Arcata Wants You to Resolve to Reduce Waste in 2019

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of ArcataArcata, CA – The City of Arcata Environmental Services Department encourages community members to consider New Year’s resolutions that will help the environment in 2019.

By implementing just one of the zero waste resolutions listed below, you can help reduce your environmental footprint in the New Year.

1. Resolve to stop buying beverages in plastic bottles. It is always best to use reusable containers whenever possible. If you must buy a bottled beverage, buy one in a plastic alternative, like glass or metal, and always be sure to recycle.

2. Resolve to swap one single-use or disposable item for a reusable counterpart each month. By reducing the use of single-use items every month, you can make a great impact. Some single-use items you can easily avoid are dryer sheets, tea bags, plastic bags and paper coffee cups.

3. Resolve to plan your meals and stick to your shopping list. Food waste makes up a large portion of the average household’s waste, and carefully planning out meals is an easy way to help our environment. Create a shopping list and stick to it. Seek out organic and local foods when you are shopping, and be sure to eat and store your leftovers, and compost food items whenever possible.

4. Resolve to create a “reusable” on-the-go kit. Put items you use regularly in a small reusable shopping bag and take them with you to avoid using single-use items. Consider including a reusable water bottle, utensils, a reusable food storage container, a handkerchief or anything else you use frequently while on the go.

5. Resolve to buy things only to replace things. Reducing consumption can help you save money in addition to helping the environment. When you need a replacement item, consider buying it used.

For more information on zero waste, call the Environmental Services Department at 707- 822-8184 or visit



  • Happy New Years kym and co! Love your site.

  • see this is why we need more reusable hypodermic needles. stop giving out the one time needles for free and make them give out reusable needles and offer them free cleaning. or hey just keep reusing your needle or any needle you find on the ground in arcata

  • just think of all the jobs this will lose. how sad that Arcata wants to start the year off by attempting to get rid of jobs.

  • I resolve to continue to go to work so I can pay the $140 Arcata City water bill each month with $90 of it being for the privilege of having city water service. I resolve to continue chasing the bums off my property that try to camp. I resolve to continue to clean up after them after shooing them away.

  • And contact your local composter to divert your food scraps if you cannot compost yourself.

    • I’ve really had a ton of success with anerobic compost teas, a ton.

      It’s going to stink more, but removing the agitation thing has thousands of years of history behind it.

      Greens, fish scraps, and a trucker jug to every 8 gallons is a really good blend of liquid compost, dropped before a rain.

      30 gallon trashcan with a lid, material, water, truckerjugs, make sure the black 30 trashcan is in the sun ensuring the heat stays up on the mix, and in three weeks you have crazy tea.

      Use before rainfall or irrigation to reduce strong, Earthy order. Dilute as needed….

      Be glad there is no snow @ HSU –


  • Start with the plastic “silverware” at HSU.

  • gardener in orick

    I disagree with resolution #2. Why not resolve to not buy “styrofoam” instead of picking on paper cups. I reuse paper coffee cups a couple times just for coffee and reuse again for gardening. They are great for plant starts and can be planted with the starts since they biodegrade. And you can toss a teabag in the bottom of the cup for a lot of those plant starts. As a matter of fact you can plant those tea bags all over your garden. Just saying!

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