Healy Hosting Film “Leftovers” Spotlighting Food Insecurity Among America’s Senior Citizens

flyer for “Leftovers” a Seth Hancock Film focusing on hunger among senior citizens

This is a press release from the Healy Senior Center:

On Friday, January 18th, the Healy Center in Redway is hosting a free community screening of Leftovers, a documentary film about senior hunger in the United States.

Doors will open at 2:30pm and the movie will start at 3:00pm.

The Healy will host a short discussion about senior hunger after the film, which will include information on how to sign up for the Healy’s Meals on Wheels Program.




  • Sad issue. You’d think that it would be all about not having money to shop but a lot of the time it can be simply not having the energy or means to get to a store. Meals on wheels is not the only coping mechanism these days. There are a lot of businesses who will deliver food like any other package.

  • OK Meals On Wheels…??? What about all the seniors who need special advanced medically required nutritional criteria? Like Gluten FREE Organic NO GMO and No Added Sugars? There are so many variety of criteria for everyone’s ingredients, meals menus, that it boggles the mind to consider just turning out hot and frozen meals, a sorta one-size-fits-all recipes for everyone… With no customizing for special needs.

    IMHO seniors would be much better off getting like at least $150 per month in Food Stamps.
    So many seniors only get $15 per month or less…Hmmmmmm.

    • When you are in need and HUNGRY… picky isn’t an option. Glad you can afford your “criteria of variety” to feed yourself. Now boggle your brain on how some in need are grateful for ANY help available so that they can afford a roof over their head or the medication they must have that insurance no longer covers!
      It boggles my brain how some people posses this “entitled ” mantality to anything and everything as long as it’s free and yet still feel entitled to pick and choose.

    • Meaghan, When I delivered MOW several years ago in FL, there were diabetic and sodium-free meals for those who needed them. Hopefully, it’s the same here.

      • cranky is the new black

        that new cook at the Healy is pretty chill. i think she’d make you milkshakes and get them there cold if that’s what you really needed.

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