silver Chrysler was still at the scene.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        I would love to be able to assume that meant the driver stayed…. But in this day idk.

        • Fair enough…I have to admit that I wondered also. But there was no request for a BOLO on a missing driver so I would assume the person was there and probably sick to their stomach.

          • The driver was there. I also was there

          • The lady got out of her vehicle and ran to the girl. She was very apologetic. I would be too if I hit a child while texting and driving.

            • I was not texting both hands were on the wheel

            • Kody : Please think twice before you say things that are not true. If you are not 100% sure don’t start spewing facts when they are not correct . It’s not needed and it doesn’t help that situation

          • Sharpen your pencil

            Sad situation for sure. Hope the little one just got bumped and the shutting down the street was a precaution. I don’t have much faith in humanity when it comes to injuries, vehicles and responsibilities….

    • The driver decided to park a block down the road. She was also on her phone when she hit the poor little girl. 5 years old and she gets hit by a lady texting and driving. I almost puked when I watched it happen

      • She is only 2. I am friends with the family.

      • I was not texting or talking on the phone both hands were on the wheel. I would not have been able to swerve into the other lane even if it meant hitting another vehicle I only cared about the baby.

        • You did what you could I’m the dad and thanks for stopping and helping Danielle is doing great 😊 it was a terrible but let’s all just be thankful!!!

  • Cross walks are not as safe as they should be.

  • I was there. She is a precious little one. Maybe 3. I know the driver was beyond upset. It was an accident. As far as I know, she had a injury to her forehead, taken to the hospital. Last I heard, she’ll be ok.

  • People make mistakes no one is perfect …

    • I’m not sure if you are referring to the texting while driving, but if the driver was texting (and I’m not saying that happened) that would be an intentional act, NOT a “mistake”. A mistake is when you forget your wallet or pick the wrong option in a questionnaire. When accidents happen because of texting & driving, the driver has intentionally created the situation by distracting themselves. They are not on their phone by “mistake”.

  • Marie, I hope you are ok and as upset and shaken as you were, your quick reflex to swerve probably made the out come a better one. The little one has been stitched up and the nurse even put a heart shaped bandage over the wound. She’s resting and is bet kept over night as a precaution. Rumor mill in this town shows ignorance and boredom.

  • Why was there a young 2-3 year kid in the road to begin with?

  • Lils Watchin lils

    Some families have many living all together in too small of a house up there, like 4 X as many then should be.Most of the adults work in one fashion or another.Theres lots of kids between them all.It results in kids watching kids at ages they should be watched themselves I have seen many times where there’s 3-5 toddlers to 6 year olds being baby sat by a 10 year old.Or the 7-8 year old is walking down the Main Street with 2 3-5 year olds.I guess when ya have that many kids they learn the hard way quick or they don’t make it.This lil one got lucky.Ive seen it so often in fortuna that it don’t suprise me anymore I just drive on and shake my head

  • I live on main street 500 block, it’s a war zone here my next door neighbor has had both of their cars hit by drunk drivers two days apart and my other neighbor had their car crashed into by one of same crashes, its twenty-five miles an hour here not 50 like PD seems to think by letting everyone speed…VERY inefficient police in fortuna…

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